Finding the Right Wedding Gifts

April 2nd, 20101:07 pm


Finding the Right Wedding Gifts

As stressful as planning a wedding can be for the bride and groom, it can also be quite stressful trying to pick out the right wedding gifts for the soon to be married couple. To help you choose a wedding gift that works and fits in your budget, here is a list of the top wedding gifts that people give out on this special day ahead.

Top Wedding Gift # 1-Money

While it may surprise some people, money is actually the most popular wedding gift that is given to newlyweds. While it can be deemed as impersonal it is a gift that the bride and groom will definitely appreciate and one that they can ensure they use to the fullest. For many, the peace of mind in knowing that the money will be used is much better than wondering whether that new toaster will just get stashed away in the back of a closet somewhere. Gift cards can also fall under this category as they can be used like cash to purchase something that the new couple will need and can definitely use. If you still are inclined to give something a little more personal then try pairing money or a gift card along with something like a picture frame or an accessory for the home.

Top Wedding Gift #2 – An Item Off of a Registry

The expensive items that are on a registry are usually items that the couple does not expect to receive, but ones that would truly help them to get started on the right path and make their dreams come true. If you have enough money to get the item on your own then great, but you could also find a few people to pitch in and come up with enough money to make it affordable. Either way, the couple will love what they get and you will be getting a very thankful thank you card.

Top Wedding Gift #3 – A Luxury Hotel Room

Most couples end up taking off for their honeymoon the day after their wedding, so they usually just end up sleeping at the wedding venue or at a local motel. You can opt for a great present that they will truly appreciate and pay for one night in a luxury hotel. This will ensure they can have a magical first night as a couple and will be able to start their marriage off on the right foot. Just be sure to check with their parents or wedding party to make sure that they have the time before their plane in order to enjoy the room and so that you can give your wedding gift to the happy couple early.

Top Wedding Gift #4 – A Memorable Gift that Lasts Forever

A great choice in terms of wedding gifts is something that will last forever or something that is intended to be used on a certain anniversary. This is a great way to help a couple build long lasting memories. You can opt for a vase or piece of artwork that they will cherish forever or something like a vintage wine that should only be opened on the couples’ certain anniversary.

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