Wedding Lush » Budget and Basics Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en hourly 1 When your Parents Disapprove of your Fianc Wed, 08 Dec 2010 18:39:29 +0000 galleca There can be nothing more troubling than when your own parents don't approve of the person who you have chosen to be 'the one'. Before you become upset and go on the defense, try to diffuse and sort out the situation.

Start off by trying to see your partner through their eyes. To many of us, the one we love can do no wrong (or almost no wrong). They seem perfect in every way! You love the same jokes, you enjoy the same movies, and you have the same points of view on many aspects of life. Sit down with your family and ask them exactly why they disapprove of your mate. Their reasoning will either reveal:

  • A misunderstanding: perhaps they misunderstood something about your mate, and you will be able to clear the air and set it straight
  • His or her shortcomings that they have seen but you perhaps haven't noticed or realized yet

It's important to take a look at these shortcomings and then decide if these are things that are even an issue with you, and if they are how you will be able to work through these in the future. Should something be brought up that you are not sure you are going to be able to handle, don't immediately call off your wedding. Sit down with your partner and talk it out.

TIP: It's important to also not harp on the things that may be said by your parents. Not everything is meant to be taken at face value. Parents may blurt out hurtful things that are not a true reflection of their feelings.

Another important step in dealing with parents who may not approve your mate is to be sure that you pay them extra attention and give them extra love. It's quite possible that your parents are only disapproving of your mate because they see it as your fianc 'taking you away' from them. Remind them that they are irreplaceable and that your fianc is going to be a great new addition at the table each Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Here's another tip that will save you a lot of heart ache: don't delay in confronting the issue. Once your parents say they disapprove, or once you hear through the grapevine that they do not approve of your mate, have a conversation. Ask them why they do not think your fianc is right for you. It may very well be that they simply pictured you with 'someone else', like a doctor or a lawyer or who knows who. The longer you allow you avoid this uncomfortable conversation, the worse the situation can be. The faster you dispel any myths about your mate, the faster you will be able to change an opinion before it perhaps becomes, to them, a fact.

Above all else, it's important that you stand by your fianc. You chose to spend the rest of your life with them for a reason. Don't let your mother, your father, or any other friend or relative sway you from the most important choice you will make in your entire life: who is to be your husband (or wife).

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Top Wedding Gripes your Guests will Have Wed, 08 Dec 2010 18:30:38 +0000 galleca Everyone will tell you that you have the most beautiful wedding, but behind the backs of many brides and grooms there are a lot of murmurings going on about what was done well and what was not done so well. Here are some guest 'tell all's' about what they hated about the weddings they have gone to recently.

Travel Time

Guests may tell you that they love your reception venue, but trust us, when they have to drive well over an hour to get there from the ceremony venue, they certainly aren't thinking about how 'lovely' it is. One of the top complaints from guests is the bride and groom having a reception that is miles and miles away from the wedding ceremony, and when the bride and groom don't bother to arrange transportation for everyone.

Time Lapse

Somewhat similar to the above complaint, many guests absolutely hate it when there is a long lapse between the ceremony and the reception unless the bride and groom are providing snacks and cocktails to their guests. If you are making your guests wait more than an hour or two between the ceremony and reception, and you are not providing food and drinks, you can expect to hear some griping after your wedding day.

Camera Time

If you have hired a videographer for your wedding, you may want to give him or her a heads up on who will probably want to be on camera, and who won't. All too many guests are bothered by the intrusive videographer who shoves his or her camera into the faces of guests and asks them if they have 'anything to say' to the bride and groom. Not only is this done during meal times or when a guest may have had 'one too many', but the guest also feels put on the spot and often is lost for words.

Inappropriate Songs

The bride and the groom have every right to choose songs for their wedding day, but just be prepared for some backlash from your guests. Modern songs, or songs with inappropriate lyrics, will be frowned upon by many people in attendance'? So before you put 'Baby Got Back' on your music list, take a moment to reconsider and think about how many people will see you, and everyone else, shaking their behinds to the music.

The Buffet

Who doesn't like options, right' Apparently some people don't! A lot of people go to a wedding expecting a classy sit-down meal, so when they find out that it is a buffet they feel it isn't 'classy' or 'sophisticated'. Some men and women are also shy about people seeing what they have selected to eat, or how large of a portion they may choose. Others are shy about going up for second or third helpings, so they will undoubtedly complain about that.

So guests will complain, guests will gripe, but they'll never tell it to your face. But hey, you only get married once, right' Make sure that you make the day your own and without any regrets!

