Wedding Lush » Gifts Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Weird Wedding Gifts: Why you Need a Wedding Registry Wed, 08 Dec 2010 07:04:38 +0000 galleca So you figure that if you don't create a wedding registry that your guests would know what to get you, right' Toaster, toaster oven, some nice plates and wine glasses… these, for most people, are staple items, but this doesn't mean that this is what you are going to get. Below are some of the weirdest wedding gifts that brides and grooms have gotten, very likely a result of not having a wedding registry properly set up:

Money Gifts

These can be the oddest gifts of them all, particularly in presentation. One bride and groom reported that they received $100. But here's the kicker: the $100 was all in quarter, and the quarters were loose in a plastic grocery bag. The bride and groom had to tediously count and role each one of those quarters and spend hours rolling them.

Another bride and groom, oddly enough, received a graduation card (wrong occasion!) with $7 placed inside.

A vengeful guest decided to send her 'best regards' to the bride and groom recently. Inside what looked to be a nice card were two pennies and a nasty note, obviously providing her 'two cents' and lack of support in the bride and groom's decision to get married. Yeesh, get over it!

And perhaps the worst of them all: A check for $50 that bounced, which caused the groom to incur bank fees that almost totaled to the amount of that $50 check. Nice wedding present, huh?

Dcor and Appliances

Dcor and appliances, to most, means kitchen appliances, nice paintings or cleaning appliances such as a nice vacuum. But this isn't always the case. One bride and groom received a pair of antlers as a wedding gift. Another couple received a pair of broken marble book ends as a gift (no, they were not broken while in the mail, they were intentionally given that way). Another bride and groom received a shower curtain with, err, male and female genitalia printed on it. The reasoning: to promote fertility.

Useful' but still Odd

One bride and groom, for what ever reason, received an obviously well used wooden walking cane as their wedding present. Another received two 12-packs of toilet paper (hey, at least it is useful) and another still received dental floss.

Here's another one that left a bride and groom scratching their heads: asparagus. The wedding guest who gave it said that it was filled with nutrients, which therefore signified that they would have a long and healthy life together if they ate it. The kicker' It was blessed by a priest.

Useless' and Still Odd
One couple received an autographed picture of Gene Simmons for their wedding day. Take note that neither the bride nor the groom are fans of KISS or Gene Simmons in any way.

Another couple who, while they do have a sense of humor, received 'fake vomit' as a wedding present. Sadly no card accompanied the vomit, so they did not know who gave this to them as a gift. No guest who attended the wedding 'fessed up to it either.

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Your Wedding Registry and Flatware Mon, 06 Dec 2010 21:08:23 +0000 galleca Wedding registries can be hard to make, especially if you're not sure what you are looking for. If you are shopping around for flatware and would like something that is better than what you currently have, here is some information that will help guide you into making he appropriate wedding flatware choice for you and your spouse-to-be.

Sterling Silver Flatware

Sterling silver came about as a result of pure silver being just too soft of a metal to really work with. Because of this, silver is mixed with a small amount of copper (usually less than 8%) so that it is strong enough to be used for day to day purposes.

When looking to purchase sterling silver flatware, or if you are going to be putting it on your registry, make sure that the item either has a 'sterling' stamp or a '925' stamp on it so that you know it is real sterling silver. Real sterling silver flatware is dishwasher safe, but you have to take care to not mix it in with any stainless steal flatware. Mixing the two in the dishwasher may cause for the two metals to cause erosion such as pits and stains in your sterling silver flatware. For this reason, many brides and grooms choose to personally hand wash their sterling silver flatware.

The downside to this flatware, though it is very attractive, is that a simple 5-piece set can easily cost $300.

Silver Plated Flatware

Silver plated flatware differs from sterling silver as it is silver plate that is chemically bonded to a base metal, such as nickel or copper, rather than mixing it. The quality does differ between different silver plated flatware. Some are rather poorly made and the silver then wears off over time. A good way of knowing that you are actually buying a quality silver plated flatware set is to opt for a set that involves having the silver plated to the nickel. Silver bonds very well with nickel, so there is a good chance that this flatware will stand the tests of time.

The benefit to this silverware is that it is also considerably less expensive than the sterling silver, costing only $100 for a 5-piece set.

