Dealing with Cold Feet

December 8th, 201012:10 pm


Dealing with Cold Feet

It’s not a rare thing for a bride or groom to get a case of “cold feet” as their wedding day grows nearer.  The amount of stress that you are both going through at this time is certainly no easy feat, and can cause for brides and grooms to bicker, fight, and perhaps reconsider this whole “marriage” thing.

Relax, take a deep breath, and feel reassured.  Here are some of the most popular reasons why you should not call off your wedding:

They’re Getting on your Last Nerve

They don’t listen, they don’t clean up after themselves, they leave the washroom floor wet after a shower.  Oh, and the way that they sneeze and snore – you can’t take it any more!  These little pet peeves are all part of adjusting to someone who is in your personal space.  Not only that, but the stress of planning a wedding is bound to make both couples more irritable than usual, so take a deep breath, talk it out, and try to keep things in perspective.

The Dreaded Ex

You suddenly have been thinking of your ex a lot, or maybe your ex has made an attempt to contact you after he or she has heard about your recent engagement.  Ex’s can haunt you and mess with your mind like no other.  As you grow increasingly stressed and perhaps annoyed with your fiancé, you may be seeking a getaway, which may lead you to reconsider your ex as your potential future mate.

Take a time out and get away for a weekend or an evening with your fiancé.  Get a hotel room for a night and reconnect.  This will remind you just why you have chosen your fiancé to be your future mate and not your ex (don’t forget, you broke up for a reason!).

Where’s my Sex Life?

Remember those days when you both first met and you just couldn’t keep your hands off of each other?  Nowadays, you two are turning in earlier and sleeping on separate sides of the bed.  If you’re worried that your sex life has hit a permanent lull, fear not; sex lives go through cycles that are dependent on many things, such as how much stress one or both partners are experiencing in their life.  Hold out until that honeymoon and after the wedding stress is over and done with – you’ll get your sex life back.

The Panic Attack

It’s not uncommon for brides and grooms to have panic attacks a few weeks prior to the wedding.  You may not be able to deduce just why you are feeling this way, but you figure that this anxiety must be due to SOMEthing.  And it is – planning a wedding and realizing that you are spending your life with the same person for the rest of your life is a sweet but sometimes difficult pill to swallow.  Keep calm, think rationally, and give your fiancé a kiss.  Remind yourself why you are getting married in the first place and that no matter what anxieties you may be having, your partner is here with you for life and together you can work anything out.

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