Fun and Different Wedding Guest Book Ideas

December 8th, 201012:24 pm


Fun and Different Wedding Guest Book Ideas

Tired of the boring old guest book with a pen routine?  Then try some of these fun and different guest book ideas for your own wedding!

Making Pictures

The best way to do this is to appoint someone who is part of your wedding party to be in charge of the guest book, such as an usher.  Have the guest book “manager” come around to each guest and ask them to draw pictures which, to them, reminds them of the newly weds.  Try to have the “manager” come around to the better friends of the bride and groom.  The other guests will be sure to follow suit.


What better way is there to remember your relationship with your guests than to ask them to bring in their favorite picture of you and them together?  Have each guest bring in a photo and ask them to paste it into your guest book.  Below the picture, they can describe the scene, or any fond (or funny) memory that they have of you both together.  After the wedding is over, you and your new husband or wife will love looking through the snapshots.

Go Polaroid

The best way to remember your time with your guests at your wedding is to remember them in the moment.  Grab a Polaroid camera and take it along to each table as you welcome and thank guests for coming to your wedding.  The pictures are ready in an instant, so you and your guest can paste it into the guest book and write a caption below it together.

The Guest Book Tree

This one is really simple for any bride and groom to prepare.  Find some bare branches outside, arrange them in a tall vase so that it resembles a bare tree, and create little tags for each guest.  Your guests can write a little message on each tag, and then place it on the guest book “tree”.  Not only is it a fun idea, but it will also look fantastic in your reception hall.

Create Tradition

Why not be the start of a family heirloom?  Buy a large guest book with a lot of pages (we’re talking far more than you will need for your wedding).  If you plan on having children, when they each get married you can then have them use the very same guest book for their wedding day.  It’s an easy way to trace your family weddings back through the generations.

The Video Guest Book

What more fun (or regretful) way of having a guest book is there than having it all live on video?  A professional videographer is not required; you can ask a groomsman and a bridesmaid to be in charge of the project.  You can expect laughter and tears mixed in with drunken, hilarious messages that you and your partner can look back on after the honeymoon is over.

TIP:  Offer an alternative of a real guest book still for those who may be a bit more shy, yet who still want to give you their heart felt congratulations.

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