Do I Really Need Wedding Favors?

December 8th, 201012:16 pm


Do I Really Need Wedding Favors?

Wedding favors: do you really need them?  Some of us have undoubtedly attended a wedding, only to leave the little candy favor behind, sitting on the table uneaten.  Either we forget to take them, or they seem so unnecessary that we just simply leave them.

A lot of guests do expect a wedding favor of some kind, and appreciate the gesture of having a little “gift” waiting for them as they enter the reception area.  But are they really necessary?

Why they are Necessary

Guests have cleared their schedule to celebrate your special day (or longer, if you choose to have an out of town or destination wedding) so they tend to want that little gift to show your appreciation in having them there.

Guests also often want a little memento from the day, whether they is an edible favor or not.  You’d be surprised by just how many guests will keep that little favor for years which will bring back fond memories of your wedding.

Similar to guests wanting to feel appreciated, many people think that they are necessary as they are a way for the bride and groom to say “thank you” to everyone in attendance.  Though most brides and grooms do make “rounds” and try to thank everyone for coming individually, there are always those few people who they may inadvertently miss.

Another good reason for a bride and groom to use favors: it can really help tie in the theme of your wedding, or it can add another element that you just couldn’t fit in any where else.

Why they are Not Necessary

Favors are expensive.  In a lot of cases, the favors that brides and grooms spend their money on are simply left behind or discarded as their guests can’t really find a good use for them.  Edible favors are not always the answer either, as a lot of guests have different tastes and dietary needs that a particular favor may compromise.

Many brides and grooms also buy more favors than necessary, which leaves them with a whole lot of candies, candles or personally monogrammed tiny picture frames with their picture in it.  Unless you have a place or a use for these extra favors, they are probably worth passing on.

The overwhelming sense when it comes to favors is that they are definitely an extra expenditure that is not always worth your money.  If you are on a tight budget and don’t have a whole lot of financial leeway, then definitely consider passing on them.  Your guests will appreciate the full meal and good service more than a little trinket.

TIP:  If you do choose to go the favor route, it’s important to choose something that is either edible and is a favorite for a lot of people (such as mints, jelly beans or chocolates) or something that is useful and worthwhile to them.  What you may think is cute and adorable (such as you and your fiancé’s face in a tiny snow globe) may be useless or trivial to your guests.

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