Wedding Lush » Favors Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en hourly 1 Do I Really Need Wedding Favors? Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:16:03 +0000 galleca Wedding favors: do you really need them' Some of us have undoubtedly attended a wedding, only to leave the little candy favor behind, sitting on the table uneaten. Either we forget to take them, or they seem so unnecessary that we just simply leave them.

A lot of guests do expect a wedding favor of some kind, and appreciate the gesture of having a little 'gift' waiting for them as they enter the reception area. But are they really necessary?

Why they are Necessary

Guests have cleared their schedule to celebrate your special day (or longer, if you choose to have an out of town or destination wedding) so they tend to want that little gift to show your appreciation in having them there.

Guests also often want a little memento from the day, whether they is an edible favor or not. You'd be surprised by just how many guests will keep that little favor for years which will bring back fond memories of your wedding.

Similar to guests wanting to feel appreciated, many people think that they are necessary as they are a way for the bride and groom to say 'thank you' to everyone in attendance. Though most brides and grooms do make 'rounds' and try to thank everyone for coming individually, there are always those few people who they may inadvertently miss.

Another good reason for a bride and groom to use favors: it can really help tie in the theme of your wedding, or it can add another element that you just couldn't fit in any where else.

Why they are Not Necessary

Favors are expensive. In a lot of cases, the favors that brides and grooms spend their money on are simply left behind or discarded as their guests can't really find a good use for them. Edible favors are not always the answer either, as a lot of guests have different tastes and dietary needs that a particular favor may compromise.

Many brides and grooms also buy more favors than necessary, which leaves them with a whole lot of candies, candles or personally monogrammed tiny picture frames with their picture in it. Unless you have a place or a use for these extra favors, they are probably worth passing on.

The overwhelming sense when it comes to favors is that they are definitely an extra expenditure that is not always worth your money. If you are on a tight budget and don't have a whole lot of financial leeway, then definitely consider passing on them. Your guests will appreciate the full meal and good service more than a little trinket.

TIP: If you do choose to go the favor route, it's important to choose something that is either edible and is a favorite for a lot of people (such as mints, jelly beans or chocolates) or something that is useful and worthwhile to them. What you may think is cute and adorable (such as you and your fianc's face in a tiny snow globe) may be useless or trivial to your guests.

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Yummy and Delectable Wedding Favors Wed, 08 Dec 2010 11:57:14 +0000 galleca Wedding favors are a great way to tell the people in attendance at your wedding that you love, care, and appreciate them. Some of the best wedding favors that you can give are those that your guests can savor and that you can tickle their sweet tooth with. Edible favors not only can be presented in a way that looks sophisticated and ornate, but anyone, from the young to the very old, will always appreciate it.

Here are some of the best of the delicious and edible wedding favors that you may want to consider having:

Chocolate Bars

Who doesn't like a sweet, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate bar' You can contact a number of wedding favor companies and even have the wrapper of the chocolate bars customized so that it is truly a reflection of you all on your wedding day.

You can also choose from different types of chocolates, such as white, milk or dark chocolate, and you can choose to have different nuts and other things added to the chocolate as well.


What guest wouldn't like to come home with a bottle of wine from your big day' Better yet, you can make your own wine a year prior to the wedding, and give your guests your own personalized mix.

This will prove to be an issue for any children or those who are underage in attendance, so make sure that you do have other favors set aside for those who are too young to enjoy wine.

Saltwater Taffy

For those having a wedding by the seaside, saltwater taffy is a great complimentary treat to offer your guests. Saltwater taffy candies also come in a variety of different bright, fun colors, which will add all the more to the cheery and upbeat atmosphere of your wedding

TIP: To make it extra special, you can wrap up the saltwater taffy in different colored cellophane bags and then add a stick with your wedding monogram to the front. It's an inexpensive way to really set the theme and tone for your wedding!

Coffee Beans

If you have a lot of guest in attendance that love to pay regular visits to the local coffee shop, then they will be sure to absolutely love having chocolate covered coffee beans at your wedding! You can buy the beans yourself and package them in theme-inspired bags and boxes, or you can request that a wedding favor provider take care of these details for you.

