Wedding Lush » Invitations Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en hourly 1 Who you Have to Invite to your Wedding (Even when you Don’t Want To!) Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:44:47 +0000 admin Your wedding day should leave you surrounded with all of the people who you love and care for the most, and who love and care for you too, right' Unfortunately this isn't always the case. A lot of the brides and grooms feel obligated to invite certain people, or certain people tend to simply invite themselves along believing that they are some how 'special' or separate from the guest list that has been laid out by the bride and groom. Here's how you can try to deal with these wedding day disruptors so that the drama is kept to a minimum.

The Drunk Family Member

We will start with the toughest person first, the drunk family member. No matter who they are, if they are a blood relative of yours or if they have married into the family, you can't ban them from attending your wedding. You know that when this particular person has had a few too many they tend to act out either aggressively, or foolishly, or' unpredictably.

A good idea to try and keep this person under control is to actually sit them down next to someone who is going to be responsible for them. For example, if it is an uncle, you should sit him down right next to either your aunt or to your father (or to whomever's brother he is at the wedding). They will then be responsible for the babysitting duties.

The Uninvited Child

So you wanted to have a childless wedding. You thought that this was understood by everyone in the wedding party, but you discover you are sadly mistaken when your sister shows up with her 4 year old daughter, your niece, in tow. So what do you do?

You can either hire on a babysitter in advance, anticipating that such a thing may occur, or you can simply tell your sister that she has to look after her child, not you. Make it clear that no one else is responsible for the child, and put it out of your mind for the rest of the night.

The Weird Boyfriends (or Girlfriends)

You have invited certain people along who you love and adore, but that does not mean that you will necessarily love their mate. This is a tough one, because even if you don't appreciate her choice in a man, or his choice in a woman, that is still who they have chosen to date. So where do you put him on your wedding day?

If the boyfriend (or girlfriend) is one of those in the wedding party, then you can sit your maid of honor next to you, the best man on the other side of your groom, and then spread the wedding party and their dates out further away from you. So if you find someone's date extra annoying, at least they won't be in your direct presence.

TIP: You may also want to consider setting up a table for every person on the bridal party's dates, claiming that there just isn't enough room at the head table for their date to sit with you all.

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Alternative Wedding Invitation Ideas Tue, 07 Dec 2010 19:05:52 +0000 galleca As with any great event in life, it is important that you extend a proper wedding invitation to those guests who are invited. Unlike just a casual, 'Hey, wanna hang out'? you now are forced into creating a formal note that is requesting the presence of so-and-so to be present on your special day.

Or do you?

How to Start with Wedding Invitations

Your wedding invitation should be a reflection of you and your husband-to-be, and how you two are recognized as a couple. Who says that you need to go with the white card paper, flowers and the formal speech between the cover of the card' You can really write the wedding invitation any darn way you like, must as long as it is a reflection of you both.

You can think about how you want your wedding invitations done. You can either:

  • Do them yourself (which is incredibly time consuming); or
  • Pay someone to do them (which can be incredibly expensive)

Having your wedding invitations printed will cost exponentially more than if you were to make them yourself, but if you simply do not have the time to spare or if the time spent creating those invitations isn't worth the expense, then it you should consider having them printed.

How do you Word a Wedding Invitation?

Again, the wording is really up to you. No one really expects that you write out a wedding invitation formally anymore, and they actually appreciate the change of pace if you do choose to address the invitation differently than most.

The formal way of wording an invitation is by having the bride's parents 'invite' you to witness the marriage of their daughter (such as 'Mr. and Mrs. Brown are proud to announce the marriage of their daughter so-and-so to that-guy')

TIP: If there is an estranged parent in the family, you do not need to feel obligated to include them. The same rule goes for any step parents, should you not get along with them so well.

Wedding Invitations Online

In this modern day in age where everyone is promoting an increased 'paperless' society, it's no wonder that more brides and grooms are thinking about paperless, technological wedding invitations.

Not only that, but it is often free.

For all of you who have tech-savvy friends and family, sending out e-Invites or 'eVites' for your wedding is perfectly acceptable substitute to the old fashioned way of mailing out an invitation. It will save you hundreds of dollars, it can be quickly referenced to, and let's be honest there: most people toss any wedding invitation they receive. This way the invitation will simply be emptied from some cyber 'deleted' folder or trash bin without leaving an impact upon the earth.

Most sites that allow the functionality to create an online wedding invitation will also let you create or set up a wedding site, free of charge! So you can even have more information provided to your guests than any wedding invitation, and it's easily view any where at any time that they have an Internet connection.

