Wedding Lush » Flowers Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en hourly 1 How to Choose your Wedding Flowers Tue, 07 Dec 2010 14:38:22 +0000 galleca So it's decided: you're definitely going to follow tradition and have flowers on your wedding day. Now here comes the hard part ' deciding which flowers and in what arrangement and which florist is going to put the whole thing together!

First Step: Choosing your Florist

Most of us do not have a florist that we visit regularly like we do the dentist or a family doctor. Because of this, a lot of brides have no idea which florist to choose for their wedding day. Check out some reviews online, if there are any available, and page through some wedding magazines to see if a florist in your area advertises there.

The best way to find a quality florist is word of mouth. If you know of a bride who had beautiful flowers in the past few years, ask her who she used. If you attend a church and you really enjoy the arrangements that are put together, ask your church which florist they use to do the arrangements. Strolling by and visiting a florists shop will also give you a good idea of their particular style.

Second Step: Choosing your Wedding Flowers

The best way to start the process of choosing your flowers is to look through florist magazines, wedding magazines and online and make note of what flowers you like. Cut the pictures out or print them off of your computer, and then bring the pictures in to your chosen florist. Your florist will be able to advise you of the price of the flowers, as well as what other floral combinations you can put with the flowers you choose. He or she can also tell you how many flowers you can combine with one another so that your bouquet and centerpieces will look full, yet not 'too busy'.

It is also important to consider what season it is and what flowers are easily available at that time of year. Some flowers are not available, or will only be available at an extravagant price. If you happen to want a particularly rare flower, or one that is out of season, let your florist know well in advance so that he or she can perhaps find a supplier and fulfill your dreams. Alternatively, they may be able to suggest a different flower that has a similar appearance but is far less expensive and available.

Step Three: Picking Up the Flowers

A couple of weeks prior to your big day, make sure you confirm the pick up time with your florist. You want to make sure that the flowers will be ready in time for your event, and you want to be sure that you or someone else will be able to come and pickup the flowers at the appropriate time.

Most florists also do offer a delivery service, so if you absolutely do not have the time to spare to pick up the flowers, consider spending the extra money on delivery.

TIP: If someone else is picking up the flowers, make sure they know exactly where they should be delivering them.

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The Alternative Bouquet: Crystal Bouquets Sun, 05 Dec 2010 16:12:58 +0000 galleca Not a big fan of flowers' Don't feel obligated to include them in your wedding simply because everyone else does. You can make a number of alternative bouquets yourself, one of the most popular and most beautiful being the crystal bouquet. The best part is that you can save a lot of money and make these bouquets yourself. Whether you're crafty or you lack any artistic abilities, these simple instructions will guide you to make the most unique and beautiful bouquets you have ever seen.

To start the project, you will need a few extra materials, such as:

  • Wire cutters
  • Needle-nose pliers
  • Measuring tape
  • 24-gauge silver or gold craft wire (non-tarnish)
  • 16 10-millimeter bicone or round crystal beads (top or center hold beads are fine)

Step 1: Take your 24-gauge wire and cut 16 sections of the wire to 24-inches in length with your wire cutters

Step 2: Now, take one crystal bead and thread it halfway through the 24-inch strand of wire.

TIP: If you want to really glam up your crystal bouquet, consider using Swarovski crystal beads. These are more expensive than your run of the mill crystals, but you and your guests will certainly notice the difference!

Step 3: Now take your needle nose pliers and then bend the wire so that your crystal bead is at the tip. Hold the wire that is beside your bead with your pliers and then twist the pliers so that you create a bend in the wire. Smooth the two halves of the wire and make sure that the two ends are even at the bottom.

Step 4: Hold that crystal bead with one hand and then twist the two wire halves together, right to the very tip. Your crystal should now be at the end of the twisted strand.

Step 5: Repeat the above steps 2, 3, and 4 until you have created sixteen strands. You can create less if you would like, but sixteen will create a full, beautiful bouquet for you on your wedding day. You can consider making small ones for your bridesmaids which may only involve using 10 to 12 strands.

