Ethnic Wedding Traditions

November 29th, 20105:43 pm


Ethnic Wedding Traditions

Not everyone’s culture involves having a bride dress in a white gown and walk down the aisle to Pachelbel’s Canon in D.  There are a lot of other ethnic traditions out there that the bride and groom may want to honor on their wedding day.  Here are some of the most popular:

Jewish Traditions

Jewish weddings involve a whole lot of tradition, starting with the Jewish Ketubah.  This is a traditional Hebrew wedding ceremony which has the bride and groom both sign the marriage contract, or the Ketubah.  This agreement states the duties and expectations of both parties once they are married and it is framed and put on the wall in a couple’s home.  After the Ketubah is signed, the groom will lower the veil over the bride’s face after studying her closely.  Later on an exchange of simple, plain rings are exchanged.

The rabbi who conducts the ceremony wears a white yarmulke, and so does the groom, the groomsmen, and any other male guests who are in attendance.  Severn marriage blessings are read out to the bride and groom, and it ends with the groom stepping on a wine glass as a reminder of the fragility of human happiness.

During the reception, every Jewish wedding includes the Hora, a dance where the bride and groom, both on separate chairs, are lifted into the air by their celebrating guests.

West Indies Traditions

Any bride or groom who is from or whose family is from the West Indies will know that every wedding reception includes curried goat and white rice.  A delicious rum cake is often also prepared and is the wedding cake of choice.  Traditionally the rum cake is not put on display like many other wedding cakes in different traditions are.  Instead, the rum cake is placed under a fine white linen that guests have to pay to lift to take a peek at the delicious cake beneath.

Latin American Traditions

Latin American couples may not need a wedding planner!  Traditionally, pairs of padrinos and madrinos will assist with the entire planning and set up of both the wedding ceremony and the reception afterwards.  They help financially, spiritually, and they will definitely make the phone calls to ensure that you get the venue you want, the songs, the flowers, and they will also create and send out your invitations too.

Muslim Traditions

One Muslim tradition that is still followed by most Muslim families, no matter where they now live, is that a symbolic gift is given to both the families of the bride and the groom. This gift is to serve as a welcoming present and a symbol of thanks to have the two families unite.

Welsh Traditions

In Wales, it isn’t all too uncommon for the bride to be suddenly “kidnapped” right before the wedding ceremony.  The groom gathers his family to go and find his bride, and whoever is the lucky person to rescue the bride-to-be is said to then be married within a year.

There is also the carving of a “love spoon”.  The wooden spoon has several different symbols carved into it that are to serve as a reflection of what his expectations and intentions are.  This may include hearts for love, to adjoined rings for union, and so on.