Fall Wedding Decorations

April 30th, 20108:44 am


Fall Wedding Decorations

Autumn is a great time of year to get married. With all the available color choices, romance can really take shape. Autumn in most areas have many earthy color tones that work great for starting your life together. When planning your fall wedding decorations, try choosing a few colors as your base, and mix them altogether to make your wedding look amazing on your big day.

Take a look below for some great starting point for fall wedding decorations:

Apple Themes

Autumn is time for harvest, and apples are traditionally known for being a fall fruit. Having your wedding in an apple orchard is a wonderful idea, and one that really isn’t used all that often.

Incorporate your favorite apples into your invitations, then proceed onward with your apple themed wedding. They will make for great centerpieces, either alone, or in a vase or other container. You can also combine your apples with other fall flowers, or plants–the possibilities are endless. Consider adding apple scented candles, and even steal a treat from Halloween…candy apples for your guests.

Vineyard For Fall Weddings

Lots of women dream of being married in a vineyard. Many fall wedding decorations can be incorporated into a vineyard setting. Not to mention; wine is a large part of any wedding–not too many people fail to have at least one glass at their nuptials.

Many vineyards will give you a great deal on their wines, as a thank you for using their facilities (don’t be fooled–vineyard weddings aren’t cheap).

The possibilities are many for wedding decorations at this type of location. Distribute bottle openers and mini wine bottle favors.

Autumn Flower Theme

Fall flowers make for a beautiful autumn wedding theme. Look towards Hydrangeas, mums and also fall leaves to add color and add to the theme.

Make use of flowers in your fall wedding decorations. Centerpieces need flowers, as people expect to see them, alone or in combination with other fall items, such as apples, or leaves.

Outdoor weddings in the fall make it easy to choose colors. Most areas have a variety of red, orange, green, brown, etc. So color choices are so many, you really have an endless set of options, over other times of the year. This makes flower selection quite easy.

Other Advantages To Autumn Wedding

As mentioned, autumn is harvest season. This means that you will be able to cut costs on food items that would be quite costly in the spring, or summer months. Also spring and summer weddings are so common that it’s often difficult to book a ceremony in your favorite places. Autumn weddings are less popular, less expensive, and twice as beautiful depending on the area you live in.