Step 6: Take your 24-gauge wire and this time cut two 30 inch long sections. Bend each of the two wires in the middle and double them over, so you should have two halves of 15 inch sections. Now twist the wires from one end to the other, just as you did in step 3. You will want these to look like they are the stems of your crystal bouquet.

Step 7: Gather up all of your crystal stems and bundle them like a bunch of flowers. Measure the bouquet 2 inches from the bottom, and then 4 inches from the bottom. At the 2 inch measurement, wrap one of the 15 inch sections of twisted wire around the bouquet. Then wrap the next 15 inch section at the 4 inch measurement. These stems will hold your glitzy crystal bouquet together.

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Preserving your Wedding Bouquet Fri, 03 Dec 2010 16:49:50 +0000 galleca Most of us don't know how to properly store our flowers or our wedding bouquets after our special day, which means a whole lot of special wedding bouquets loaded with treasured memories are going to waste in a compost or the garbage dump. You can preserve your beautiful wedding bouquet for decades, as long as you preserve the flowers correctly. Below are some tips on how you can make sure your wedding bouquet lasts so that you can look at it and relive your wedding memories for years to come.

TIP: Right from the get go, be warned that preserving a bridal bouquet will take some time and effort on your part. If you don't have a whole lot of time, then plan to have a florist help preserve your bouquet well in advance. Depending on the flower, you have 1 to 4 days after the day of the wedding to take the right steps to ensure that your bouquet doesn't spoil, so you want to be sure that you make arrangements with your florist prior to that time.

Freeze-Dried Bouquets

Freeze-drying your bouquet is the best option, simply because your bouquet will end up looking almost as if it was just as fresh as on the day of your wedding. In this process, each element of the bouquet is taken apart and freeze dried. They are then put back together by the florist (or yourself, if you choose) so your bouquet looks just as it did on your wedding day. Expect this process to take up to 4 weeks.

Pressed Bouquet

The pressed bouquet is a bouquet that will end up behind a picture frame. For this process to work the bouquet is taken apart and the flowers are pressed. Once pressed, the flowers are again rearranged to how they were on your wedding day and they are then placed in a frame. The drawback is that your bouquet will, of course, be flattened and will not be the same as the bouquet you held in your hands at your wedding, but it will still be well preserved. Expect this method to take any where from 8 to 10 weeks.

TIP: For any professional method of preserving your bouquet, don't be too surprised if you end up with a $100 bill, or even more. The size of your bouquet, special frames, or glass enclosures can add even more expense to the process.

Preserving at Home

If you choose to dry your flowers at home, you can do this with sand, borax or silica gel. These substances are used to help draw out any moisture from the flowers so that your flowers are better preserved. Simply coat your flowers in either of the above substances and allow them enough time to dry.

Alternatively, what you can choose to do is to remove each flower from the bouquet and hang them. This method will help dry out your flowers, though it is not nearly as effective as using the method above. Make sure that you allow the flowers plenty of time to dry as they will not be able to dry over night. Allow at least 4 weeks to ensure that every last bit of moisture has been removed from the petals.

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How to Make your own Environmentally Friendly Silk Flowers Wed, 01 Dec 2010 20:49:33 +0000 galleca There are a lot of reasons why a bride may opt to not use real flowers for her wedding. For one, some people may have horrible adverse reactions to the flowers that you have (you never know just which one of your guests may break out into sneezes because of your rose centerpieces!). Other brides opt for silk flowers because they realize the environmental impact that choosing fresh flowers causes. For instance, did you know that most flowers that you buy from the store are not local' They have been flown in from South America or even Canada. Now that's a whole lot of fuel being used just to ship in some fresh flowers!

Making a silk flower isn't as difficult as you may think. You can even choose ribbon and silks that will match your wedding colors, and your guests will love the fact that the flowers are handmade. You can even give them out as a favor after your wedding!