Jams and Honey

For those of you who are throwing a more down-to-earth and rustic wedding, why not send your guests home with something natural and just a bit sweet' Different jams and delicious honey will be well appreciated by all in attendance.

Hometown Treats

Is your hometown renowned for making a certain type of treat' Maple syrup, special cookies and pastries, or candies from the best candy shop in town are all great ideas to not only show your guests where you are from, but to also support a local vendor.

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What Winter Wedding Favor should I Have? Wed, 08 Dec 2010 07:11:36 +0000 galleca With the cold months right around the corner, if you are a winter bride, it's time to start thinking about what winter wedding favors you would like to give to your guests. Even if your wedding doesn't have a winter theme attached to it, or if you are having a destination wedding in a hot place, it's still a fun idea to provide some of those classic comforts that winter goodies provide.


Okay, so maybe this one isn't so original. Chocolates are definitely one of the most popular wedding favors out there. You can really do a lot of creative things with chocolate however, such as have the favors shaped as snowmen, snow flakes, candy canes if you're really feeling festive, or you can choose more winter-y flavors too. Mint chocolates are always a fantastic choice.


Chestnuts are a winter-time staple. You can give these out in small little pouches, or for a real cute addition to your reception, you can hire on someone to actually warm up the chestnuts right in front of the guests. Everyone in attendance will be absolutely thrilled!

Hot Chocolate

You don't have to stick with just the plain old 'hot chocolate' flavor, either, there are a whole lot of different hot chocolate flavor mixes out there that you can choose from. A lot of wedding favor stores also offer to personalize the packets of hot chocolate for you so that it is really a special treat (oh yeah, and don't forget the marshmallows!)

Gingerbread Cookies

Nothing says 'winter time like a fresh gingerbread cookie. You can provide the guests with a pre-packed gingerbread cookie, tied with a ribbon that matches your wedding color or colors. You can also consider setting up a station where guests can actually design their own gingerbread man with frosting and different candies and sprinkles.

Ice Wine

For the more sophisticated bunch, giving mini ice wine bottles to your guests will certainly be a hit. You can personalize the bottles for them to keep as a keepsake after the ice wine has been finished. Make sure you include your name and wedding date!

Chocolate Covered Cranberries

A decadent treat that is also a bit easier on the bride and groom's wallet. If you are looking for a nice little treat for your guests to take home at the end of the night, consider cranberries covered in chocolate. It's a nice change from having just chocolate or nuts in chocolate.


A real way to draw one's senses into a festive, holiday mood is to provide candles that have those warm, winter-themed scents. You can choose from cedar, cinnamon, spiced sugar plum or orange tones. You can affix your place cards to them as well so they double up as a place card holder.


Marmalade is a comfort food that also looks fantastic on wedding reception tables. You can choose to buy the marmalade or to make it yourself. You can pack it away into cute mini jars. Make sure that you include a swatch of fabric overtop of each lid that are of your wedding colors, and tie a thin, pretty piece of ribbon or raffia around the end. Add a note thanking your guests for being there too for a nice personal touch.

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New and Neat Wedding Favor Ideas Tue, 07 Dec 2010 20:27:46 +0000 galleca So you're not a big fan of having jelly beans or chocolate covered nuts as your wedding favor. Fortunately this is your big day and you can do absolutely anything you want for your wedding! If you are looking for a few different ideas for your wedding day, here are some of the best:


Noisemakers, particularly maracas if you happen to be having a destination wedding, is a great little favor to give to your guests! You can even incorporate the noisemaker into your wedding, such as using the noisemaker to request that the bride and groom share a smooch rather than tap your glasses with your fork.


Choosing a drink coaster that matches the theme of your day is a great favor that all of your guests will love. You can choose coasters in a number of different shapes, sizes, colors, and you can even choose to have an image of both you and your groom on the coaster too!

Nicely Scented Bundles

If you love incense and other wonderful smelling things around us, then you may want to give out scented bundles to your guest. Gather a few stems of your favorite herbal incense, such as lavender, vanilla, or jasmine, and then tie them together with a bow or raffia. Place the scented bundles around each napkin. Your wedding now looks sophisticated and you have added your own special touch!