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The Worst Wedding Nightmares Wed, 08 Dec 2010 18:26:04 +0000 galleca Afraid that your Uncle Bob or your little nephew Tommy may turn your day of wedded bliss into a nightmare' It can happen! Count your lucky stars that none of these wedding nightmares happen to you.

Too Much Booze'

Weddings are a time where the alcohol is usually flowing freely, which may bring out the more colorful and less desirable side of your otherwise wonderful family and friends. The alcohol was to blame when a San Franciscan bride had her sister and her aunt both decide that table top dancing would be a 'good idea'. One of them fell off, while the other toppled the table over on top of herself. The paramedics sure didn't find it hilarious, and neither did the bride.

Here's another common horror story from weddings: the 'under-agers' get their hands on some alcohol when no one's looking. A Colorado bride reported that her 14 year old nephew clearly had gotten into the liquor at the party and then proceeded to dance and strip in the middle of the dance floor. Worst of all, it was all caught on tape.

Every wedding has a toasting session, most of which all toasts are politely listened to, laughed with, and applauded at the end. Well, not for this one Vancouver family. While giving a toast, the groom's mother rudely had the microphone yanked away by the bride's mother. The bride's mother then proceeded to berate the groom's family, telling them that they were all 'going to hell'.

The Wedding Crashers

Anyone ever wondered if their ex had lingering feelings for them, or were upset to hear about their engagement' This one bride from Sydney found out the hard way. As the bride began to walk down the aisle, a 'strange man' flew out from behind her, bragged her from around the waist, and began to plead, 'Don't do this!' The bride and her family quickly recognized the fellow to be her ex boyfriend. He was escorted to the door and told never to return.

Another wedding crasher story that definitely haunts the memories of this bride and groom was the stripper crasher. In the middle of the first dance, a strange man broke in between the bride and groom, pushed them to the side, and proceeded to strip down to nothing in front of the wedding guests. When the song ended, he gathered up his clothing and bolted out of the room. To this day, no one at the wedding knows who he was!


Brides and grooms get some rather odd requests on the RSVPs that they receive. The most common oddity is the special diet requests that they receive. A lot of guests request vegetarian meals or vegan meals, but other guests have also requested meals that follow the Atkin's diet, macrobiotic plans, and they have even asked how many 'points' this meal will count towards their Jenny Craig meal plan!

Another odd request: the pet. Some guests seem to just immediately assume that their guests are invited. A bride and groom from Essex thought that the groom's aunt was joking about bringing her dog as a 'guest' to the wedding; they found out 9 months later that she wasn't kidding when they found the dog sitting on a chair at the dinner table.

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The Biggest Wedding Color Mistakes Wed, 08 Dec 2010 15:54:52 +0000 galleca You have dreamt about it, known about it, and planned it out right up to this very day. You think you know what colors you want for your wedding, but once you begin putting the plans into motion, you are beginning to have your doubts. For a lot of us brides and grooms, choosing appropriate wedding colors and wedding color combinations is no easy task. If you're looking to avoid some of the most common and worst wedding color mistakes out there, read on:

Using Too Many Colors

One of the most common errors that brides and grooms make when choosing wedding colors is that they just choose too darn many of them! Having a rainbow of different colors and shades at your wedding will only cheapen the feel and confuse your guests. Simplicity is key when it comes to wedding colors, so stick to four colors, maximum. If you want a more under toned appearance, then you can choose for a few various shades of the same color, but make sure that the different shades are only slightly different.

The most popular way to incorporate colors into your wedding day is to stick with two different colors, both being symbolic of you and your partner. This is a particularly attractive look for anyone who is going for that bolder, monochromatic look. A deep purple with a cream tone, or a bright turquoise with black, are two popular choices.

The Trend is Not Always Right

Every year there are brand new trendy color combinations out there for brides to choose from, but don't let a trend dictate how your wedding day is going to appear. Make sure that you choose colors that suit your own tastes. Think about colors that make you happy, that hold any symbolic meaning, and that make you feel relaxed. Look around at your surroundings and think about what colors are in your favorite room, or what shades and tones you find in your favorite places.

Balance your Tones

When choosing your wedding colors, you have to think about creating an appropriate balance between the colors. For example, having two bright and bold colors as your wedding colors will probably be too overwhelming and 'busy' for your guests, while choosing white with a pale pink and a pale lavender will be far too understated to make any impact on your guests. Make sure you create a balance between a bold color and a lighter, understated color. The goal should be to really annunciate your favorite color, and provide a secondary color to compliment the color, but not overwhelm or challenge it for attention.

Don't be Predictable

So you're having a wedding during the holiday season. That doesn't mean that your dcor has to be green, red and white. Same goes for fall weddings ' who says you need to have earth tones' Try to keep your guests on your goes by choosing different color combinations and be creative!

