Gifts to Give the Bridal Party

December 6th, 20109:11 am


Gifts to Give the Bridal Party

They have been with you throughout this entire wedding planning process.  They have made the calls, sent the emails, and helped budget your money.  They have been there during your highest of highs and lowest of lows during these past several weeks, months, and maybe even years!  For all maids of honor and bridesmaids out there, a gift to show your appreciation for them is certainly in order.  But… what should you get?

Pay for their Stuff

One of the quickest gifts that you can give your bridal party is to simply pay for their wedding related expenses.  This can be paying for their dresses, and/or paying for their accessories, or you can pay for their hair and makeup to be done on the day of the wedding.  Follow it up with a personal thank you card from you and you’re set.

A Meal Out

Some brides want to show their appreciation by taking their girls out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner either the day before the wedding or shortly after they return from their honeymoon.  It doesn’t have to be at the best restaurant in town (unless you can afford it), but it should be at a place you know they will all like and appreciate.


Chances are that you have known each person in your bridal party for a considerable amount of time.  Why not make them a scrapbook that shows your life together as friends?  Start paging through those old photo albums and yearbooks and bring out some of the best of the best pictures you have with one another.  Your bridal party will be thrilled and will love the opportunity to sit down with you and relive those memories.

WARNING:  Scrap booking can and will take up a whole lot of your time, so if you do plan on doing this, make sure you allot a fair amount of time, such as 40 or more hours, to the cause.

Robes & Comfy Clothes

A popular item that brides get for their bridal party are beautiful, terry cloth robes.  What woman doesn’t like to step out of the bath or shower and wrap herself in a fluffy, warm robe?  You can also have these personalized with their name or a design that may be of some significance to them.  Throw in a pair of comfy slippers and a wedding-related comedy DVD and you’re set!


Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are always an appreciated piece by every maid of honor and bridesmaid.  You need not buy something as expensive as a Tiffany’s bracelet, but try to go for jewelry that is made of real metal so that it will stand the test of time.  Better yet, you can present this gift to them prior to the wedding day or on the morning of and suggest that they wear it on your special day.

Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers get a real “kick” out of receiving new mugs and delicious coffees to try.  Add a gift card to their favorite coffee joint and they will surely be appreciative.

TIP:  You can also find portable coffee mugs that allow you to insert pictures and other memorable items.  If you don’t have time to scrapbook, this is a great alternative.