Stainless Steal Flatware

This is probably the most popular choice of flatware for regular homeowners as a 5-piece place setting costs considerably less than the other two choices above at $20 a set. Stainless steel is a carbon-iron alloy. It does not stain, it does not rust easily and it does not corrode. It is possible to tarnish stainless steel, but it will either take a whole lot of abuse or a lot of time for this to happen.

If you are shopping around for stainless steel flatware, try to find some that is either 18/10 or 18/8, meaning that there is 18 percent chromium (this is the material that keeps it strong) and 8 to 10 percent nickel (nickel gives your stainless steel flatware that great shine).

Remember to always pick up the flatware before putting it on your registry or buying it for yourself. You want to make sure that it feels balanced and isn't too heavy or too light for you and your guests.

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The Wedding Registry FAQs Mon, 06 Dec 2010 20:22:10 +0000 galleca The wedding registry is not always such an easy thing. Many brides and grooms choose items that the guests roll their eyes at, and other brides and grooms feel downright guilty about even asking their guests to send them a gift on their wedding day. Here are some of the top wedding registry 'frequently asked questions' in hopes that they will answer yours, too:

Can I Return the Gift?

So someone got you a gift that is completely inappropriate and that wasn't even on your registry. Can you return it' YES. As long as there is a return slip in the package, by all means return this gift and receive a store credit or cash back. The important thing is that you write them a 'Thank You' card and mention the item that they originally purchased, and not the item that you got in its place.

Can I Ask for Money?

In most cultures, asking for money rather than a gift is a faux pas. Yes, more and more couples are moving in together and have already gathered a fair amount of items that they will need for their life together, but this doesn't mean that you can ask for guests to each send you $50. Something that can easily work is by telling a few select family members and friends that you would be 'thrilled' to receive cash tucked in a card on your wedding day. They will be your advertising team and help spread the word about you preferring cash over actual gifts on your day.

How do I Thank Someone for Money?

It can be a bit tricky to thank a guest for sending you money, even if you did request it. Rather than sit down and write 'Thanks for the $75!' you should simply say that you will use the money they gave you towards something else, such as your honeymoon or a brand new car, or even a house. The guests who have given you money will appreciate knowing that it went to a good cause.

When do I Register?

You can register any where from 6 to 12 months prior to your wedding day, though the bulk of all items that are purchased will be close to your wedding day.

How do we Accept Gifts on a Destination Wedding?

So you don't want to lug home that coffee maker and toaster. Guess what ' your guests don't want to bother bringing it out to you on your destination wedding either! Not only is the item more prone to breakage, but it is also more prone to confiscation at any border crossing and it is totally impractical. You can advise your guests to purchase items online only (meaning it will be shipped to your house) or they can even ship the gifts to your house themselves from their own home, or hand deliver the present. You can leave your mailing information on you invitation, or on an online wedding site that you have created. They will be more than happy to send it to you so you receive it when you get home from your wonderful trip.

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Gifts to Give the Bridal Party Mon, 06 Dec 2010 09:11:22 +0000 galleca They have been with you throughout this entire wedding planning process. They have made the calls, sent the emails, and helped budget your money. They have been there during your highest of highs and lowest of lows during these past several weeks, months, and maybe even years! For all maids of honor and bridesmaids out there, a gift to show your appreciation for them is certainly in order. But' what should you get?

Pay for their Stuff

One of the quickest gifts that you can give your bridal party is to simply pay for their wedding related expenses. This can be paying for their dresses, and/or paying for their accessories, or you can pay for their hair and makeup to be done on the day of the wedding. Follow it up with a personal thank you card from you and you're set.

A Meal Out

Some brides want to show their appreciation by taking their girls out for breakfast, lunch, or dinner either the day before the wedding or shortly after they return from their honeymoon. It doesn't have to be at the best restaurant in town (unless you can afford it), but it should be at a place you know they will all like and appreciate.


Chances are that you have known each person in your bridal party for a considerable amount of time. Why not make them a scrapbook that shows your life together as friends' Start paging through those old photo albums and yearbooks and bring out some of the best of the best pictures you have with one another. Your bridal party will be thrilled and will love the opportunity to sit down with you and relive those memories.

WARNING: Scrap booking can and will take up a whole lot of your time, so if you do plan on doing this, make sure you allot a fair amount of time, such as 40 or more hours, to the cause.

