Wedding Lush » Cakes Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en hourly 1 Your Top Wedding Cake FAQs Wed, 08 Dec 2010 18:40:41 +0000 galleca If you have found yourself stressing out over your wedding cake, take a minute and relax! These top wedding cake FAQs have got you covered:

Q: When should I start looking for a baker?

A: If you are looking for a quality cake baker, than you should give the baker a minimum of 4 months notice prior to your wedding day. That being said, if you want one of the hottest and most renowned cake bakers in town, expect to give the baker at least 6 months notice, if not an entire year. Good bakers are booked up quickly, so move fast so you can get your top choice!

Q: Do wedding cakes survive the summer heat?

A: The best thing to do to ensure that your cake will last during an outdoor summer wedding is to choose a heavier type of frosting, like fondant. Another important factor to whether or not your cake will survive is how long it is left out prior to when it is going to be cut and served. If it is a warm day, make sure that the cake is not left out for more than 2 hours; otherwise the icing and any embellishments may begin to melt and fall off.

Q: What if I want to keep the first tier for our 1 year wedding anniversary?

A: Keeping the top tier for your first wedding anniversary shouldn't be a problem. Make sure you let your caterer know that you would like to keep the top tier, and ask that they wrap it up in plastic wrap and then place it in an airtight baggie. Once you get home, put it into an appropriate-sized Tupperware container and store it in the freezer

TIP: Do not wrap up your cake in foil as foil may not protect your cake against freezer burn.

Q: How should I display the cake at the wedding reception?

A: As a general rule, circular cakes are displayed on a round table and square or rectangular cakes are displayed on a rectangular table. The table tends to be placed right at the entrance to the reception so everyone can see your beautiful cake before it is served. The linens that are on the table should be chosen in colors and designs that will truly compliment the appearance of the cake.

Q: When do you cut the cake?

A: Traditionally, you would cut the cake near the end of the reception (this tends to be an hour or so after the dancing commences). Alternatively, you can cut the cake right at the very beginning of the reception after you make your grand entrance. The caterers can take the cake to the back and have it sliced up for dessert later in the evening.

Q: Should I serve another dessert with my cake?

A: This is really up to you. Some brides and grooms want to serve a little dessert with the cake to help dress up the cake. Others like to have alternative choices in case their guests don't like cake, or if they do happen to wait a long time after dinner to cut and serve the cake.

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The Best “Groom’s Cake” Ideas Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:50:16 +0000 admin One of the hottest trends to hit the wedding world is allowing the groom to have his own 'groom's cake'. The purpose of the cake? To celebrate the groom, of course! Most brides will admit that their wedding was for the most part, if not entirely, all about them, so having a groom's cake at the wedding is a good way to allow him to add his own personal touch to the day.

If you're stumped for ideas about what to get your groom for a cake, or you want to help him brainstorm, here are some of the best ideas for groom's cakes out there:

The Superhero Cake

If your groom loves his superheroes, go all out and have a special superhero groom's cake made just for him. The cake can either be cut out in the shape of his favorite superhero (or villain), or it can be the superhero's emblem, or you can even have a creative 3D superhero cake made for him.

Some ideas for superhero groom's cakes include:

  • The Hulk
  • Batman
  • Captain America
  • The Flash

The Sports Cake

If your groom has a favorite sport, why not celebrate that by having a cake made to resemble something of his favorite sport' Some great ideas include having a 3D cake made that looks like a baseball diamond, or a cake that is shaped like a rugby or football. You can also have the cake made to look like his favorite player of all time!

The Movie Cake

So your groom is a bit of a movie buff. Surprise him with a cake made out to reflect one of his favorite flicks of all time! Star Wars fans may appreciate a cake made to look like Darth Vader's mask or Jabba the Hut. Godfather fans may like tiered cakes, with each cake reflecting a different Godfather movie. Get creative and see what different ideas you can come up with.