The most important thing to remember is that you choose colors that both you and your groom love. Remember, these colors will forever be captured in your wedding photos and videos, so choose wisely and choose colors you know you won't regret.

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How to WOW your Wedding Guests Wed, 08 Dec 2010 14:18:03 +0000 galleca Chances are that most people who are going to be in attendance on your wedding day have been to their fair share of weddings. If you are looking to really WOW your guests, here are some things you can think about.

The Venue

Your reception venue is the first and best pace where you can start to try and surprise your guests. Choosing a reception that has a fantastic view of the ocean, or a valley, or a winery is a good place to start. Everyone enjoys a reception that is taking place at a gorgeous location!

Choosing a different sort of reception venue may also add that 'wow' factor that you have been looking for. Museums, galleries, farms, or even having your reception by the lake or by the ocean are all great choices. The best part of all is that you probably don't need a whole lot of extra dcor if you choose to host your reception at these venues.

The Dress

You can either choose a completely different style and color for your wedding dress, or you can slip into a different dress at you reception. More brides are buying second 'wedding dresses' that are more cocktail style and that have color and a fun flair to them so that they can dance the night away in comfort and style.

The Show

Your guests will love to be entertained by appropriately-themed dancers or artists on your wedding day. If you're having a beach or Caribbean style wedding, add some steel tin drummers or flamenco dancers. Those of a Celtic heritage can include some Irish dancers to showcase their heritage. What ever it is that will suit your wedding or your culture, it will be a big hit on your wedding day.

The First Dance

One of the most fun ways to really stun your guests, particularly the older crowd, is to change up you first dance. Cue the music, and it may be a soft, slow and romantic song ' at first. Five or ten seconds later, change it up to a fast paced exciting song that will surely get your guests moving!

The Drinks

A lot of couples may be creating their signature cocktails, but not all too many are setting up their very own wine tasting. If you have a love of wine and you want to share that with your guests, why not set up a wine tasting for them all during your cocktail hour?

The Dessert

Everyone loves wedding cake, but they love a dessert station even better. Check out a local dessert shop and see if they would be able to have someone come in to help custom make some sort of dessert for your guest. Cookies, cakes, and sundaes are all top choices and they often do offer catering.

The Fireworks

What better way to close up a night of wedded bliss than fireworks' Alternatively you can choose to use a confetti canon as a less expensive alternative.

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How to Cut Costs on your Wedding Day Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:51:14 +0000 galleca Weddings are very easy to go over the budget on. With so many choices and options, expectations and wants, it can be incredibly easy to get tied up in contracts that were no where close to your original budget! If you're wondering where you can try to cut costs on your wedding, take a look at these cost cutting tips below:

Food & Beverages

Who says you need to have a full blown 3, 5, or 7 course meal' Appetizers and cocktail hours are becoming all the rage as the cost of hosting a wedding climbs higher and higher

Rather than serve a full bar, stick with wine, beer, and maybe include a special signature cocktail to add some personal flair. You can save even more money on the beer and wine if you make it your own and are able to serve it at your wedding!

You don't need a champagne toast. The wine and the beer that is on the table is enough for your guests.

Skip the elegant extravagant foods and stick with the comfort foods, like barbeque chicken, pastas like lasagnas and mac 'n cheese, and sides like mashed potatoes and corn.


The best way to save tons of money on your reception: have an off-season wedding! You'll not only save a lot of money on the reception venue, but on the catering, the flowers, the dcor, and more!

Another money saving tip: don't have a Saturday wedding. Opt for a Friday afternoon or Sunday wedding instead.

Try to host your ceremony and reception at the same location. This will not only cut down on travel time and travel costs, but it will also cut down on the 'by the hour' price you are paying your vendors.

Have larger tables (if possible) at you reception. This will help cut down on linen costs and centerpiece costs.

Most importantly: slash the guest list. You may feel momentarily guilty about cutting out that friend you know but haven't spoken to in 5 years, but when it comes to costs, this is the first and best way to cut down on the expenses.


The best way to save money on flowers: don't have flowers! You can choose from a lot of alternatives and save bundles.

If you insist on having flowers, try to choose flowers that are going to be in season and that are popular. Out of season flowers will be extremely expensive, and most guests don't notice the difference between some tropical flower and a rose. Both are appealing and will impress your guests.

Another way to cut down on flower costs: have less flowers. Add more greenery to centerpieces and bouquets.


