Do I Really Need a Videographer for my Wedding?

December 1st, 20107:04 pm


Do I Really Need a Videographer for my Wedding?

what actually happened on that day after the day is done!  From all of the moving around you do, to all of the people you meet and all of the different events that take place, it’s no wonder that brides and grooms completely forget what has even happened on that special day!  If you don’t want to miss out on the small details, there’s a good chance you have already looked into hiring on a videographer to film your wedding day so that every single special moment is caught on camera.  But do you really need one?

My Friend will Do It

Sure, your friend will film your wedding.  Yep.  And they’ll take pictures too – at their own convenience.  Remind yourself that your friend is there to have a good time too and that he or she will become preoccupied and busy catching up with friends and family who are also undoubtedly at the wedding.  Because of this, a lot of “friend” videographers will miss out on special events, leave the camera on so the batteries die, and chances are they won’t be using a tripod so all of the footage will be very shaky and vomit-inducing.  Not exactly the best you can do for your wedding day now, is it?

Remember, if you do consider having a video taken of your wedding, you should probably have the job done right. This wedding video is going to be something that you, your children, your grandchildren, and possibly generations later will be watching, so make sure it’s of decent quality.

But I’m having Pictures Done

Having a good photographer is number one in almost every brides books, and justifiably so.  But this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t also have a videographer who is of quality too.  The videographer will catch those touching moments that a still camera can’t, such as hearing your wedding vows or the smiles and tears you share during the ceremony.  A lot of photographers do also offer videographer services, so ask them before you hire them on about what they can do for you and how much it will cost. Which leads us to…

So how Much is a Videographer?

It’s not cheap.  If you go for a professional videographer, take into consideration that for them to even become a videographer that they had to sink $20 000 into equipment, training, and they have spent numerous years perfecting their skill.  If you go the professional way on your wedding day, you will have two cameras with separate operators. They tend to shoot for 5 hours or so at a time.  So take those two cameras, both with 5 hours of footage, and understand just how long it will take the videographer to edit and put together that raw footage so that it tells a continuous story of the wedding day.  Expect the amount you pay to be at least the amount you would pay a well-paid 40 hour a week worker in an office