Robes & Comfy Clothes

A popular item that brides get for their bridal party are beautiful, terry cloth robes. What woman doesn't like to step out of the bath or shower and wrap herself in a fluffy, warm robe' You can also have these personalized with their name or a design that may be of some significance to them. Throw in a pair of comfy slippers and a wedding-related comedy DVD and you're set!


Earrings, bracelets and necklaces are always an appreciated piece by every maid of honor and bridesmaid. You need not buy something as expensive as a Tiffany's bracelet, but try to go for jewelry that is made of real metal so that it will stand the test of time. Better yet, you can present this gift to them prior to the wedding day or on the morning of and suggest that they wear it on your special day.

Coffee Lovers

Coffee lovers get a real 'kick' out of receiving new mugs and delicious coffees to try. Add a gift card to their favorite coffee joint and they will surely be appreciative.

TIP: You can also find portable coffee mugs that allow you to insert pictures and other memorable items. If you don't have time to scrapbook, this is a great alternative.

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25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Other Ideas Sat, 01 May 2010 08:43:07 +0000 admin Your 25th anniversary or “Silver Anniversary” will be one of the biggest milestones in your marriage. Just like the day you two were first married, it will never happen again. You may end up spending the big day at home, relaxing with each other, and family…or, you might be having a huge celebration hosted at a popular hotel, or other venue. Whatever you two will be doing to celebrate: You need to get each other 25th wedding anniversary gifts.

Looking for gift ideas for the big occasion? While you can find gift ideas almost anywhere, you will find a few helpful hints below related to traditional and contemporary — along with ways to help celebrate.

- Store bought 25th wedding anniversary gifts -

* Traditional 25th wedding anniversary gifts include: Gems — silver for its beautiful shine and brilliant finish, green garnets which come in both orange and green gemstones. Flowers — Irises, and roses such as Happy Anniversary, Silver Star Rose, Sterling Silvers, Silver Jubilee, etc.

* Silver, or any metallic, shiny colored gift is considered traditional. While Green Garnets, and Tsavorite gems have more of a contemporary feel to them and are popular 25th wedding anniversary gifts among modern couples. Flowers of any kind have no age or traditional boundaries — choose what you or your spouse would like.

- Here are some unconventional 25th wedding anniversary gifts -

* Put some shiny silver glitter on your cards, wrap, glassware, crystal, candle & flowers arrangements for some “silver” flare.

* Silver – key rings/keys, jewelry, photo frames, car, wallets, purses, etc.

* Put a collection of photos from your years together, including memories of vacations, children, grand children, and friends. (Perhaps have everyone involved in your life contribute letters of their happy memories)

* A poem or letter written in silver ink, on a silver anniversary card.

* A thoughtful music CD or Thumb-drive with each others favorite music past and present.

25th wedding anniversary gifts don’t have to be complicated. In fact, “it’s the thought that counts” and this saying is really prominent when you’ve spent so much time together creating memories. Buying something just for the sake of buying a gift…just won’t do.

You need to show that special someone that you appreciate what you’ve been through together, and show it in a way that really matters. Great 25th wedding anniversary gifts can be almost anything, but remember — we want to show love here.

The very best gift, to show you still love him/her is to renew your wedding vows. Not that you should just stop there…but this will put a great stamp on the occasion, and often gets your family involved in the occasion. Have a great one.

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40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts Fri, 30 Apr 2010 08:23:39 +0000 admin Lets hear it for the lucky couple who will shortly be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. The half century mark isn’t far off. However, before that, 40th wedding anniversary gifts can make for some rather tough decisions. There are traditional ways of celebrating the occasion, but we also want to help spark that special feeling that started this journey.

Ruby’s are the traditional 40th wedding anniversary gifts that are given on this occasion. Ruby’s are meant to “capture” the inner flame a couple has burning inside for one another, after all these years. The ruby theme also displays the passion still alive in the marriage. After 40 years with the same person: It’s important to mark that this is an everlasting union, built on true love and desire.

Ruby’s are a great gift and you can consider giving ruby jewels or other 40th wedding anniversary gifts, with ruby accents to that special someone–or couple.

Other ways to celebrate your 40th anniversary:

* Making a compilation of music on a CD with songs that you (or the couple) listened to when you were dating, or first joined in marriage. Also music played at the wedding, or after-wedding ceremony can be recorded in one easy to listen to CD.

