Wedding Tips - Wedding Lush » Tuxedos and Suits Wedding Ideas Thu, 09 Dec 2010 11:53:59 +0000 en hourly 1 What Should a Groom Wear? Mon, 29 Nov 2010 13:31:53 +0000 galleca When we think weddings, we think 'tuxedos', and that's usually the extent of planning when it goes to dressing the groom. It's no wonder that grooms feel blindsided when they enter a tuxedo or wedding shop and then are confronted with all of these different words and options for their dress: lapels, cutaway coats, crosswyck collars' just what is a groom to do' If you want to go into that tuxedo fitting prepared, learn about some different styles and pick up on some key terms that will help you specify how you want to look on your day.


A jacket isn't just a jacket; there are five primary choices for you to choose from, such as:

  • Tuxedo: This is the classic jacket that you see at most formal occasions today. But a tux jacket has a lot of other considerations that must be made, such as whether it will be single breasted (this means the jacket has 1-4 buttons on the front) or double breasted (this means that there is a 2-6 button front). You will also have to choose a lapel.
  • Full Dress Jackets: These jackets are the type that have the 'tailcoat' at the back. These jackets are shorter in the front and extend back to having two tails at the back. These jackets are best for very formal events
  • Morning Coats: Also known as the 'cutaway' jacket, these are a great choice for daytime weddings. These jackets are short in the front and long in the back.
  • Mandarin Jackets: Also known as Mao jackets or Nehru jackets, these have a stand-up collar and they have no lapel. If you are wearing a mandarin-collared shirt, this is the style of jacket for you.
  • Stroller coat: This style of jacket is great for a semi-formal wedding. It is cut very similarly to a tuxedo, and tends to also be less expensive to rent or buy.


A lapel is the material that attaches to the collar of the jacket and extends down to the buttons that are on your jacket. There are three popular choices for lapels:

  • Notched Lapel: This type of lapel is the most popular. It features a triangular cut out on both side o f where the lapel joins the collar.
  • Peaked Lapel: This lapel is the most broad of the popular lapel styles, and features a V-shaped lapel point on both side.
  • Shawl Collar: This is lapel is smooth and rounded and has no notch or indentations.


The collar you wear helps choose which jacket you should wear. Some of the most popular collars include:

  • Wing Collar: This is the most formal and popular choice of collar out there. This is a stand up collar that has downward triangular points.
  • Crosswyck collar: This type of collar is rather old fashioned but is still often used today. It features a crossed collar that is then fastened with a button
  • Mandarin collar: Also referred to as a band collar, this collar goes up around your neck. It is a great choice for any man who absolutely hates wearing ties!
  • Spread collar: This is perhaps the most casual of the collars. This type of collar resembles that of your normal button-up shirt, except there is a wider gap between the collar points at the front.
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