Fall Wedding Ideas

May 1st, 201012:03 pm


Fall Wedding Ideas

Are you getting married in the autumn months, and looking for some fall wedding ideas? If so, you’ve sure picked a great month to pledge your love to your special someone. Fall is a month full of fabulous colors, and luscious fruits and vegetables that make fall wedding ideas come easily to everyone. Take a look at some essential elements of any autumn wedding.

Yummy caramel apples – The much heralded fruit of autumn, apples are delicious when covered with gooey caramel sweetness. Wrap them up in individual packages and set them off with a lovely white ribbon, to match your wedding dress.

All natural soy candles – Soy is harvested in the fall, and the candles can be dyed with colors to match the season. Give them away, or use them at your reception. Among many fall wedding ideas.

Leaf-shaped chocolate treats – You and your wedding party will be burning the midnight oil dancing, why not give them a sugar rush with some maple leaf chocolates? As with the candles, you can distribute them to guests before leaving, or have them as treats at the ceremony. Just make sure you assign someone to protect them from pocket stuffers.

Maple Syrup – What would late fall be without maple syrup? Great fall wedding ideas will always include maple syrup in the equation. Another sweet treat like the chocolate, a great idea would be to place them in small bottles and send your guests off with the sugary topping for pancakes, french toast, or all on its own.

Apple Cider – Yet another delectable treat that represents the fall into winter months. Of course many people will indulge this at the wedding, but this is another favor you can put in a monogrammed bottle and send home with your guests.

Pumpkin – The fall wedding ideas are endless with this hearty fall product. Pumpkin spice products, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cake, mini pumpkins with candles in them –use your imagination!

Sunflower – You will find lots of fresh sunflower seeds are cheap in the fall months. The flowers themselves will make for great decorations and are great fall wedding ideas.

You can come up with many fall wedding ideas of your own also. There are no real set traditions in modern society. The possibilities are infinite when looking online, or asking friends for their opinions.

Don’t be afraid to browse around your local farmers market for your fall wedding ideas either. In fact they can be the best places to get some inspiration for your upcoming nuptials. Who knows, browsing around may completely change the entire direction your wedding is going.