* Photo albums that are full of memories are always a touching gift idea. To further that idea: Instead of only having photos of the couple…make sure the rest of the family and friends are included, to make it more of a special surprise. Touching letters written from the heart of memories and feelings–from family and friends are a gift to be cherished forever.

* Touching poems in ruby colored ink make great 40th wedding anniversary gifts. Write down thoughts that best describe the things that have happened to you and your spouse (or the couple) over the 40 years of marriage. A ruby red frame for the poem will properly mark the occasion, and make it something lasting to hold on to forever.

* Perhaps a blanket, or quilt made by the entire family for the couple to share. This makes for an excellent “group project” that everyone can enjoy. Many grandmothers will love this idea, as your family will have to commit themselves to the project; until it’s completed–making for plenty of time to spend with your loved ones.

* A ruby red jewelry, or trinket box which be bought, or made by hand is another wonderful gift. We collect many things over 40 years, so having a place to put them is important.

40th wedding anniversary gifts aren’t like birthday presents, that can just be thought of at the last minute–they really are best received when they have a special meaning, or purpose. It’s a long time to be together and well worth celebrating. The happy couple has earned the right to a special celebration–if the budget is available, consider a vacation. My grandfather actually bought my grandma a ruby red Cadillac to celebrate the occasion.

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Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts Fri, 30 Apr 2010 05:48:53 +0000 admin Your 25th wedding anniversary will be a memorable occasion. So many marriages that surround us are failing, and others are facing marital problems. Seeing a couple that have held each other tightly for 25 years is a really big deal. In our modern world, these couples stand out, as a testament: True love, with a little encouragement, compromise and understanding, will stand the test of time. It’s hard to imagine what to give a couple that has shared their love for 25 years, but take a look below at some ideas for silver wedding anniversary gifts.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples

* It isn’t called a “Silver Jubilee” for nothing. You can purchase a silver dish, with the couple’s names engraved into it: Consider putting a romantic phrase, or two from their favorite song, book, or movie.

* Perhaps a picture of the couple, within a silver-colored frame. This gift could be made more special if you can get them in a picture on their original wedding-day and frame it.

* A CD with love songs is one of my favorite ideas–in fact this is a great gift for all occasions. If you know someone, who is soon going to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, they were likely married in the mid-eighties. This makes artists like Journey, Lionel Ritchie, or Def Leppard great choices for love songs for a couple married in that era.

* Other silver wedding anniversary gifts for couples include vacations, spa days, couple-related retreats, and double gym memberships (to get in shape).

It’s important to know the couple you’re buying for–you don’t want to end up spending your money on something that will make the couple realize how little you know them. Silver wedding anniversary gifts can include matching jewelry such as rings, pendants, and watches also. It’s good to concentrate on things that will help to bring the couple even closer.

Silver Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Couples To Give Each-other

* Nothing will floors your special lady like a singing her favorite songs. Take some lessons if you’ve been told you sound terrible. A few instructional sessions can, at the very least, make you sound tolerable. This is one of those gifts where the thought counts more than the quality–so don’t over-think it.

* If you two are the kind of couple that prefers relaxation: Consider an elegant dinner, followed by a romantic night at the theater…to invigorate that passion you had before the kids were born. If you don’t like that idea: There is nothing wrong with staying in with your favorite meal, and renting a movie. You don’t need to see fireworks just because it’s your 25th, if that isn’t your collective ‘thing’.

* Jewelry is usually a pretty standard, but appreciated gift. Buy your significant other a silver ring, or other piece to show your desire to spend another 25 years with him, or her.

* You can also put together a surprise party. Perhaps consider renewing your vows… women will find this very romantic.

Picking silver wedding anniversary gifts doesn’t have to be a chore. Remember, you’re celebrating.

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Ruby Wedding Gifts Fri, 30 Apr 2010 04:42:01 +0000 admin Hey you’ve made it. 40 years of happiness and glee, along with some hurdles that have been overcome. Your “Ruby Anniversary” is something to be appreciated. You two have made it this far, look to some great ruby wedding gifts to signify your love for one another.

Whether you’re a wife, looking for special ruby wedding gifts for hubby–or a husband looking for a way to show your wife you still love her, after all these years: It’s important to spend some time deciding on the right symbol of your undying love. After all, you’ve spent at least 40 years so far.

