How to Create your own Floral Centerpieces →  December 8, 2010 0

Nothing beats that classic arrangement of beautiful flowers in a glass vase. If you aren't too keen on spending a lot of money to have a florist create a simple centerpiece, absolutely anyone can craft their own floral centerpieces that will suit their wedding. Here is what you will need to start the project: Up [...]

How can Bridesmaids Help the Bride? →  December 8, 2010 0

You have had the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid for one of your good friends' wedding, an honor that not many others will be able to share on this wonderful day. Bridesmaids know they will be front and center with the bride on that day, but how else can a bridesmaid help [...]

Fun and Different Wedding Guest Book Ideas →  December 8, 2010 0

Tired of the boring old guest book with a pen routine' Then try some of these fun and different guest book ideas for your own wedding! Making Pictures The best way to do this is to appoint someone who is part of your wedding party to be in charge of the guest book, such as [...]

Do I Really Need Wedding Favors? →  December 8, 2010 0

Wedding favors: do you really need them' Some of us have undoubtedly attended a wedding, only to leave the little candy favor behind, sitting on the table uneaten. Either we forget to take them, or they seem so unnecessary that we just simply leave them. A lot of guests do expect a wedding favor of [...]

Dealing with Cold Feet →  December 8, 2010 0

It's not a rare thing for a bride or groom to get a case of 'cold feet' as their wedding day grows nearer. The amount of stress that you are both going through at this time is certainly no easy feat, and can cause for brides and grooms to bicker, fight, and perhaps reconsider this [...]

Alternative Wedding Stationary Ideas →  December 8, 2010 0

That tired, traditional paper wedding stationary is just so pass. If you are looking for a way to change it up a bit, here are some ideas you can try to incorporate into your wedding rather than sticking with the old fashioned paper wedding stationary. Vintage Postcards If you or someone you know has a [...]

Yummy and Delectable Wedding Favors →  December 8, 2010 0

Wedding favors are a great way to tell the people in attendance at your wedding that you love, care, and appreciate them. Some of the best wedding favors that you can give are those that your guests can savor and that you can tickle their sweet tooth with. Edible favors not only can be presented [...]

Who you Have to Invite to your Wedding (Even when you Don’t Want To!) →  December 8, 2010 0

Your wedding day should leave you surrounded with all of the people who you love and care for the most, and who love and care for you too, right' Unfortunately this isn't always the case. A lot of the brides and grooms feel obligated to invite certain people, or certain people tend to simply invite [...]

Who is going to Give me Away? →  December 8, 2010 0

Weddings are a wonderful time where families reunite to celebrate the joining of a couple. We all have visions of our perfect wedding day, most of which, at least for the bride, involves her being given away by her father. In this day in age, there are many reasons why a father may not be [...]

When the In-Laws are Crossing the Line →  December 8, 2010 0

Maybe they phone every single day, or several times a day. Maybe they come over every day, or maybe they are going so far as to critique the way you cook, the clean, and the lifestyle that both you and your groom to be or husband have chosen. All too many brides have 'in law' [...]

What you Didn’t Know to Ask about your Wedding Day →  December 8, 2010 0

Just when you thought that you had read every magazine, every website, and asked every question imaginable about your wedding day, other questions will come creeping up on you, often right before your wedding day. Here are some of the top 'I didn't know' wedding-related questions and answers. How do we Kiss at the Ceremony? [...]

What Winter Wedding Favor should I Have? →  December 8, 2010 0

With the cold months right around the corner, if you are a winter bride, it's time to start thinking about what winter wedding favors you would like to give to your guests. Even if your wedding doesn't have a winter theme attached to it, or if you are having a destination wedding in a hot [...]

What do I Do with Wedding Crashers? →  December 8, 2010 0

Think it won't happen' Think again. At almost every wedding there is some form of wedding crasher, a person who turns up unexpectedly (and uninvited) to your big day. Knowing how to deal with wedding crashers can be tough, but after reading this article you will be best equipped on how to deal with them. [...]

Weird Wedding Gifts: Why you Need a Wedding Registry →  December 8, 2010 0

So you figure that if you don't create a wedding registry that your guests would know what to get you, right' Toaster, toaster oven, some nice plates and wine glasses… these, for most people, are staple items, but this doesn't mean that this is what you are going to get. Below are some of the [...]

Top Tips to make your Wedding Ceremony a Success →  December 8, 2010 0

Every bride and grooms wants their wedding ceremony to reveal to both themselves and to their guests who they are as a couple, and who they plan to be in the future. Given how 'cookie cutter' a lot of wedding ceremonies are, it can be hard to try and make it extra special. Here's how [...]

The Transportation: What do I do? →  December 8, 2010 0

Brides and grooms think about the venue, the ceremony, their vows, and their attire for the day, which leaves transportation close to the bottom of the list. If you are scrambling to try and plan out some transportation for you and potentially your guests, here are some things to consider before signing on the dotted [...]

The Receiving Line:  What do I Do? →  December 8, 2010 0

After the ceremony is done and over with, most brides and grooms just want to get down with their guests and get the party started! So what's with this receiving line business? Why Have a Receiving Line A receiving line is a surefire way for all of the guests to get a chance to greet [...]

The Mother-In-Law who Won’t let Go →  December 8, 2010 0

It happens. There will be a mother-in-law who won't be able to let their 'baby', also known as your 'husband-to-be', go very easily. Sure she may seem pleasant and kind to you, but then there are the little signs that indicate that she isn't quite ready to not be the main woman in his life [...]