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The Wedding Invitation Faux Pas Mon, 06 Dec 2010 20:28:54 +0000 galleca When writing your wedding invitations, there are some things that you should do, and some things that you definitely should NOT do. For most brides and grooms, this is going to be their first time writing up a wedding invitation, so it can be a bit confusing s to what you should be writing in them. Here are some of the worst and most common of the wedding invitation faux pas that you should avoid.

The 'NO KIDS ALLOWED' Invitations

So you don't want to bother with having someone watch the children, hire on children entertainers, and purchase separate kids meals on your wedding day. That's understandable. The problem that most brides and grooms make is that they get the wording wrong. If you do not word the 'no children allowed' rule appropriately, you risk insulting parents and, as a result, they won't come to your wedding.

One of the easiest ways is to not mention the children on the wedding invitation. This traditionally means that they are not invited, but not everyone will catch on to your hint. Another way to tactfully go about not inviting the children is to not include the children's names on the RSVP cards. This may still result in parents tacking their children's names onto the RSVP card, in which case you can simply call them up and explain that no kids are allowed at your wedding.

Include the Whole Family

So let's say that you are allowing children at the wedding. Great! Then contrary to not including their name on the invitation and the RSVP card, make sure that you do include their names. The invitation shouldn't be made out to only 'Mr. and Mrs. Brown', but rather 'Mr. and Mrs. Brown, Joe Brown, Emma Brown,' etc. Another rule is that for any family with children over 18, they should receive their own invitations. They are adults at that point after all, so even if they are still living with their parents you should respect them as separate adults.

You Want Monetary Gifts

Most couples these days have moved in with one another long before the wedding day, so they tend to have most of the house wares they need. Even if this is the case, you cannot say outright on your invitation that you are not accepting boxed gifts and only want money as a gift. That is just tactless and rude. As a matter of fact, including any sort of registry on the invitation itself can be considered rude. Remember, even if you make a registry, no one is obligated to give you a gift; a gift is a gift, a present that is given out of kindness.

The best way to go about receiving monetary gifts is to tell a couple of friends (such as your maid of honor or even your parents) and then hope that they will spread the word. When people ask these people what to give you, they will simply tell them, 'Oh, I think they'd prefer the money'. Of course, there will be those guests who really want to get you an actual present, so you may still end up with a coffee maker or two.

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What should I Include in my RSVP Cards? Mon, 29 Nov 2010 14:03:33 +0000 galleca Every wedding invitation needs to be coupled with a RSVP card so that you know who is attending your wedding, and just how many people. Though some brides still chose to have the RSVP option on the actual wedding invitation itself, a lot of brides have found that they are better able to obtain a response than if they sent along a separate card with a stamped envelop.

If you are making your very own RSVP cards to match your DIY wedding invitations, there are a few things that you must include on the card, including getting the wording 'right' on the RSVP card. We'll start with the actual wording of the card itself:

How to Write an RSVP Card for your Wedding

There are a few different ways you can word an RSVP appropriately for your wedding date, though the below example is one that is commonly used:

A reply is requested by March 31 2010.

Mr/Mrs/Ms. _______________________

___ Accepts

___ Declines

Another style is:


Will _____ attend

The blank is for the guest to write 'not' if they cannot attend. If they can attend, they will simply leave the space as blank.

There are some more modern and less formal ways to write up an RSVP card as well. One of the most fun ways of requesting an RSVP is:

_____(guest name[s]) is/are looking forward to the dining, dancing and drinking

_____(guest name[s]) must miss out on the fun

A slightly more formal way is the following:

(Bride's name) and (Groom's name) have reserved (x amount) of seats in your honor.


( ) Accepts with pleasure

( ) Declines with regret

For the very informal, you may choose the following type of invitation (if it suits your ultra casual theme):

Yo _________________

_______________ (enter name or names) is/are _________________ to attend

We gots ______________ people in our crew

Holla back by March 31 2010. Word!


________________(names of attendees)

_____ Are excited to come!

_____ Have other stuff to do on that day

Additional Things to Consider

When drawing up your RSVP cards, you probably want to leave some additional white space or room for guests to write notes in. They may have something that they want to tell you about (i.e. if they have a particular diet or if they want to invite along another guest).

If you have family and friends who you know will be unclear about how many people are attending, make a separate line that specifically asks them to count the number of attendees with their part and include it in the RSVP. This can be as simple as a line that says '____ number of people attending'.

Guests may also write things down illegibly, which can be a real headache. Try to keep it all organized by writing the corresponding number of the guest on the back of the RSVP card. That way, you know exactly who has sent in the card and whether or not they and additional guests are attending.