Keep in mind:

* All wedding anniversaries are worth celebrating–every passing year that you stay together, provides an important milestone to worth recognizing. However, reaching an anniversary like your 40th (ruby) anniversary is an accomplishment to relish and honor. There are both modern, and traditional gifts for your spouse that embrace the ruby concept. Your ruby anniversary signifies the flame that is still burning in your relationship after all this time–hence the red, fiery luster of the ruby.

* Probably the most obvious gift for a 40th anniversary, is ruby jewelry. Just because it’s obvious doesn’t mean your spouse won’t see it as a wonderful and cherished gift. Whether your choice will be a bracelet, pendant, ring, or earrings–these are all wonderful gifts for a special lady. Of course, jewelry doesn’t only have to be for a wife, as a decorative watch with ruby–or a ruby tie pin for businessmen.

* Nothing says cliche like a dozen red roses, but there are few gifts that signify romance more. Their impressive red color makes them a perfect way to celebrate a ruby anniversary (And one of the best ruby wedding gifts). Remember that even though a dozen is the standard quantity–this is a 40th anniversary. Hint, hint.

* Lots of crystal companies create red crystal like wine and champagne glasses, which make make wonderful ruby wedding gifts. Other options like bowls, vases, platters and crystal office supplies are also a great idea.

* If jewelry, roses, or decorative-type gifts aren’t what your spouse would enjoy, consider getting creative with clothing ideas. Consider items such as dresses, scarves, lingerie, purses, wallets, etc for a woman. Men might enjoy: pants, pajamas, shirts, ties, and boxers are all great ideas.

Ruby wedding gifts aren’t something that all people will have the pleasure of enjoying. Remember that not every one makes it to this special occasion: Divorce, and marriages that happen later in life, mean that the 40th doesn’t come for everyone. You and your spouse are special. You need to show each other how special you are to one another.

When you set out to buy your ruby wedding gifts, don’t get hung up on having to buy something with a ruby, or ruby colored theme. Also don’t feel like you have to incorporate that theme into your gift/party ideas–your love for one another is most important.

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Finding the Right Wedding Gifts Fri, 02 Apr 2010 13:07:39 +0000 admin As stressful as planning a wedding can be for the bride and groom, it can also be quite stressful trying to pick out the right wedding gifts for the soon to be married couple. To help you choose a wedding gift that works and fits in your budget, here is a list of the top wedding gifts that people give out on this special day ahead.

Top Wedding Gift # 1-Money

While it may surprise some people, money is actually the most popular wedding gift that is given to newlyweds. While it can be deemed as impersonal it is a gift that the bride and groom will definitely appreciate and one that they can ensure they use to the fullest. For many, the peace of mind in knowing that the money will be used is much better than wondering whether that new toaster will just get stashed away in the back of a closet somewhere. Gift cards can also fall under this category as they can be used like cash to purchase something that the new couple will need and can definitely use. If you still are inclined to give something a little more personal then try pairing money or a gift card along with something like a picture frame or an accessory for the home.

Top Wedding Gift #2 – An Item Off of a Registry

The expensive items that are on a registry are usually items that the couple does not expect to receive, but ones that would truly help them to get started on the right path and make their dreams come true. If you have enough money to get the item on your own then great, but you could also find a few people to pitch in and come up with enough money to make it affordable. Either way, the couple will love what they get and you will be getting a very thankful thank you card.

Top Wedding Gift #3 – A Luxury Hotel Room

Most couples end up taking off for their honeymoon the day after their wedding, so they usually just end up sleeping at the wedding venue or at a local motel. You can opt for a great present that they will truly appreciate and pay for one night in a luxury hotel. This will ensure they can have a magical first night as a couple and will be able to start their marriage off on the right foot. Just be sure to check with their parents or wedding party to make sure that they have the time before their plane in order to enjoy the room and so that you can give your wedding gift to the happy couple early.

Top Wedding Gift #4 – A Memorable Gift that Lasts Forever

A great choice in terms of wedding gifts is something that will last forever or something that is intended to be used on a certain anniversary. This is a great way to help a couple build long lasting memories. You can opt for a vase or piece of artwork that they will cherish forever or something like a vintage wine that should only be opened on the couples’ certain anniversary.

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