The Video Game Cake

A lot of grooms absolutely love their Xbox or their PlayStation, so why not have a cake created to look like these popular game consoles' The more 'old school' gamers may appreciate a cake that is crafted to look like an Atari or an arcade video game. If you include the consoles, you can have these be different flavors or have different icing flavors, or you can have a pile of his favorite games (made out of cake, of course) sitting next to the console.

The Puzzle Lover

Whether his game is sudoku, word searches or a crossword puzzle, you can have a cake created to look like any of these games. Be extra creative and include his favorite cup of coffee, beer, or snack sitting next to the game with his trusty pencil.

The Fisherman

One of the most creative groom's cake ideas is the fisherman's tackle box. Creative cakeries will even be able to create it so that the lid or the top of the cake can be lifted up and down, just like a real tackle box. Inside the box you should have your husbands favorite goodies tucked away in there, such as a bag of chips, the TV remote, and a bottle of beer.

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How to Get the Perfect Wedding Cake Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:56:44 +0000 galleca Most of us don't regularly buy expensive cakes, so brides and grooms may feel a bit lost when it comes to trying to find the perfect wedding cake. Below are some steps you can take to ensure that you have that perfect cake on you perfect day:

Finding the Baker

Unless you regularly visit a baker that you know, love and trust, you will have to start from scratch and start your wedding cake search with a search for the best baker. There are some things you will want to look for, such as:

  • Is the baker open to your own ideas and personal taste?
  • What sort of cake will they be able to provide you with for your budget?
  • Does the baker have a website' If so, were you satisfied with what you saw?
  • Is the baker available to make and deliver a cake to you by the time it is required?

If you have researched cakes and you have some pictures of cakes you would like to have your wedding cake look similar to, certainly bring them to the baker and get their take on it Can they recreate the cake' Have they made a cake similar to this cake in the past and do they have pictures' As soon as you find the baker you would like for your wedding, make sure you book him or her ASAP!

Find your Style

The hardest part of the whole process may be trying to find a style that you like and that can fit your budget. Some things you have to consider are:

  • What are your wedding colors?
  • Does the cake need to be extravagant, or would you like it to be more simple, playful, etc.?
  • What does your reception area look like?

Discuss these ideas with your baker, and he or she will be able to draw up some sketches for you. Would you like tiers' If so, how many' Do you want a square cake, circular cake, or something completely different?

Finding your Flavor

Yes, the flavor of your wedding cake really does matter! Make sure that you try out a ton of different samples that your baker will have to offer, and a number of different fillings. You can choose from a number of flavors, including custard, ganache, fresh fruit, or even alcoholic fillings.

Icing is another important consideration when it comes to cakes. You can choose buttercream, a more smooth and creamy icing that stays soft and is easy to cut through. Fondant is a sugar-based icing that has a fine porcelain finish and acts as a great base for any decorative details that may be added to the cake.

Find your Price

Most brides would love to have a large, extravagant cake, however the budget doesn't exactly allow for a cake that may cost $50 a piece. Most cakes cost any where from $1.50 to $20 a piece, so make sure you check in with the baker about how much each cake will cost per slice. As a general rule, buttercream is less expensive than fondant, and the less detailing that goes into the cake, the less it will cost.

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Alternative to the Modern Wedding Cake & Desserts Tue, 07 Dec 2010 13:39:46 +0000 galleca As time ticks on by, wedding cakes are becoming more and more about the photo-op rather than the actual eating of the cake itself. As a matter of fact, most brides and grooms these days do not even sere the wedding cake as the only dessert for all of their guests but they instead offer alternatives such as ice cream, cheesecake, or they have a candy favor table to tempt the sweet tooth of their guests after a good meal.

Sure, having a cake cutting at your reception is a great photo-op, but if you are looking for an alternative to the wedding cake then here are some ideas that you can use.

