Diamonds: Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

December 6th, 20106:53 am


Diamonds: Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend

Diamonds are beautiful, and you will be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn’t appreciate a glimmering, shimmering, sparkling diamond ring on her finger.  But you will be surprised to find out that a lot of women appreciate other gems too.  For the “alternative” or unique bride, you may want to consider using a different gem other than a diamond for her engagement ring.

Not only is choosing a different gem more special, but it is trendy, it’s easier on the wallet, and you can choose from a number of different shades and color tones.

The Difference of Stones

There are two different classifications for gems:  the precious stones, and the semi-precious stones.  The precious stones are an elite group, containing only four stones, which are diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires.  Every other type of gem or stone that you see out there would be classified as a “semi-precious”.

Don’t immediately shut down the idea of having a “semi-precious” stone on your ring.  Semi-precious stones offer you a world of alternatives, which when purchased thoughtfully, will be far more appreciated by your bride than a simple diamond.  For example, if you met your bride by the turquoise waters of Miami, you can buy a turquoise stone.  You may choose a citrine stone to reflect the color of the moon which you may have shared your first date under, or a garnet to signify the fiery passion that you two share.  A lot of gem stones have their own meanings, too; as the jeweler about what their own special significant meanings are and see if any would be suitable for your bride-to-be.

Consider the Strength of the Stone

Precious stones are all incredibly hard and durable, which is why you usually don’t have to consider the strength of the stone when you are picking out diamonds.  When it comes to semi-precious stones, however, you do have to keep their strength in mind.  The strongest of the semi-precious stones include topaz, amethyst, aquamarine and garnet.  The weakest of the stones are opal, peridot, and white turquoise.  So if your girl works with her hands a lot or is a bit of a klutz, stay far, far away from those weaker stones!

How do I Know she’ll Like It?

You know your girlfriend better than anyone else.  If you two have been dating for a while, there’s a good chance that she has already been dropping hints about what she would like and what she doesn’t like.  If all you have been seeing laying around are magazines for diamonds or pages ripped out of magazines featuring diamonds, then she’s probably a diamond girl.  You can introduce the topic in a casual manner, such as, “What color stones do you like?” or you can visit a jewelry store with her under the guise of needing to pick out a pair of earrings for your mom or your sister.  She will undoubtedly be browsing and making comments on what she likes, and what she doesn’t like.

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