Following the Tradition of a Catholic Wedding

April 10th, 201011:03 am


Following the Tradition of a Catholic Wedding

A catholic wedding is what many brides have pictured in their mind growing up and usually includes a stunning cathedral, a slow walk down the aisle, and traditions that always come to mind when you first picture a wedding.

A catholic wedding focuses around the joining of two people and is a very holy event that focuses on the permanency of the decision on honouring and respecting one another. This type of wedding needs to be very carefully planned and is usually very formal so it is important to discuss which values are most important to you and your partner before getting underway. This allows you to avoid any bad surprises on the big day and make sure that you both agree on how things should be done.

When planning a catholic wedding you want to begin putting everything together at least a year in advance and be sure that you both have copies of your baptismal certificates. The planning often starts by consulting with a priest and explaining that you want to get married and why. After that you can move onto choosing a reception site and deciding upon which church you want to get married in and when you want to get married.

It is advisable that the soon to be married couple enrols in a marriage preparation program that is designed to ensure that you are both ready spiritually and emotionally for the change that is about to come into your life thanks to your decision to get married. It is also important to discuss plans for children before planning a catholic wedding and ensure that both the bride and the groom are on the same page when it comes to the subject.

Once you and your partner feel you have agreed on all of the important topics, you can move forward and order your wedding invitations, programs, and thank you cards about 6 months before your catholic wedding. After doing so you will want to move onto planning a premarital investigation with the pries that will be in charge of marrying you. At this point you want to bring along all of your documents and proof of identification so that the church can start putting together your marriage certificate and any other legal documents that you will require.

At this point you will also discuss vows and the specific readings that you want to be read during the ceremony.

As with any other type of wedding you will then want to finalize your guest list and start planning all of the add-ons and decoration for the ceremony and the reception. However, with a catholic wedding all of that planning should come after your marriage preparation courses and interview with the priest in order to make sure that you are prepared and ready for the change in your life that is about to come. Once you have finalized everything with the church and are ready to commit to your partner forever, then you can move onto the fun stuff such as picking out your dress and planning the post-ceremony party.