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How to Write your Own Wedding Invitations Mon, 29 Nov 2010 11:55:29 +0000 galleca The idea of making your own wedding invitations is really exciting to you. You have that crafty side that is just dying to get out. You like the fact that you will be able to make each and every invitation unique and special. You also like the fact that you are potentially saving a whole lot of money on invitations doing them yourself. So you have bought the materials, you're ready to go, and that's when you realize that you have to actually do more than just make the card ' you have to write something inside of the card.

Before you feel inspired to write some cheesy poem on the inside or scribble out a date and send them in the mail, it's important to make sure that you have written out each invitation correctly and in a proper fashion so that your guests will take the invitation to your wedding seriously. Here's how you can start:

Consider who is Hosting

The 'host' or 'hosts' of the wedding are typical who is paying for the whole affair. Traditionally, this was the bride's family, so the invitation would open as:

Mr. & Mrs. Smith or Ben and Julie Smith

In these modern days, it is usually the bride and groom who are paying for the whole affair, in which case the invitation would read:

Ms. <Bride's name> and Mr. <Groom's name>

Or if they are paying along with their families, the invitation would read,

Together with their families, Ms. <Bride's name> and Mr. <Groom's name>

What are you Inviting them To?

Now is the time to include more information as to why you are sending this invitation to them in the first place. Some common 'request' lines that can be found on invitations include:

Request the pleasure of your company at the marriage of their daughter (or son, if his parents are hosting the wedding)

Request the honor of your presence at the marriage of their daughter (or son, if his parents are hosting the wedding)

Would be pleased if you would attend the marriage of their daughter (or son, if his parents are hosting the wedding)

If the couple themselves are hosting, then make it an invitation to a celebration, such as:

Invite you to join them at the celebration of their marriage

The Wedding Date and Location

To write the date of your wedding and reception in an invitation is to spell out the words rather than use numeric substitutes. So let's say that your wedding was on Tuesday, May 25 2010. The date would read:

Tuesday, the twenty-fifth of May

Two thousand and ten

At four o'clock in the afternoon.

For the location, if it is a well known spot then you do not need to include an address. If it isn't a well known location, include the title of the place your wedding is going to be at as well as the actual address, including the city and zip or postal code.

Most importantly, if there is going to be a reception or any kind of party afterwards, make sure you let your guests know. Include something along the lines of:

Reception to follow at (name of reception location)

Dancing and Drinks to follow

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How to Save on you Wedding Invitations Mon, 29 Nov 2010 11:50:19 +0000 galleca So you got your dress. You've got your reception venue and you know how much you will be paying for food and drinks. There's a good chance that the bill for your wedding is already tallying up to quite a bit at this point. This is usually where brides begin scrambling to try and cut corners and save a bit of extra cash.

No worries, your wedding invitations are a great place to begin saving a bit of money! What ever you budgeted for your wedding invitations can be reduced to a significant amount, if not absolutely free, if you follow these few tips:

Use FREE Online Services

Believe it or not, but there are websites that will allow you to create an entire wedding website that will advertise your wedding details FOR FREE and allow you to send out a personalized invitation as well. These websites will allow you to usually upload a certain amount of personal photos of you, or your groom, or you both together, and include an mp3 of a song that helps define you as a couple. These websites usually also allow for you to include some sort of invitation emailing component. If most of your wedding guests are computer savvy, then this is definitely the way to go. If there are some of your guests who are not so computer savvy (think grandparents, aunts and uncles) then you can limit the amount of printed invitations to just them.

Shop Around for Printed Invitations

There's quite a wide array of different costs when it comes to printed invitations. If you go to a wedding stationary store, you are surely to find a lot of wedding invitation prices that seem border line insane. If you are not happy with those prices, give other stationary store chains that do not specialize in wedding invitations alone a try. This means visiting craft stores such as Michaels or other stores such as Staples and Kinkos a try. A lot of wholesale warehouse types of stores also have special deals on wedding invitation prints available, so take advantage of those.

Consider a Different Printing Technique

So you always wanted that engraved and elegant wedding invitation. Though these are indeed beautiful, they are indeed expensive and will leave your pocket book crying at the end of the day. Consider Thermography which will give your lettering the same sort of raised look or less money, or consider simply having the information laser printed onto the wedding itself to really save a lot of money. This type of print is appropriate for any type of wedding.