The Wedding Pie

If you have an autumn themed wedding, then having a delicious, warm pie may be a fantastic and much appreciated change of pace. You can choose from apple cinnamon, strawberry rhubarb, pumpkin ' the list goes on and on. Better than just serving a single piece to your guest, you can have mini pies made up for each guest for about the same cost of one slice of wedding cake. More dessert, more personalized, and just the same expense. Why aren't we all choosing pie for our weddings?

Ice Cream

There are ice creameries that will actually come out to you event and even have people 'make' the ice cream right in front of the guests eyes, or put them into cones an waffle cones. Usually the ice cream is accompanied by a number of tasty toppers that can be added on top, such as coconut, nuts, sprinkles, and gummi bears. Ice cream may not be the cheapest alternative out there, but your guests will absolutely love it.


Popular across the pond, having a wide selection of puddings is a nice idea for providing a delicious dessert to your guests. You can choose any flavors you like, and perhaps even arrange them in a sequence that you feel matches both you and your partner. Try to give the puddings a funny or silly name that is a reflection of one or both of your personalities.


This is growing so quickly in popularity that it is soon to no longer be considered an 'alternative'. More brides and grooms are turning to cupcakes to be their 'wedding cake'. Why' It's less expensive, and after a giant meal, a cupcake per person is a reasonable dessert that almost everyone will finish. Most people don't finish a piece of cake after having two servings at a buffet or a 3-course meal.

Boozey Desserts

If both you and your partner absolutely love alcoholic concoctions, then you can definitely create some sort of alcoholic dessert. If you need any help, the bartender that you have hired on for your wedding may be able to assist you in creating your own special dessert mix that you guests will absolutely love! If you have children attending the party, you may want to request a non-alcoholic version, or provide little 'loot' bags of candy and other goodies to keep them occupied.

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How do I Choose a Wedding Cake? Mon, 29 Nov 2010 06:04:26 +0000 galleca Think that finding your perfect wedding cake is as perfect as finding a picture of that 'perfect cake' and handing it to a baker' Think again. There are a lot of things that you need to consider before buying a wedding cake, and even more importantly a lot of brides and grooms are completely oblivious as to what the final cost for the cake is going to be.

To make sure that you are prepared when you choose your wedding cake, here are some things that you need to consider before having your dream cake made.

When to Start Hunting for a Cake Designer

The ideal time frame in which you will begin to look for a cake designer for your wedding is 4 to 6 months. If you have a particular baker in mind that you are dying to have create for your wedding day on the day you become engaged, by all means give them a call and book them as soon as possible. Some of the more talented and best bakers out there are easily booked for a year in advance.

Check with your Venue

While it can be rare that a venue would have restrictions on who can bring in a cake, this does and will happen to some brides. In these situations, an in-house baker or an 'approved' baker must be employed by you to create the cake; otherwise you cannot have one. Alternatively, some of these venues will charge you an additional fee for using your own baker rather than one of their 'in-house' bakers.

Health Concerns

No matter who is baking your cake, what you need to find out is if the designer meets all of the criteria set by your local health department. You can ask to see their license to operate and own a baking facility. If you are going through a private friend or a private baker who does not do this professionally, ask to see their kitchen area and give it a quick inspection.


You may be used to finding those pre-made cake mixes in the grocery store that cost $1-$2 for a box, and perhaps another $1-$2 for icing. No wonder so many brides and grooms are absolutely gob smacked to find out that the cake they wanted cost well over $900! A general rule is that every slice of cake you will be providing to your guests will cost you any where from $5-$15, the price being dependent on how labor-intensive the cake is. The more detail that has to go into the design, the more costly it will be for the bride and groom. Tiers, layers, and design are all things that will affect the overall cost of the cake.

Here's something else that is generally forgotten when it comes to wedding cakes: getting it to the venue. Most bakers absolutely insist that they will be the ones to deliver the cake themselves. They created this masterpiece and they want to ensure it reaches its final destination unscathed. Expect to be paying a delivery fee and also their gas mileage both to and from the reception venue.

