Finding the Right Dress for your Body Type

March 20th, 20103:34 am


Finding the Right Dress for your Body Type

Most women grow up dreaming of the day that the purchase their own wedding dress, but the hard part is that many neglect to think about how they will find the right wedding dress for their body type. All sorts of things such as measurements, style, and fabrics can change how a wedding dress will look and complement all sorts of body types differently.

Well now we are here to help. Read along and find out how you can find the perfect wedding dress for your body.

Petite Bride

While many people feel that petite brides can get away with anything on their wedding day, A-line wedding dresses can be incredibly flattering. The style really helps to lengthen the look of someone’s body, while a sheath style wedding dress can do the exact opposite. Petite brides should also try and avoid things such as bottom heavy, full skirts and be very careful with strapless gowns. If you are much shorter then you will need to reach up to kiss and hug your new husband, which can lead to a very embarrassing clothing issue if you don’t have the right strapless wedding dress.

Full-Figured Bride

The A-line style is also a very good choice for full-figured woman as it can lengthen the body and detract attention away from the waistline. If you are looking for something a little different then the empire waist is another option as it conceals the hips and waist quite a bit.

One mistake that a few full-figured women tend to make is opting for dresses that cover everything up. Remember that showing your skin off can be quite sexy at times and a nice neckline can make you look slimmer as well. You will definitely want to try on at least a few dresses with deep V-necks.

Large-Busted Bride

Many brides worry about their bust when shopping for a wedding dress, but it doesn’t have to be an issue. Gowns that are off the shoulder can look fantastic for a woman with a full bust as it draws the eyes up and takes attention off of that area. Also, if you have a full chest then you should avoid a full skirt style wedding dress.

Shopping for a wedding dress is supposed to be one of the most exciting moments in your life, so make sure that you take these tips to heart and remember them when you are in the fitting room. The last thing you want is to worried about the wedding dress you purchase or stress out about how to find the right one. As long as you try on a few dresses, remember what styles are flattering to your body, and go with your gut in the end, you are sure remember the experience positively for many happy years to come.

Do not allow these guidelines to restrict you if there is a dress that you fall in love with, but do keep them in mind as you cut down your choices and try to select your favorite.

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