What you'll need to make your silk flowers are:

  • Silk ribbon
  • Thick green floral wire
  • Green floral tape
  • White glue
  • Scissors

Step 1: Start off by cutting the thick floral wire to the desired height of the flower. You can find floral wire at almost every craft store, or you can also try your local florist. This wire is going to be the 'stem' of your silk flower.

Step 2: Take your white glue, and apply a very thin layer of glue to the tip of the stem. Take your silk ribbon and wrap it around that glue three times. Apply a small dab of glue at the bottom of the ribbon each time it winds around the stem so that it will be held securely. Now take the glue and add small dabs along the bottom edge of the rose center at the top of the ribbon.

Step3: Take the ribbon and fold it back so that it is behind itself. The tail of the additional ribbon should be hanging parallel to the stem. You should notice that the fold you have made has created a triangular shape. Now lift the dangling ribbon and continue wrapping that ribbon around the rose center, taking care to allow the bottom edge of the ribbon to stick to the glue that you had applied to the rose center.

Step 4: Now, continue to apply the glue along the bottom edge of your rose, again folding the ribbon behind itself. This should give the petals a spiraled look. Continue this process until your rose blossom is the size you would like for it to be. Cut the ribbon off and then glue the end of the ribbon to the side of the rose stem.

Step 5: Take your green floral tape and tape it right around the base of the rose where it attaches to the stem.

And that's all there is to it! You can create centerpieces, bouquets, and displays using this process above.

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How to Make a Single Stem Flower Bouquet Wed, 01 Dec 2010 20:34:19 +0000 galleca So you're not a huge fan of the large bouquets that also cost a large amount of money. More brides are opting to not only make their own floral bouquets, but they are going for the ultra chique single stem flower bouquets. No matter how talented (or untalented) of a florist you may be, anyone can make their very own single stem flower bouquets for themselves and their bridesmaids. You will first need a few tools:

  • A bouquet holder
  • Floral foam (or green florist tape)
  • Scissors
  • Flower stem
  • Greenery, such as green ivy or other greenery that your florist may be able to recommend
  • Baby's breath
  • Satin ribbon

Step 1: To begin, place some of your floral foam inside of the bouquet holder. You will probably have to cut the floral foam to the correct size.

TIP: You can find both of these materials at most craft stores, or you can try finding them at a florist. If you cannot find a bouquet holder, you can use green florist tape as a good substitute.

Step 2: Now take one of the flowers you have chosen and cut the stem so that it is 3 inches long. Insert the stem right into the center of your bouquet holder. Ensure that the stem is secured in the foam and that it isn't about to shake or wobble out.

TIP: If your flower happens to have thorns, like a rose, make sure you snip those off or remove them prior to creating the bouquet.

Step 3: Now it's time to take eight pieces of your chosen greenery and then cut them so that the stems are 3 inches long. You will want to make sure that the greenery is evenly placed around the flower that has been inserted into the holder.

TIP: When on the hunt for greenery, strongly consider using Gaelic Leaves or Lilly Grass as these types of greenery will not wilt or droop during the wedding. You can also try using greenery that you can find in your own backyard, such as stems from berry bushes that have small, durable leaves or you can even use herbs if you grow them in your garden.

Step 4: Now it's time for the baby's breath. Select four separate stems and place them in the holder. Try to place them so that there is one stem of baby's breath on all four sides of the flower.

Step 5: Take your satin ribbon and cut it so that it is 18 inches in length. The ribbon should match the theme of your wedding. Now tie the ribbon to the top of the holder, which will be around the base of the flowers. Create a bow that is in large loops and allow the remaining ribbon to hang and trail.

It's a good idea to make any bouquets as close to your wedding day as possible, but it isn't a good idea to leave it to the day before. The greenery tends to last longer than the flowers, so if you are using real flowers, make sure that you keep them in small container of water, or even add some water to the floral foam to extend the longevity of the flower.

