Finding Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

April 30th, 20101:27 pm


Finding Inexpensive Wedding Invitations

1. Look at more than one place.

Party and stationery centers are excellent places to see a large variety of inexpensive wedding invitations, but not the only place to purchase them. What about some spots you would have never thought of? Office supply chains like: Staples, Kinkos, even Costco has a selection at a considerable discount to membership holders. Consider also using mail order services, along with Internet resources.

If your considering saving using the online method: Order a few samples, so you can make a decision–this is a much cheaper alternative, and of course, you don’t have to help pay for retail overhead costs, as the store is online. Forget the old days, where such an idea was considered risky–these businesses will go out of their way to make you a happy customer that will give others a referral if their happy.

2. Get rid of the expensive extras.

Sourcing inexpensive wedding invitations, will often come down to all the little extras you incorporate into your invitations. Over embellished invites with fancy jackets, pretty bows, and excessively thick “multiple layer” paper add big time to your budgets bottom-line. When you think of these extras–don’t just think of the actual “product cost” but also take into account the “manufacturing cost”.

Many of these extras have a hidden cost incorporated, to account for putting these elaborate layouts together. This doesn’t mean your print shop is ripping you off…they simply need to be reimbursed for the time it takes for all the extras. Using “lined envelopes” is often considered traditional, however, they are expensive–avoid using them when searching for inexpensive wedding invitations…they aren’t a necessity, and most likely nobody will notice.

3. Make sure you can get affordable postage pricing.

The Unite States Postal Service will be your best, or worst friend depending on how you deal with this issue. First of all: Nothing other than paper please. If your invites contain rigid items, you will incur extra postage fees. Second: Buttons, clasps, or other enclosure materials will be subject to higher costs. Third: Length/Height must be between 1.3 and 2.5′–any more, or less will incur extra fees. How much extra? Often times wedding invitations will cost 13 cents per letter more, for any of the above conditions–particularly the length divided by height issue. This above everything else is the thing that surprises people who want inexpensive wedding invitations, and you often don’t find out until the invites are done.

4. Postcard instead of invites in envelopes.

Postcards make for wonderful inexpensive wedding invitations, and honestly…it’s a pretty under-used and catchy idea. Postcards have a set weight, and you can choose a fetching design to get your point across. They also cost about 15 cents less than invites contained in envelopes.

When your sourcing out inexpensive wedding invitations, be sure to look over all the details carefully. And whatever you do…ORDER EXTRAS. Don’t be left at the last minute paying individual prices, over bulk pricing you will get initially. A few extra may just save you on those last minute folks you forgot about in the beginning.

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