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Off-The-Wall Wedding Cake Ideas Sat, 27 Nov 2010 12:10:45 +0000 galleca That statuesque white cake. The ornate floral design. The same old swirl pattern you have seen on the last 20 wedding cakes at every wedding and in every bakery window. Let's get real here: a lot of wedding cakes look the same, are the same, and really could have just been transported from one wedding to the next. Unless you are a 'traditional' bride, you may be seeking some alternative wedding cake ideas that will truly set you apart from the rest.

If this is the case, then you have come to the right place.


Who says that a wedding cake has to be white' If you have a particular color or colors and a theme to go along with your wedding, have your wedding cake reflect that! The wedding cake can be bright purple with a pink trim or teal with silver accents. What ever your wedding colors are, make that the wedding cake to truly set yours apart from the rest.

Ice Cream Cake

Having an ice cream cake for a wedding cake is a new and different idea, and unfortunately not always possible depending on the venue. You will need a lot of ice cream cake, so much so that it may cost more than having a normal cake baked for you. But if your venue can accommodate a lot of ice cream cake and if you can afford it, then definitely go for an ice cream wedding cake. These are particularly wonderful during a winter-themed wedding when it is already cold outside.


This is a new trend that is catching on fast! Cupcakes are becoming all the rage when it comes to wedding cakes, and for good reason. Each guest will have his or her very own tiny cupcake to enjoy as dessert, it's cute, and cupcakes look great! You can even bake the cupcakes yourself and put the icing on so it matches our wedding colors or theme. Now that's an inexpensive wedding cake!

Random Tiers

Most multi-layer wedding cakes involve tiers that are placed in a sequence from the largest at the bottom to the smallest cake at the top. Why not switch that up' Though the largest cake may always have to be at the bottom of the tier to help 'anchor' the cake, all of the other layers can be distributed in such a way that the cake appears to be off the wall and uneven.

Different Toppers

Most wedding cakes are topped with a tiny bride and groom. This doesn't have to be you. If you and your partner have something else that better demonstrates your relationship that will fit on the top of the cake, try adding it on! Popular choices include toys, action figures, Chinese figures, and even a picture of the two of you together.

Don't have a Cake at All

The most alternative of wedding ideas is to not have a cake at all. A lot of brides nowadays are looking at it as an unnecessary extra expense. Who eats that cake anyways' If this sounds like you and if you have no dreams to have some sort of a cake cutting ceremony, then by all means pocket the hundreds of dollars and spend them elsewhere.

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How to Choose a Wedding Cake Sat, 27 Nov 2010 10:24:05 +0000 galleca If you're thinking about your wedding cake and don't have any idea what to do, then you have come to the right place. With so many choices available to you these days, it can be hard to decide just which cake is best! Here are some of the best of the best wedding cakes that brides are choosing this year.

The Traditional Tiered Cake

A tiered wedding cake can be any where from 2 to 3 tiers, though most couples opt for only two or three tiers. These traditional wedding cakes are a good choice as they fit in with almost any wedding. Almost any flavor can be accommodated, and you can choose a number of different colors and icing styles that will match the tone and mood of your wedding.

The problem that a lot of modern brides have with this kind of cake that it may be just a bit too traditional. If you're looking for something completely unique and special, then you may want to consider a different type of wedding cake.

Cupcake Wedding Cake

A wedding cake made up of tiny cupcakes is becoming an increasingly popular choice of wedding cake. Not only is it cute and unique, but every guest can have their very own piece of cake! You can even make different cupcakes in different flavors to tailor to the tastes. Each little wedding cake can be personalized with the monogram that you and your partner choose, or you can also place tiny cake toppers and cupcake gems on top of them as well.

The drawback to the cupcake wedding cake is that you cannot actually have a true cake cutting ceremony. If you are going for that ultra traditional wedding and want this to be a part of your reception, then stick with a more traditional form of cake.

