For the Budget-Wise Bride: How to Keep Expenses Low

December 6th, 20109:03 am


For the Budget-Wise Bride: How to Keep Expenses Low

So you don’t have an extra ten, twenty, or even fifty thousand dollars laying around to spend on your wedding.  Despite what the magazines and shows on TV may want to make you believe, not a whole lot of other people have that kind of money either!  If you are a budget-wise bride who is not all too keen about spending her down payment on a house on her wedding, there are ways in which you can help cut down the costs on your wedding, such as:

Less Guests = Less Expense

The hard truth is that the fewer people who attend your wedding means that there will be less money spent.  It can be hard to go through your guest list and slash names, but think about who you will truly want to be there.  Stick with inviting family and close friends, and skip on people who are co-workers, friends of friends, or others who you simply felt “obligated” to invite.

Food Doesn’t Matter… THAT Much

Brides and grooms want to truly treat their guests and show them a good time, which they think means offering expensive foods such as seafood buffets, lobsters, steaks, and other pricey meals.  Why not opt for chicken or a fine pasta dish?  None of your guests will be complaining as long as you have chosen a quality catering company!

The Venue

Venues are always the most expensive part to any wedding, apart from the food and drink expenses.  To really cut down on costs for the venue, you can consider having a backyard wedding or a wedding in a more pubic area where you will only have to pay the park’s board in your area a $100 to $500 fee to rent the space.

Another good idea on saving money is to have both the ceremony and the venue at the very same location.  This will not only reduce the rental price, but it will also keep transportation costs low.  Your guests will appreciate not having to drive and park all over again!

Invitations: Who Keeps Them?

Apart from you and your spouse, do you really think most of your guests will be holding on to your invitations? The sad truth is that the expensive invitations that many brides and grooms sweat over are kept until the day of the wedding for directions to the venue or venues, and then are tossed in the trash (or in the bottom of a drawer that won’t be opened for a very, very long time).  Having ornate and expensive invitations is completely unnecessary.  You can make invitations yourself with a kit that you can purchase from a craft store, or you can even sent out “e-vites”, or invitations online, so that there is absolutely no cost to you.


Flowers can easily cost a whole lot of money, which is why the more flowers you have means the more money you will be spending.  If you want to cut down on costs, you can either opt to not have any flowers at all (no, flowers are not a requirement for every wedding) or you can choose to keep them to a minimum.  Having simple bouquets and perhaps one flower being incorporated into your centerpieces is more than enough to keep your guests happy.

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