The best trick to saving money on a wedding cake is to order a wedding cake that is 1 to 2-tiers. Purchase a large sheet cake that is of the same flavor of your wedding cake, hide it in the back, and serve that to your guests. They will never know the difference!

The simpler the wedding cake, the less expensive it will be, so stick to simple add-ons and try to use fresh flowers rather than sugar flowers.

Using more conventional fillings and flavors for your cake will also cut down on the costs, so skip any sort of exotic fruity fillings like mango.

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How can Bridesmaids Help the Bride? Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:33:30 +0000 galleca You have had the honor of being asked to be a bridesmaid for one of your good friends' wedding, an honor that not many others will be able to share on this wonderful day. Bridesmaids know they will be front and center with the bride on that day, but how else can a bridesmaid help the bride so that the bride's wedding day turns out to be exactly how she has always envisioned it?


A great way to take initiative is to ask the bride when she wants the wedding invitations to be ready. Once you find out the date, corral the other bridesmaids and arrange for a time when you can all come over and address and stuff envelopes together. Bring some wine, tasty treats, and turn up the music. You can easily turn a tedious and monotonous chore into a party!

Wedding Favors and Centerpieces

Something that almost all bridesmaids are expected to help with are the wedding favors. Brides will also appreciate it if a bridesmaid steps in and helps to make some simple centerpieces, or escort or placement cards for the reception.


Your friend is sure to get the 'pre-wedding' jitters or anxiety attacks before the big day, so it's your job to keep her distracted enough so that these do not become a serious problem! Take her out dancing, to the pub to talk, take her to the movies, or simply hang out at home and talk about anything but her wedding.

Keep her Cup Full

During the reception, get to know what the bride is drinking and make sure that her glass is always nice and full. Though everyone else may be making it to the open bar, with so many distractions it's less than likely that your bride will ever arrive at the bar. Arrange for yourself or someone else to bring her drinks.

Take Care of Business After Hours

Once the party is coming to a close, most guests, and even bridesmaids and groomsmen, completely disappear from the scene. This means that the bride and groom are left having to take care and oversee everything until the wee hours of the morning. Being there with them to make sure that the top tier of their cake is packed up and ready to go, that the cake topper is removed, and that great Aunt Sheila made it to her car alright after the ceremony will mean the world to an already busy bride and groom.

For the Honeymoon

Though every bridesmaid sure would rather be going on the honeymoon than pack for one she isn't attending, you can help pack a little bag for the bride that will be filled with essentials she may have forgotten, such as sun tan lotion, sunglasses, moisturizer, lip gloss, a camera, and deodorant. Even the most organized of brides regularly forget to bring things along on their honeymoon as they have spent every bit of their attention solely on the wedding day.

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Fun and Different Wedding Guest Book Ideas Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:24:51 +0000 galleca Tired of the boring old guest book with a pen routine' Then try some of these fun and different guest book ideas for your own wedding!

Making Pictures

The best way to do this is to appoint someone who is part of your wedding party to be in charge of the guest book, such as an usher. Have the guest book 'manager' come around to each guest and ask them to draw pictures which, to them, reminds them of the newly weds. Try to have the 'manager' come around to the better friends of the bride and groom. The other guests will be sure to follow suit.


What better way is there to remember your relationship with your guests than to ask them to bring in their favorite picture of you and them together' Have each guest bring in a photo and ask them to paste it into your guest book. Below the picture, they can describe the scene, or any fond (or funny) memory that they have of you both together. After the wedding is over, you and your new husband or wife will love looking through the snapshots.

Go Polaroid

The best way to remember your time with your guests at your wedding is to remember them in the moment. Grab a Polaroid camera and take it along to each table as you welcome and thank guests for coming to your wedding. The pictures are ready in an instant, so you and your guest can paste it into the guest book and write a caption below it together.

The Guest Book Tree

This one is really simple for any bride and groom to prepare. Find some bare branches outside, arrange them in a tall vase so that it resembles a bare tree, and create little tags for each guest. Your guests can write a little message on each tag, and then place it on the guest book 'tree'. Not only is it a fun idea, but it will also look fantastic in your reception hall.

Create Tradition

Why not be the start of a family heirloom' Buy a large guest book with a lot of pages (we're talking far more than you will need for your wedding). If you plan on having children, when they each get married you can then have them use the very same guest book for their wedding day. It's an easy way to trace your family weddings back through the generations.

The Video Guest Book

What more fun (or regretful) way of having a guest book is there than having it all live on video' A professional videographer is not required; you can ask a groomsman and a bridesmaid to be in charge of the project. You can expect laughter and tears mixed in with drunken, hilarious messages that you and your partner can look back on after the honeymoon is over.