Cultural Cakes

A lot of cultures have their very own type of cake that would be appreciated by the family you invite along. There is the Jamaican rum cake for those from the Caribbean, Mexican fruit cakes, Russian tea cakes and a number of other cakes that will help add that cultural element to your wedding.

The only drawback is that if the cake may be a bit outlandish and you have a lot of people attending who are not of your culture, they may not enjoy the cake.

Ice Cream Cakes

Try a new idea and purchase an ice cream cake for your wedding! Most guests appreciate having a nice cool treat after a filling warm meal. You can have ice cream cakes designed in almost any form now and include a number of different fillings. A lot of cakeries now specialize in making special ice cream cakes for special occasions, such as weddings.

Before you run out and buy an ice cream cake, make sure that the reception venue has enough freezer space to hold the cake. You will also have to ensure that the cake is served quickly once it is taken out of the freezer so that it isn't melted by the time your guests have a chance to enjoy it.

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Modern Wedding Cakes Sat, 01 May 2010 11:57:19 +0000 admin If you’re planning to be married in a contemporary ceremony that is put together by your design, why would you imagine settling for a throw-back wedding cake that is steeped in tradition and has nothing to do with your style? These days many couples are interested in buying modern wedding cakes that compliment their individual personalities and combine them together perfectly. While most cake shops are on board with the modern way of thinking; you may still have to search around to find the right match for your wedding day ceremony.

So, we know that we want modern wedding cakes that suit our style…what next? If you two want something healthy at your wedding, you will want to book well in advance. Of course, cake, by nature isn’t a healthy food — nor is it intended to be, but if you want carrot, or real non-preserved fruit in amongst the sugary goodness, shelf life concerns become an issue. Even when you’re talking about velvet, and chocolate modern wedding cakes, the more organic the ingredients — the less time it can sit on a shelf without going rotten. This ultimately means you may end up paying slightly more at a bakery, as they have to schedule such orders in a specific time line to avoid atrocities like mold from taking over your cake.

It is best to know the theme of your wedding before ordering, as the wedding cake quite often is designed to suit the theme and/or surroundings that will be found at your ceremony and reception. Also you need to consider whether you and your guests prefer a deep decadent chocolate, or a sweet sugary white frosting.

Modern means doing what you want and scoffing at tradition. Make the cake shaped as your astrological sign, or your favorite animal, or car, celebrity. The sky is the limit with modern wedding cakes, as they have no rules you need to follow. Think outside the box by using edible inks to write a small story, poem, or decorate in Chinese philosophical writings. Keep in mind, cake designers have amazing, diverse tools to do their work with, and many of them are true artists. You will find some modern wedding cakes that have unimaginable 3D pictures made from all edible food products.

While butter cream frosting is indeed delectable, you can find many modern varieties that include chai frosting, coffee frosting, champagne frosting, and even various “hot” spices to compliment your cake. So even though “traditional” wedding cakes are “sweet”…”modern wedding cakes” can be “spicy.” We are trying to bring a whole new concept to wedding cakes after all — don’t be afraid to toss convention aside and burn the roof of all your attendees mouths…it will truly be a memory that will last forever.

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Cheap Wedding Cakes Don’t Have To Taste Bad Sat, 01 May 2010 08:38:13 +0000 admin There is no way of getting past buying your wedding cake. There are a lot of things that can be subtracted from your wedding festivities, or be done much more cheaply. Most people scoff at the idea of cheap wedding cakes, but truly there is nothing wrong with saving a few dollars. Why someone sees the need to spend extra money on a wedding cake is the same sort of justification used for buying designer clothing–it’s all about the brands. There are a lot of ways you can take advantage of to find cheap wedding cakes for your big day. Lets take a look at a few of them today.

