Do I Need a Dance Instructor for my First Dance?

November 26th, 201010:59 am


Do I Need a Dance Instructor for my First Dance?

Not all of us are gifted dancers. Even if we think we may be, oftentimes when we dance with someone else (including our future spouse) we may not be looking as polished and put together as we hope. Brides have nightmares about slipping during their first dance, having their dress rip, having their groom completely screw up the dance and make it an embarrassing and shameful scene. If you’re having some of those types of nightmares, then you may want to consider hiring on a temporary dance instructor to help perfect you and your partner’s dance moves.

Taking dance lessons prior to the wedding will be a fun activity that both you and your partner can partake in. It’s a great way to also help alleviate your wedding stress by getting in a bit of a workout every few days. The key to taking dance lessons is to have fun! If you do choose to focus solely on having a perfect performance, than chances are you will not e enjoying the dancing lessons so much and it will only add to your current wedding stresses. Don’t fall into that trap! Chances are, neither you nor your partner will perform a perfect dance after months of stress and a day full of hustle and bustle, being pulled this way and that way. Enjoy it and if you or your partner screws up, so be it! It will be a fun wedding memory that will have your guests laughing with you, not at you.

How can I Find Dance Lessons?

As you can imagine, bridal magazines tend to be stuffed full of dance instructors who will even come to your home to give you private lessons, though this usually comes with a rather high price tag. A lot of dance instructors and lessons are offered at the dance studio they rent out, and they may hold a class just for those getting married (which is a great way for other brides and grooms to bond).

Another good way to find any dance lessons is to look up some dance studios that are in your neighborhood and to give them a call! See what kind of classes they offer and what sorts of fees that they charge. A dance instructor will likely already want you to have an idea of the type of dance that you are wanting to do (waltz, fox trot, slow dance, etc.) so you should have those details ironed out before you try to plan any dance lessons for you and your partner.

What Song should we Dance To?

The song that you and your groom choose to dance to is a very intimate and personal choice. Don’t become sucked in by choosing a classic song that your mother loves (and that everyone’s heard at every wedding they have ever attended). Choosing an off beat or more modern track will definitely entice your guests and have them dancing right along with you. Not only that, but you won’t hear them stop raving about how great your song choice was for years!

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