TIP: Offer an alternative of a real guest book still for those who may be a bit more shy, yet who still want to give you their heart felt congratulations.

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Dealing with Cold Feet Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:10:01 +0000 galleca It's not a rare thing for a bride or groom to get a case of 'cold feet' as their wedding day grows nearer. The amount of stress that you are both going through at this time is certainly no easy feat, and can cause for brides and grooms to bicker, fight, and perhaps reconsider this whole 'marriage' thing.

Relax, take a deep breath, and feel reassured. Here are some of the most popular reasons why you should not call off your wedding:

They're Getting on your Last Nerve

They don't listen, they don't clean up after themselves, they leave the washroom floor wet after a shower. Oh, and the way that they sneeze and snore ' you can't take it any more! These little pet peeves are all part of adjusting to someone who is in your personal space. Not only that, but the stress of planning a wedding is bound to make both couples more irritable than usual, so take a deep breath, talk it out, and try to keep things in perspective.

The Dreaded Ex

You suddenly have been thinking of your ex a lot, or maybe your ex has made an attempt to contact you after he or she has heard about your recent engagement. Ex's can haunt you and mess with your mind like no other. As you grow increasingly stressed and perhaps annoyed with your fianc, you may be seeking a getaway, which may lead you to reconsider your ex as your potential future mate.

Take a time out and get away for a weekend or an evening with your fianc. Get a hotel room for a night and reconnect. This will remind you just why you have chosen your fianc to be your future mate and not your ex (don't forget, you broke up for a reason!).

Where's my Sex Life?

Remember those days when you both first met and you just couldn't keep your hands off of each other' Nowadays, you two are turning in earlier and sleeping on separate sides of the bed. If you're worried that your sex life has hit a permanent lull, fear not; sex lives go through cycles that are dependent on many things, such as how much stress one or both partners are experiencing in their life. Hold out until that honeymoon and after the wedding stress is over and done with ' you'll get your sex life back.

The Panic Attack

It's not uncommon for brides and grooms to have panic attacks a few weeks prior to the wedding. You may not be able to deduce just why you are feeling this way, but you figure that this anxiety must be due to SOMEthing. And it is ' planning a wedding and realizing that you are spending your life with the same person for the rest of your life is a sweet but sometimes difficult pill to swallow. Keep calm, think rationally, and give your fianc a kiss. Remind yourself why you are getting married in the first place and that no matter what anxieties you may be having, your partner is here with you for life and together you can work anything out.

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Alternative Wedding Stationary Ideas Wed, 08 Dec 2010 12:05:48 +0000 galleca That tired, traditional paper wedding stationary is just so pass. If you are looking for a way to change it up a bit, here are some ideas you can try to incorporate into your wedding rather than sticking with the old fashioned paper wedding stationary.

Vintage Postcards

If you or someone you know has a flair for graphic design, try creating vintage postcards of both you and your fianc. These vintage postcards are a fantastic way to send along a save the date, as well as an invitation, for your wedding. You can choose a vintage image to match the theme of your day, or you can choose pictures based on places or interests that both you and your fianc share.


Now here's a different idea: napkin wedding invitations! If you have an artistic side, you can create these yourself, or you can hire on a calligrapher or an artist to fashion one napkin. You can then use the one illustration to digitally print out the rest from your very own printer.

Tea Towels

For anyone having a beach wedding, having your wedding invitations printed out on tea towels is a great way to set the tone! Check out online websites that do embroidery or prints on towels and see what sort of bulk discounts they may be able to offer you.

The Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a creative and beautiful way to invite people along to your wedding. If you are planning on having a signature cocktail or if you already have your menu chose, you can include this in the front of the shadow box. You can show case pictures of where your wedding ceremony is going to take place, the reception, or even include a snapshot of a part of your dress as a bit of a teaser.

The Family Tree

What better way is there to celebrate the union of two families than to include a family tree' You can either use a family tree as part of your invitation design, or you can use the family tree idea instead of the guest book at your wedding. Cut out different colored leaves that symbolize who is from what side of the family, and include funky colored pens so that your guests can really get creative.

The Magnet

Magnets are a particularly good idea for anyone who is thinking of an alternative way to create a save the date. Your guests will undoubtedly have a fridge they can place the magnet on, and every time they open up that fridge they'll be reminded of your wedding date. You won't get any late RSVPs if you send these out!

The Games

Include stationary that is interactive, like sudoku puzzles, word searches, and crossword puzzles. Make the puzzles out to have some sort of significance to you, your partner and your families and friends who are in attendance, and then either print them out yourself or have a stationary professional create and print them out for you. Your guests will be absolutely thrilled!

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