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So you Want to Find a Florist for your Wedding' Sat, 27 Nov 2010 13:29:48 +0000 galleca Unless you purchase flowers regularly from a trusted florist, finding one for your wedding can be a rather trying task. Who offers the best price' Who presents the best work' Does this florist have what it takes to provide excellent bouquets, boutonnieres and centre pieces for your wedding?

The number one thing that you should be on the look out for when choosing a florist is recommendations. If a friend or a bride who has recently gotten married recommends a florist, there's a good chance that you too will be satisfied with the service. Searching for a florist online or visiting their shop is also a good way to deduce which florists you are interested in, and which are worth passing on.

When it comes to choosing the one florist you will have, you need to at least see three different florists so you can see what each of them offers. Ask to see a florist's portfolio of their previous work, and think about the following things:

  • Are the arrangements that this florist does appealing to you?
  • Will the arrangements match the theme or the vision of your wedding?
  • Are the flowers fresh flowers, or do they appear to be wilted and browning?
  • Will the florist work with your rather than try to force their own ideas upon you?
  • Is your florist listening and participating in your ideas, or do they seem disinterested?
  • Most importantly, do you feel comfortable with your florist and the work that he or she has to offer?

You should also do a bit of homework prior to seeing your florist and bring some materials along so that they get the idea of what you want. Some good suggestions are:

  • If you have found pictures of floral arrangements you love, bring them along! See if the florist will be able to emulate these with your own special twist
  • Bring a photograph of your wedding gown and the bridesmaids dresses so that the florist can find complementary colors
  • If you have already purchased vases and other containers for the flowers, bring them so that the florist has a good idea of what he or she will be working with
  • Bring a list of the different types of flowers you like and all of the arrangements you will need.

When you go to speak to the florist, make sure that you are speaking to the florist who will be creating your arrangements. That way you can both agree on exactly what both of you will do in this process and there won't be any muck ups.

When you find a florist you like, you need to start the contract process and book them. You want to start your search to find a florist a minimum of 6 months prior to your big day, and book them 4 months before. It's important that both the ceremony and reception venue are also selected before you choose a florist so that you know just how nay arrangements you will need. You will also want to make note of the other colors that may be in the ceremony and reception venue so that the colors of the flowers won't fade or clash with the room. If you don't know what color your bridesmaid's dresses are going to be, this is also an important thing to consider before booking a florist.

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Silk Wedding Bouquets Are In Sat, 01 May 2010 12:08:01 +0000 admin There has always been a natural, human need to take something that is beautiful, yet perishable…and make it last forever. Modern florists now take delight in creating beautiful roses that will last well after your children are long gone. Now, with the current advancement in material, finely crafted and real as life silk wedding bouquets are put together in such a way, you would have to actually smell and feel them to tell them apart from the real thing. In fact some are even cleverly scented like the real thing so passersby can’t tell real from fake.

Silk doesn’t just mean silk anymore either. You will find “silk wedding bouquets” that are made from cotton and polyester dyed fabrics that last virtually forever. Each portion of the bouquet is shaped and colored to mimic the real thing to perfection. There isn’t a single flower known to mankind that doesn’t have a “silk” counterpart to replace it. This means good things for nature. When it comes to endangered flowers, we can now create ones that look exactly like them, without increasing our already large footprint on mother earth. The very best quality silk wedding bouquets are produced in Asia.

Crafting silk wedding bouquets is a pain-staking process, that requires an enormous attention to detail. Discerning eyes will quickly tell the real from the fake in a single glance. Each designer has a dissected version of the flower they’re created close at hand for reference: the calyx, leaves, and stamens are all meticulously examined and copied for perfect silk wedding bouquets to be sent out to customers, every time.