5 Tips to Find Inexpensive Wedding Cakes

1. Check your local area bakeries to see if they have any current offerings for specials or discounts for cheap wedding cakes. If they do, see what sort of options they have available and if you think they can give you a good deal or not. Don’t buy into the first deal that’s offered to you. Shop around, and see what other bakeries have to say; you might just get a surprise of a lifetime.

2. As an alternative to dealing with the store-front bakeries or cake stores in town, instead look around for people who specialize in baking wedding cakes, who work out of their home. These people can easily make you an equally impressive cake, often at half the price of the store bakers. Keep in mind also, that many home bakers are, or were professionals and work from home to supplement their income. Therefore, they know how to make cheap wedding cakes, and price them to attract your patronage.

3. Use the K.I.S.S. (keep it simple silly) principal in your cheap wedding cakes design. It need not be expensive to look fancy. Nor does a cheap cake have to look like something you just pulled out of the freezer. So many people attach dollar signs to value, when in actually, it all comes down to the details. Get rid of any fancy decorations that may cost an “arm and a leg” more, but not really add much to the look of the cake in the end result.

4. Next lets talk about the icing you’re going to use on the cake: Some people opt for fancy fondant and marzipan icings. I don’t know about you, but I rather like the taste and texture of a delicious butter cream. Why people obsess over something that really tastes much worse is beyond me. Some how these fancy icings became popular, and more traditional tasty icings found their way to the curb with many people. Instead of marzipan or fondant icing, go with the cheaper, yet still very tasty, butter cream icing. Cheap wedding cakes often taste way better.

5. Lastly, turn to a friend, or relative who has a talent for baking to get yourself cheap wedding cakes. Believe it or not, some people will not offer their skills unless you ask (ever met anyone like that?). You merely have to ask around, and you may find a friend, or a friend of a friend, etc. That is perfectly willing to make your life easier, and your wedding cheaper.

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Making the Most of your Wedding with the Best Wedding Cake Thu, 01 Apr 2010 07:17:31 +0000 admin So the excitement of all your wedding planning is starting to wind down, your wedding dress has been chosen, you have booked the perfect wedding venue, your bridesmaids are ready to go, but have you had a spare moment at all to think about your wedding cake?

While the wedding cake may be an afterthought for you, it is something that will signify your wedding day and be a memory for everyone involved for years to come. Whether it be in pictures, videos, or simply in memory, choosing the right wedding cake can have a major impact on the biggest and most exciting day of your life. Picking out and even tasting your cake is a once in a lifetime moment, and you should definitely treasure every second of it. Your wedding day will pass quickly and it will be over before you know it, so make sure you take the time to finalize all the details in order to enjoy it as much as you can.

While picking out the perfect wedding cake isn't necessarily as easy as tying your shoes, the entire experience on the whole can be fun and entertaining if you go about it the right way. The first thing you need to do is figure out which type of wedding cake you would be happy with. Do you want the traditional tiered cake that comes with a bride and groom on top, or do you want a more modern concept that will be fun and show that some unique thought was put into the process? In many cases the best thing to choose is the happy medium, a traditional cake that comes with just a bit of flair and excitement.

What many brides are happy to discover is the fact that they can modify the flavors that are used in their cake and can choose from walnut, vanilla sponge, chocolate, coffee cake, or even one that is low calorie to keep guests happy. Better yet, you can mix things up and have a different flavor for each tier in order to keep each guest happy. You can also switch up the size of the cake depending on how many guests are going to be arriving and then customize the icing and the decorations that will make your cake look just as delicious and enticing as it actually is.

If you are serious about finding the right wedding cake then you should take the extra time to make it personal and customize it as much as possible. Find the perfect baker and the right designer and you will be ready to add the finishing touch to your wedding day. If you need help, be willing to turn to friends and family, especially ones that have been through the entire process already.

Finding the right wedding cake will prove to be a lot easier than you imagine as long as you come up with a general idea and style a cake to meet your specific needs, style, and budget.

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