Luggage Tags

For those who are throwing a destination wedding, having personalized luggage tags is a great gift to give out. Not only is it functional, but you can also use these luggage tags as a place card.


What better way is there to thank your guests for coming to your wedding than sending them home with a book full of your favorite romantic poetry' Whether it is a more modern poet or classic Shakespearean sonnets, your guests will love this creative and special take-home gift.


Having a garden party wedding or a wedding at a beach' Why not have kites on your special day' These fun wedding favors are not only unique, but they are also appropriate for every single person in attendance. Bring back the child-like fun and games by having kites as your wedding favors.

TIP: You may be able to pick up some 'customizable' kite kits from your local craft store to really make the kites unique.

Art Tools

If you are having an art gallery wedding, why not inspire your guest's inner artistic side by offering art-inspired wedding favors' This can be as simple as including a couple of pencil crayons in your wedding colors and a small pad of paper, or you can offer charcoal, small paint pots, as well as paint brushes.

TIP: You can also include a book at every table that encourages the guests to 'draw' or paint a picture that they feel is a reflection of both you and your new husband or wife as a partner.

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How to Start your DIY Wedding Favors Project Tue, 07 Dec 2010 19:39:38 +0000 galleca One of the most tedious parts of planning the wedding for any bride is planning the favors. Well, not so much planning the favors, but more like putting them together! There is no doubt that putting the wedding favors together yourself will save you any where from a bit to a lot of money, but do-it-yourself wedding favors will also take a lot of your time.

If you are thinking about putting your own wedding favors together, there are some things that you should be considering, such as what to provide and discovering what resources are out there to help you with your project.

Enlist in Help

If you are putting together your wedding favors, now is the time to ask the maid of honor and your bridesmaids for a favor, too. This is one of the main things that your bridal party will be helping with, so definitely get their input on the favors as well as use their extra hands when putting the do-it-yourself wedding favors together.

Make the Packaging Unique

Though it will cost a bit more than just using a basic box you may have found at the dollar store, having your packaging personalized to match you, your groom, and/or the theme of the wedding will make it all the more special to your guests. If you make the packaging personalized, your guests will also keep it as a little keepsake, which is worth a whole lot more than saving a couple of cents.

Give yourself Time

Some brides look at the collection of little boxes and M&Ms that they have the day before the wedding and think, 'I can get this done in an hour'. Wrong! Do not make the dreadful mistake of leaving your wedding favors to the day, or even the week prior to the wedding. You will be so busy with many other details that the wedding favors will fall by the wayside. Not only that, but your bridal party may be too busy with their own wedding preparations to help you out.

Where do I Find Items to Do my Own Wedding Favors?

If you are looking locally, a good place to start is to visit your local craft shop, and pay a visit to your dollar-store to see what sorts of small little items and gift bags they may offer (you'll be surprised just how discount shops have cute items that will suit your taste!).

Another great place to look for wedding favor items and items to make them is online. Auction websites can be a great place to look, and you can usually find some fantastic deals on these sites. If you have a lot of guests in attendance, you will also probably receive a discount from a lot of websites if you buy over a certain quantity of wedding favor-related items. If you are looking for a wedding favor website, simply type 'wedding favors' into any search engine and you will see several results. If you know the theme of the wedding favor you would like, be sure to include that into your search request too (i.e. Las Vegas wedding favors).

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Wedding Favors for Wine Lovers Mon, 29 Nov 2010 20:47:47 +0000 galleca Whether your guests or you and you groom are wine lovers, there are a ton of fantastic little wine favors that you can put at each place setting on your special day. They can range from anywhere from $1-$20 and are always a welcomed addition into every household.

Wine Stoppers

There is a wide range of different prices for wine stoppers. If you buy plastic ones that are classy and match your theme, you will also find yourself saving about $1-$5 per wine stopper. Make sure that the plastic wine stoppers have a rubberized stopper on the bottom so that it really seals the oxygen in tightly and so the plastic won't become brittle and break easily.