Furthering advancements in molding designs are just as essential to the silk flower movement. Quite a few producers will use real petals, leaves and stems to create their prototypes. Others will use shaped and creased tin foil to make their initial templates for silk wedding bouquets. A plaster cast is then made for the brass molds that are used to form the fabric. Elaborate printing techniques are then used to inject color and enhance the natural look of the bouquet elements. One of the newest techniques is to include deliberate flaws in the silk flower to make them appear more real. With designs including missing petals, and brown edges to some petals — these clever little bouquets can fool most observers at a reasonably close distance to them.

With weddings being quite expensive. The cost of freshly picked flower bouquets can stop your wedding budget right in its tracks. Soon to be married couples are now sourcing out silk wedding bouquets, to offset their wedding expenses. Not only are they less expensive, but they can readily be used again at any time, provided they’re stored properly. In fact, real flowers may come in at triple the price of silk wedding bouquets, so not only is it more environmentally conscious, but you’re really saving a bundle in the big picture. Just think of how many flowers a typical ceremony will have?

Face it folks…silk is in.

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Wedding Bouquet Ideas Fri, 30 Apr 2010 08:34:04 +0000 admin If you, or someone you know is planning a wedding, you know that there are a mind-boggling amount of choices to be made. Among everything, you’re probably on the hunt for some wedding bouquet ideas–to compliment the atmosphere at the wedding. You need to pick just the right bridal and wedding bouquets to properly set the mood on the special day.

Bridal Bouquet Ideas

White bouquets are the traditional color for brides. They can be any kind of flower, such as white roses or even daisy’s. You can also combine certain kinds of flowers, like orchids with white roses and daisy’s. A gorgeous white ranunculus bunch make for an alternative to roses–for those of you who don’t care for them, or want to be different.

There are so many lovely color combs that can be put together, with white roses or stand alone by themselves. If you prefer violets or blue, delphiniums can be a super choice. Iris’ have a lovely blue color. If you love pastel colors (spring-time tradition) purple and pink blossomed roses might be perfect for you. Many iris’ develop as a yellow, white color also.

A group of baby breaths might add a warm touch to your arrangement. The bridal bouquet ribbon is also traditionally white, but many brides match the ribbon to the wedding colors or to their bridesmaid’s dresses also.

Wedding Bouquet Ideas

It’s important to decide what your bridesmaids are going to be carrying during the ceremony. It’s traditional when planning your wedding bouquet ideas, to take into account the atmosphere. Most times bridesmaids carry a smaller version of what the bride has. It can get expensive matching up the two, while trying to stick to a budget–so be sure not to make any decisions until you have the whole “picture” in front of you. Many floral shops need warning before making changes, and this could mean you pay for something you’re not happy with–just because you made an order before looking over all your wedding plans, including wedding bouquet ideas.

Consider adding sweet peas: These little delicate flowers come in pink, white, lavender, or really any color you can imagine. They’re great in combination with hyacinths, and have a wonderful aroma. This leaves roses for the bridal arrangement–again to save on costs.

Geraniums are a beautiful flower to consider also. This flower has lots of petals, and has a “full” look to it. Many people incorporate geraniums into their wedding bouquet ideas when in the planning process.

Additional Considerations

Centerpieces, corsages, and decorative arrangements can be suited to taste. There aren’t really many traditions surrounding these items. Many weddings on a budget incorporate fake flowers. The trick with imitation flowers is that they look great (sometimes better than real), and cost next to nothing when compared to real. As an added advantage; you can resell or reuse the fake flowers for other occasions. It’s hard to say you could do the same with real flowers, even though they smell much nicer.

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Picking out your Wedding Bouquet Fri, 09 Apr 2010 10:22:36 +0000 admin In order to make sure that you choose the very best wedding bouquet for your special day it is important to weigh all of the options and have a look at as many different ideas as possible. There is a plethora of different bouquet types that you can consider and each have their own name, meaning, and style that they can bring to a wedding.

