Getting Creative With Your Wedding Photo Ideas

April 30th, 20109:50 am


Getting Creative With Your Wedding Photo Ideas

Wedding photo ideas aren’t hard to come by. After all, weddings have been taking place forever. If you and your spouse want to have creative and unique ideas to remember your special day, it’s important to think “outside the box”. Now the big day is fast approaching and you have to come up with something to capture your love.

Why make your wedding plain and just like everyone else does it? Instead, try to come up with a creative idea to wow your loved ones, and capture the day in a memorable way.

What is a safe way to be creative?

You are probably trying to think just how creative your wedding photo ideas can be, without “crossing the line”. This is “your” wedding day. But weddings tend to be traditional, and most of your guests will expect to see certain traditional things at your wedding. Most likely, parents and future in-laws will expect some pictures of your wedding that are traditionally recognized. Make sure even if you two have a a few creative wedding photo ideas, that you include some traditional ideas so the “older” folks aren’t left disappointed.

*E.g., its a good idea that you two have a few pictures taken with each other with your respective families including: parents, grandparents, grooms, and bridesmaids.You’ll also need to include pictures of the actual wedding ceremony. Besides those consideration, you can start to think of “out of the box” and creative wedding photo ideas to make you stand out from the crowd.

Another great idea that isn’t used too often is changing the backgrounds in your photos…

If the two of you are having a “themed” wedding, think of a background that’s unique to use in your wedding photo ideas. The majority of photographers have ready access to unique backdrops, and can bring a few to the wedding to use in your photos. Maybe the two of you are having a “Star Trek” themed wedding and will want some backgrounds that include solar systems, and other-worldly scenery. While “Star Trek” has lost some of it’s popularity–you get the idea. Just ask your photographer, you will be surprised what they can offer you when you ask the question.

Even if you are not including a theme in your wedding, you can still make use of creative wedding photo ideas in your backdrop. For example, if the two of you like to ski, include a snowy mountain in your background. If your vacationing in Cancun, make an exotic tropic beach part of the backdrop setting. You can instantly create the impression of being at the beach, getting married with all of your family there with you.

As you can see…there are so many ways to be different with your wedding photo ideas, and still keep a traditional feel. It’s great to be able to look back and laugh, while still being able to feel the love you had for one another on your special day. Creative ideas need not cost insane amounts of money–most photographers will include the backdrops of your choosing at slightly higher costs–you can even alter them yourselves.