You can also choose chrome glass stoppers, which can be any where from $0.50 to $10 more than a plastic wine stopper. The price is really dependent on detailing and quality, as well as the quantity that you may get in a set. A lot of wine stoppers come as 'sets', which usually is of 2 or 4 wine stoppers each. Each one may have a different design, but each should definitely compliment the theme of your wedding.

Wine Bottle Openers

Fancy wine bottle openers are a big hit at weddings, because everyone will need to use it at one time or another. A lot of wedding favor companies will allow you to choose from a number of different tops for your wine opener, though they all should feature a sturdy metal screw-shaped implement at the bottom that is long enough to penetrate any cork and pull it out of the bottle.

Wine Glass Charms

Wine charms are a cheap yet fun way to celebrate your day. These charm sets usually come in a pack of four, and a pack of four may cost $2-$3 each. You can affix each wine charm to every wine glass at the table, and advise the guests that the wine charms on each glass are their little take home gift. Some bride and grooms even go so far as to tell the guests to take the entire glass home with them, though if you do choose to do that make sure you provide enough wine glass boxes and tissue so that they can be transported home easily.


Another practical and functional gift! Why not give away sets of wine coasters at your wedding' The great part about these is that most coasters can be engraved, and several will also allow you to put a picture of both you and your bride or groom in the center. Your guests will definitely never forget your special day!


Obvious gift for the wine lovers ' give away wine! To do this on the cheap, you can actually bottle your own wine several months beforehand (though try to give it at least 6-12 months) and then give them away on your day. Add your own personalized labels to the bottle and voila! You have wine wedding favors! Making your own wine can run you about $3-$5 for a standard 750ml bottle, so it isn't the least expensive favor. This can work well for a small wedding party.

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DIY All Brides Can (and Should) Do Sun, 28 Nov 2010 16:21:44 +0000 galleca Whether you are one of the more adventurous 'do it yourself' brides out there or one who would rather leave everything to the pro's, it's still a good idea to try and do a few things yourself. Not only will taking on a few do it yourself projects help you save a ton of cash, but you will also feel even more a part of your wedding and feel more proud of the entire day.

No one's suggesting that you create your own wedding cake or create your own centerpieces, but here are a few things that a bride can do herself rather than pay insane amounts of money to hire someone else to do it:

Wedding Favors

There are so many websites out there these days that are selling specifically wedding favors. It's fun to browse through all of the options that they have, but have you noticed how much they're willing to sell a tiny Chinese take-out style box for' And that's without you having to buy the candy that's going to go inside of it!

Pass on those expensive wedding favors that people generally never use or even glance at again and get to making your very own. Buying colorful little ornate bags online or even from discount stores is a great way to start (you can buy these little bags for five-cents to fifty-cents a bag) and you can also purchase candies, chocolate almonds, mints, and a number of other sweet treats bulk from your store. You can also bake a batch of your favorite cookies and wrap it in a nice plastic cellophane wrap and tie it with a bow. Some brides are even creating their own 'spices' and giving that as a favor (you can look up the ingredients online).

Stuff that is Printed on Paper

This includes the invitations, the programs for your wedding, RSVP cards, save the date cards, and thank you cards. Where ever there is printing involved, you can do it from home. Run out to your local craft store and seek out a 'DIY' wedding kit that comes with everything that you need. You can expect to pay any where from $20-$60 per 50 sets, which is significantly less than if you were to have your invitations done at a printers.

Skip any fancy or ornate and bright prints, as this will only be taking on your ink and leave more room for error when you begin sliding the cards through your printer.

Your Makeup

A bride likes to feel pampered on her special day; everyone understands that. But in a lot of cases, a bride will hire a make up artist on boards to do her makeup, only to take it off before she walks down the aisle because the makeup job wasn't a reflection of her or something she felt comfortable with. A bride knows how to do her makeup best and she knows which areas of her face she wants and needs to highlight. Do your makeup yourself, or have a trusted friend do it for free. You'll be glad you did.

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Alternative Wedding Favor Ideas Fri, 26 Nov 2010 09:50:46 +0000 galleca Wedding favors are almost always the same: some sort of sweet treat wrapped up or boxed in a fancy package that is placed at your table. Though it is a nice little surprise, most of us expect to see the standard chocolate or mint sitting inside that pretty package. If you are a bride who wants to switch things up a bit, consider these wedding favor ideas.