It is very important to pick the right wedding bouquet for your special day, so be sure that you do your homework and weigh all of your options before making a final decision on what you will be holding onto while you walk down the aisle. By examining all of your options you can be sure that you end up making the right choice that suits your taste, style, and of course your budget.

No two weddings are ever the same, and that is why you should take the time to make a unique wedding bouquet that suits you and your big day.

It is very important to keep your height and size in mind when considering the right wedding bouquet as a large arrangement can look awkward if you are a petite bride and vice versa. If you are tall then you want a wedding bouquet that can balance out and if you are short then a large bouquet can take all the attention away from you. Balance is important when it comes to most aspects of a wedding, so be sure to remember that.

In the end, the final decision for bridal bouquets is based on personal preference so remember that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, be sure to keep with the overall theme of the wedding as you do not want an extravagant and over the top bouquet at a simple wedding.

A great place to start looking for wedding bouquet ideas is in wedding magazines. You can see a number of different arrangements that have been used for other weddings and get ideas of how you can incorporate your own ideas into whatever your theme may be.

To make things a little easier for you, it is important to understand that there are essentially only 3 types of wedding bouquets that you will be choosing from. They are teardrop, sheath, or a posy bouquet.

A posy bouquet is probably the simplest option and is circular in shape. A sheath bouquet is a long organization of flowers that is usually laid across your arm as you walk down the aisle. Lastly, the teardrop shape is comparable to a large bunch of grapes as it is wide on the top and slowly tapers down to a point at the bottom.

While you can find wedding bouquets that are made from silk flowers, the most popular choices are often put together with fresh flowers. Most brides believe that the look of fresh flowers is more appealing and there is no denying the calming scent that they give off as you walk down the aisle.

Whatever your final decision is when it comes to a wedding bouquet, make sure that the choice matches your taste and is exactly what you had in mind when you dreamt of your big day.

If you can’t find the right flowers for your bouquet at your local florist, you can always order flowers online to get the arrangement of your dreams.

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Wedding Centerpieces that Match your Wedding Theme Fri, 02 Apr 2010 12:48:24 +0000 admin There are a lot of things to consider and a lot of planning that goes into putting a wedding together. With the wedding dress, photography, choosing a venue, and other decisions to make it can be easy to forget all about wedding centerpieces. However, the wedding centerpieces can be one of the most time consuming aspects of planning altogether. So among all the other things you have to do, you should brainstorm on the topic early on in order to ensure all your options are available.

When you start the brainstorming process you should try to come up with ideas that will represent a certain theme and have special meaning for both the bride and the groom. It can be a lot of fun to come up with these ideas so be sure to take time to enjoy the whole process and the subsequent trip down memory lane that will follow. You can incorporate all kinds of old memories, favorite colors, and unique ideas that you and your husband come up with throughout the entire process.

Once you have come up with a reasonable theme you should consider the lighting for the venue and that is why many wedding centerpieces involved candles, bulbs, or tea lights. The theme of the centerpiece will then relate to the favors that you will be giving to your guests. With a little bit of creativity you can incorporate all sorts of favors such as photos, flowers, candles, fruit, or anything that fits in well with the chosen wedding centerpieces.

You can also play with all kinds of traditions when planning this stuff and if you want to save money you can even enlist the help of friends and make your centerpieces and favors yourself. Just make sure you don't get stuck making all of them yourself or that will simply not be worth the money that you saved.

Always remember that deciding on the design of your wedding centerpiece is only the beginning and you still need to plan out all of the dcor and things that will complement them. The centerpiece is the focal point of the table and begins the rest of the planning when it comes to your reception.

Once everything has come together and your big day begins, there are only two things that you have left to do. The first thing is to sit back and bask in all the work you have done and the second is dance with and kiss your husband all night long.

It can be exhausting trying to plan an entire wedding and make sure that everything comes together properly, but once it plays out according to plan there is nothing more rewarding in life. As long as you put the work in and make decisions that work for you, the wedding day itself will be full of amazing memories and worth all of the effort you put in.

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