Fall Wedding Centerpieces For Your Big Day

May 1st, 20108:59 am


Fall Wedding Centerpieces For Your Big Day

Cheap and mostly free fall wedding centerpieces are super easy to make. What other time of year are you guaranteed a wealth of free “natures goodies” full of color and beautiful splendor. The key word for most people here would be “free” — but don’t forget how diverse the color of your decorations can be. (Depending on location of course)

Lets take a look at what nature has to offer us for fall wedding centerpieces:

The thing that jumps out at us most in the autumn is the leaves, with many lovely colors; red, orange, yellow and brown, are all options. Since most areas have tons of them lying around — spread the leaves all over the tables, rather than making them just a centerpiece item. Of course brown is the most prominent, so you can adjust the rest of the autumn decor to that color. There is just something that takes people back in time when they’re surrounded by leaves. The smell is very intoxicating also. Next add sparkle and various fall/summer berries to the mix.

Another compliment to our fall wedding centerpieces will be the assortment of berries and also pine cones that scatter themselves all over in the autumn days. Many designers suggest using fake berries as they last longer; however, I suggest using real berries — both for the aroma, and so guests can snack on them if they like. Hey they’re just going to go to waste the next day anyhow, and I’m sure there are a few grandpas out there that won’t mind some fresh berries at their tables. Add vases with leaves, berries, and the pine cones to the center of each table if you like. A candle or two at each table is a great idea, however it isn’t necessary unless you’re in a dark atmosphere.

Candles are great, inexpensive additions to our fall wedding centerpieces, and they add a certain “allure” to the surroundings — this is especially true with all of the multicolored leaves we will have scattered around, as they will catch the natural light from the candles splendidly. Hurricane lamps are also a good idea if you’re planning an outdoor/semi-outdoor setting, as they’re designed to not go out in windy environments and do their job perfectly, hence the name “hurricane lamp.”

By this point you’re likely thinking something is missing in this autumn picture. Pumpkins. Yes we couldn’t forget these beautiful orange candle holder for fall wedding centerpieces. Pumpkins can perform as a “poor man’s” hurricane lamp, however some people may not like the idea of having a potentially ominous centerpiece. With that said, some people will love the idea; after all, you did “choose” to be married in the fall I hope. Just try to stray away from the scary carving techniques unless your having a true “Wicken” wedding ceremony.

The beauty of using autumn’s bounty for fall wedding centerpieces is that you can used a variety of colors in the overall picture, including tablecloths, etc. Whatever you may choose autumn is a great time of year to get married, and ease into your new life together proceeding Christmas.