Candy Apples

Candy apples are a great choice for anyone who is throwing a September, October, or November wedding! Candy apples truly set the tone for a fall wedding, and they are a sweet treat that almost anyone can enjoy. You can easily make the candy apples yourself, or you can purchase them online in fancy designs (including having special 'bride and groom'-dressed candy apples).

Personalized Spices

You can make your very own personalized spice for people to use when cooking! Though this is probably best left for the bride and/or groom who has a bit of flair for cooking, you can also look up some spice recipes and try them out online. Find one that you enjoy and that you think your friends and family will enjoy, and share your secret 'spice' recipe at your wedding!

Poker Chips

Vegas bound, anyone? Poker chips that announce the date of your wedding, state your names and perhaps include a quote or image of you and your groom together are a great option. It really goes with the 'Vegas' theme, and you can buy these little favors for a fairly good price in bulk online!

Hand Sanitizer

Hey, it may seem to be not the classiest wedding favor, but you cannot deny that it may very well be the most practical. Set out a bottle of personalized hand sanitizer in front of your guests and they will be sure to use it on the day of your wedding, and afterwards.

Luggage Tags

This is a wonderful idea for anyone who has planned a destination wedding. You just know that every single one of your guests will be affixing your special luggage tags to their suitcases for the trip home and will probably use them for years to come. A lot of companies who make wedding favors will even tailor the luggage tag to fit the theme of your wedding, so definitely ask around and see what's being offered out there.


No matter who you are, you will need to pick up a book at some point again after this wedding. This is where your special bookmark can come in handy. You can find bookmarks made of several different materials, and they come in almost any theme you would like them to be. Best part of it is that they are a fantastic choice for the budget-conscious bride.

Bottle Stoppers

Not only are these functional, but you can again have the top of the bottle stopper reflect the overall theme of your wedding. Choose a starfish bottle stopper for your Mexican wedding, or a four-leaf clover to celebrate you and your groom's heritage. Chinese symbols are also a popular choice.

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Wedding Favors to Suit your Wedding Fri, 02 Apr 2010 09:25:35 +0000 admin Many soon to be brides make the mistake of choosing their wedding favors based on their specific look or what they like specifically. The truth is that you should think of your wedding favors as being a special thank you gift to all the people that show up and support you on the most important day of your life. In a perfect world your wedding favors will become memorable tokens for your guests that they can keep and use to remember the big day after all of the excitement ends.

Many brides and their guests value wedding favors based on their cost, but there are a number of other factors that everyone should consider before making a final decision. Ask yourself these questions and you should be well on your way to choosing the perfect favors to top everything off on your wedding day.

Do your wedding favors possess the capability of being described?

Will the favors last for a long time or prove to be durable?

Do the favors have a decorative type of appeal that will ensure your guests keep them for a long time?

Will the wedding favors express your own personal taste and style?

Can they add fun to your reception, or are they useful?

It is important to know the theme of your wedding before you end up choosing your perfect wedding favors. If you do not take the time to think about and choose your favors based on the look and feel of your wedding, then they may seem out of place and not fit into the look and feel of your celebration. If you know the theme of your wedding then it will prove to be easier than ever to come up with the right accessories. For instance, if you are having a wedding that is beach themed then you can pick favors that depict sunshine and the beach such as engraved seashells or something else tropical. Bright colors work well for these themes, just to give you an idea.

It is a good idea not to judge wedding favors right away, but to simply make a list of things that you might be interested in. You can then narrow down that large list based on your budget and of course by including personal taste. Once you have a smaller list you can move on to the next step on try and get your hands on a few samples. It can be difficult to try and make a final decision if you have not seen the final product. Try arranging theses samples out in front of you on a table and then compare them side by side. If you notice immediately that a certain wedding favor makes a bigger impact on you then you may be able to make a final decision right then and there. Just be sure to take some time to make sure that you will not regret the choice that you make.

Wedding favors are a large part of your wedding day, and if you take the time to make the right choice you and your wedding guests will be pleased for years to come.

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