Check out Package Deals

Buying into a package almost always means that you're saving money ' as long as you need what's in the package. Discount packages are a great way to go if you need to buy your invitations in bulk, or if you need to add additional items to your invitations (such as place cards and/or thank you cards). Envelops are also often included as well, or are thrown in a'freebie' or as a thank you for ordering all of your wedding stationary through one company.

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How to Choose the Right Wedding Invitation Stationary for your Wedding Mon, 29 Nov 2010 06:32:13 +0000 galleca The invitation that you send out to your guests before your wedding helps define just what your wedding is about. The style of the invitation, the fonts used, the colors ' these things all paint a picture of what your wedding is going to be like. When considering what wedding stationary to use to announce your big day, don't make it a quick and thoughtless decision; take the time to find the stationary that you really love and that will suit your special day. Here are some of the key factors that must be taken into consideration:

The Style of your Wedding Invitation

Think about how you want your wedding to appear: is it a casual wedding' Or is it extremely formal and elegant' Perhaps your wedding is some where between the two choices. Knowing how your wedding is going to appear is going to go a long way in helping you decide what wedding stationary you are going to use.

Traditional and more formal weddings should choose invitations that are on ivory, white or ecru colored paper (it is a good idea to choose a tone that is close to the shade of your dress). Having the lettering in either black or dark grey is also very traditional and is very popular.

More modern and different weddings may want to choose a funkier wedding invitation that includes modern graphics and lay outs, as well as bright, layered colors and different shapes of the invitation itself too. Some people choose recycled paper invitations, some go for those with photographs of both the bride and groom together. Some modern ones contain multiple pages that each help tell the story about how the bride and groom met and how life has brought them to marriage!

Think about where you are having your wedding as well: is it in a tropical location' Is it during a certain season' Are you getting married in a garden terrace' Incorporating these details into your invitation stationary will help set the tone for your day.

How to Order your Wedding Invitation Stationary

First and foremost, before you choose the number of invitations that you need, take a good hard look and consider who needs a wedding invitation. Do not count each person individually; anyone who is in a 'couple' relationship should just receive one. Families with children should receive just one invitation. In some cases, if there are several people living in one household who may be grandparents, aunts and uncles, and even cousins, you could get away with sending one invitation. This will save you a bit of money that you can then put towards your reception.

While you are ordering your wedding invitation stationary, check into whether you can get a discount on 'thank you' cards as well as place cards for your reception. In this situation, you will of course need a place card for every guest who is attending.

TIP: Some venues will supply place cards, so check and see if they do this for free before spending money on them.

To find suppliers, you can check out local print shops, or take a peek online and compare prices.

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Do-It-Yourself Wedding Stationary: Stamps Mon, 29 Nov 2010 05:59:46 +0000 galleca Thinking about creating your very own wedding stationary but you aren't sure how you can possibly get it all done' A trick that a lot of do-it-yourself brides use is stamping. Stamps will give your wedding stationary that professional touch while also saving you a whole lot of time from writing out your own details over and over again.

If you are tempting the idea of making your own wedding stationary and are thinking about using rubber stamps, there are some things to bear in mind before you start purchasing from the craft store or online, such as:

Think about Size

There are a whole lot of different size options out there when it comes to stamps, so you need to e sure that you choose a size that is going to be appropriate for your invitation. This means that you have to do a bit of preplanning and envision what your invitation is going to look like. You must know whether you need a large heart stamp, or a small heart stamp. If you buy a stamp the wrong size, then you can consider that to just be wasted money.

Think about Style

What ever you put on your invitations and other wedding stationary will speak volumes about how your wedding is going to be. Make sure that when you do choose stamps to use on your wedding stationary that it will match the theme and the tone of that day. If you are having an elegant wedding, then having soft and more ornate stamps is more appropriate than any stamp that may include thick, harsh lines and more modern themes. Should you choose a more detailed stamp, practice before using these on your cards. The more detailed the stamp, the harder it is to use.

Think about the Type of Stamp

Yes, for those of you who are new to the wide world of stamps, there are different types of stamps out there. Though the most common type of stamp is the rubber stamp, you can also find stamps in the following:

  • Acrylic stamps
  • Self-inking stamps
  • Foam stamps
  • Unmounted rubber stamps

It's important to consider that every different type of stamp has been created to create a different type of effect. Make sure that you don't go for an inferior quality stamp when purchasing, as you can then expect inferior quality results.

Think about Cost

A rubber stamp may be any where from $1 to $20, or even more depending on the size and detail. Though the stamp alone may not cost a lot, think about the other costs that accompany it: the cost of ink, the cost of the paper to use for the stationary, embossing powders, and perhaps most importantly your time. Do-it-yourself wedding stationary is a great way to save money and to add that personal touch at the same time, but it will require you to spend several nights on the couch (perhaps with your bridesmaids or your groom) creating beautiful, unique wedding stationary.

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Planning A Couple’s 50th Wedding Anniversary Invitations Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:36:26 +0000 admin A wedding symbolizes a couple’s love for one another. Coming together in this union shows the world you’re committed to each other, and want to spend the rest of your life together. Every anniversary after provides a chance to relive the wonderful times the two of you have enjoyed together as a couple, and reaffirm why you started this journey. Once you reach your 50th anniversary, it’s a time for celebration and love. After all, fifty years together as couple is a huge moment. Like most people, you will want to throw a huge party to celebrate the lucky couple and wish them luck on for many more years to come. Getting the ball rolling on this extravaganza means sending out 50th wedding anniversary invitations, to all concerned.

The 50th is the Golden Anniversary, and each who makes it this far is normally quite proud once they make it there. It is at this anniversary party that all the people in the couple’s lives, will come together and enjoy everyone’s company. The love and commitment that it takes to make it to this point, is something few people will ever realize, with people getting married later and later in modern lives. Send out the 50th wedding anniversary invitations with pride, and let the world know this is an occasion worth celebrating.

Creating the special 50th wedding anniversary invitations will require a bit of planning. Typically, the couple in question doesn’t actually do the invites, or host the party. In many cases the Golden Anniversary party is a surprise to the couple (even if they were in fact expecting it.) Try to summarize what will happen at the party, whether the couple will be renewing their vows (again if they are actually ‘aware’ of the party), whether or not drinks and food will be provided to guests, and any other stipulations…should all be included in the 50th wedding anniversary invitations. Organizing a renewal of vows is a great idea, and many guest will be more interested in making it to the function, if it involves a “ceremony” of sorts–similar to feeling obligated to attend the original wedding.

Before you make the 50th wedding anniversary invitations, try at least to determine how many invites you need to send out. How many friends does this couple really have? This may require some sneaking around, while utilizing some Private Investigator skills you never knew you had. You can have the designs created and purchased at a specialty shop, or you can consider buying a template and creating the invites online–which is a very affordable choice. All that is required with the online option is for you to choose and purchase the appropriate paper for the occasion. This will all come down to the numbers–50 years is a long time, and no doubt the couple has created many friends and family in that time. It’s best to find out what sort of “scope” of people you’re dealing with first.

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Creating Handmade Wedding Cards Fri, 30 Apr 2010 13:32:55 +0000 admin Providing your guests with handmade wedding cards is a wonderful way to add a personal touch to your wedding. You can save on printing costs, and even buy a higher quality of paper with the reduced costs. We have compiled some recently submitted tips, to make affordable, handmade wedding cards to save on money–and add some love and uniqueness to your invites. Look below for some points of note.

1. Decide on the theme of your wedding in terms of tone and color scheme. This will not only determine the color and the texture of the card paper but also whether you’re going to go for a traditional, old fashioned look, or incorporate something more modern. The setting of your wedding factors in at this stage of the planning as well. You want your handmade wedding cards to lend themselves to the overall theme of your upcoming wedding. Cards with an old fashioned look to them will sub-consciously lead your guests to feel like they’re invited to a more traditional ceremony. Handmade wedding cards with a brash “jump out and grab ya” kind of color scheme will make people think modern and flashy. Adjust according to your planned theme.

2. Try to write the invitations as a couple. This is a great way to bring the two of you together, closing in on the upcoming wedding day. Handmade wedding cards will give the two of you the chance to add relevant comments to specific people–so doing it together makes for two brains, instead of just one (it’s easy to forget details). If you need to call around to different relatives to confirm specific details, writing together also frees up one person to get on the phone (or Internet) and leave the other to continue on with the writing process, ensuring you get them done–instead of messing around going back and forth.

3. Determine what style of writing is best: Formal, or informal. I.e. Formal: “John and Brenda would like to ask that you attend our ceremony on our wedding day.” or Informal: “Come hang out with us at our wedding.”–handmade wedding cards give you the flexibility to alter and change plans on the fly.

4. Take your time. You are making handmade wedding cards likely to save money, but also to give your invites a special flare…don’t rush things, and make mistakes–or needlessly waste paper.

5. Place some 3D stickers on the front of your invites for added look and feel. There are a large variety of designs available from craft stores, that actually can look quite elegant and fresh. You would be surprised at the unique ideas these types of stores will give you when planning your handmade wedding cards. Purchasing these supplies online will give you even more selection, and cheaper deals on quantity buys.

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