Wedding Tips - Wedding Lush » Jewelry Wedding Ideas Thu, 09 Dec 2010 11:53:59 +0000 en hourly 1 How to Make your own Wedding Jewelry Sat, 27 Nov 2010 10:36:39 +0000 galleca Even if you aren't the craftiest person in the world, you can still make beautiful wedding jewelry that will be truly unique and special on your most special of days. You can custom the jewelry to look just as it should so that it fully compliments your dress and your own personal features.

All you need to start your DIY wedding jewelry project is:

  • Beads of colors you have pre-selected
  • Needle
  • Thread
  • Clasps
  • Glue
  • Scissors

When it comes to choosing the beads, you may want to choose fake or real pearls, Swarovski crystals, and other clear or see through beads of various colors and metallic tones, such as silver. These colored beads are great for accenting your jewelry. If you have a particular color or colors already picked out for your wedding, then choose beads in those colors to help tie the color theme in all together.

Now that you have the beads all picked out, make sure that you have a needle that will be able to pass through the centre of the beads. You may need to buy a special thin needle of you have smaller beads that have tiny holds. The thread you choose should be strong thread, such as hand-quilting thread or upholstery thread. Hand-quilting and upholstery thread is strong yet thin so it won't be obvious or look tacky. The clasps you choose should be of good enough quality that you do not have to worry about your jewelry falling off partway through your ceremony. Choose the type of clasp you like best, whether it is a spring barrel clasp, a barrel, toggle or lobster clasp.

Once you have your materials gathered, here's what you can do to make your own jewelry:

1)'' Thread your needle (you do not need to cut the thread from the spool) and begin to string your beads. You can keep the beads as a simple and elegant single strand, or you can include layers and dangles (if this is your first time, start off with a single strand). Instructions on how to make flowers and dangles are below.

2)'' Once you have added your beads so they are a design you like and they cover the appropriate length of thread (for necklaces, you generally want about 16' of thread, and 7' for bracelets), take one of your clasps and then tie it to the end of the thread. Make sure that you tie a double knot (if not more knots) to ensure that the knot will not become undone.

3)'' At the other end of the thread, cut it so that there are approximate 3' of bare thread at the end. This ensures that you have enough thread to tie the thread onto the jump ring. Again, make sure you use at least a double knot.

4)'' Take your glue and dab a bit of glue on each knot. Once it is dry, take your pair of scissors and trim off any excess thread. And there you have it! Your very own custom wedding jewelry.

How to make a Flower: To make a flower, take out five beads and add them to the thread. Take your needle and then needle the thread back through the first bead. Add two more beads and lead the needle and thread through the fourth bead.

How to make Dangles: To make dangles for your necklace, start off with some beads on the thread and then come back through the bead that is second to last on the thread. You can then dangle few beads from there, or you can even create a 'fringe' effect.

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Hottest Wedding Band Styles for 2010 Sat, 27 Nov 2010 09:42:09 +0000 galleca So you have the engagement ring. You have the wedding date picked, you have a venue for the reception and the ceremony, and now you're getting down to the finer details ' like choosing a wedding band.

A lot of men and women think of a wedding band being a singular gold ring that may either be yellow gold, white gold, or platinum. Some are even coming in titanium, too. But here's the fun part: you don't have to stick with a wedding band that's just a simple, plain circle. You and your soon-to-be husband or wife should really take the time to choose a wedding band that is a reflection of our personality or that is a reflection of your relationship. Here are some of the hottest wedding bands that are flying off of jeweler's shelves this year.

Antique Wedding Bands

Though some people don't like the idea of wearing someone else's old ring, especially at the beginning of a brand new marriage, you can find some fantastic and unique wedding antique wedding bands. Better yet, they may cost a fraction of the price ' especially if it is a wedding band that has been passed down in you or your partner's family for ages.

You can find antique wedding bands at antique shops, some second hand stores, and pawn shops too.

The Diamond Eternity Wedding Bands

Diamond eternity wedding bands are perhaps the hottest new trend for married couples this year! Who doesn't want a ring that is encrusted with gorgeous, glimmering diamonds' Men and women both are jumping at the chance to get their hands on these glamorous rings that are truly a reflection of a relationship that will never end.

You can have a diamond eternity band set in any type of metal, though the most popular type of meta used is platinum.

TIP: Can't afford diamonds all around the ring' Why not go for a half diamond eternity band' These rings feature beautiful diamonds around the top half of the ring. Some people argue that the full diamond eternity rings are easily damaged and that diamonds on the underside of the ring are easily lost, so a half diamond eternity band is a great and perhaps even more 'functional' choice.

Unique Handmade Wedding Bands

Nothing is more unique than having you wedding band custom made. You and your future spouse can create your very own design for the handmade wedding ring, and then inquire after an artisan who will be able to fulfill your dreams. You can choose different metals, gems, and designs to be placed onto your wedding band. You can be sure that your handmade wedding band will be the focus of a whole lot of attention for the rest of your life.


Okay, so these may not be physical 'rings', but a lot of brides and grooms are stepping out and getting each other's names, initials, or last name tattooed on their left ring finger to show that they have formed a permanent bond. If you're looking for something that is unique and a bit off-beat, this is a creative way to go.

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Budget-Wise Wedding Jewelry Sat, 27 Nov 2010 09:23:39 +0000 galleca Have you already been looking for the perfect accessories to compliment your dress' If you have, then you have already probably noticed just how much wedding jewelry can cost. Not only did that dress you are going to wear cost hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars, but now you're supposed to buy jewelry that costs almost the same?

When you tally up how much a bracelet, earrings, a necklace, and possibly a tiara are going to cost, it can be mind blowing just how much money you are going to have to spend ' and most brides don't include wedding accessories into their budget! Before that bridal shop convinces you that 'the best' means 'the most expensive', check into this other wedding jewelry options.

Borrow from Friends and Family

Who says you need your very own wedding jewelry' Most brides don't even wear that expensive bracelet or necklace ' and especially not the tiara ' after the day of her wedding. If your friend has already gone through the process of having to purchase these things and her jewelry looks good with your dress, why not ask if you could borrow it' She will undoubtedly be happy to lend it to you.

You may also want to ask some family members whether or not they have any jewelry that is sentimental and a family heirloom. This can also double up as being your 'something old' that you have to find for your wedding.

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry has come a long way from how you may remember it 20 years ago. Now you can find beaded jewelry that is absolutely stunning ' and you can buy it for just a fraction of the cost. You don't need real diamonds on those earrings; you can use crystals and beads that will give you that same sparkle and shine. Beaded jewelry is a lot more unique than the standard jewelry that you would find at a jeweler too, so you will have that pretty and special 'touch' to your look.

Some beaded jewelry artisans will also fashion tiaras for you. You can even provided a 'base' tiara that ha no gems on it already. You can find these at wedding shops, discount stores, and craft stores.

Accessory Shops at the Mall

You'll be surprised how many low-cost accessories exist in such stores as Claire's. Though these little accessory shops that you can find in malls spanning the globe are generally geared towards the 'tween' and teen generations, you can find a lot of good stuff that may very well suit your wedding as well! You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on a real diamond bracelet. You can spend $20 on a high quality replica. A lot of these types of stores also have deals where if you buy or spend a certain amount of money, you'll also get an accessory free. Not bad!

Pick One and Stick With It

What does your dress really need' Do you need a diamond tennis bracelet' Or do you just need a necklace to pretty up your neckline' Are earrings a must or is your wedding hair style going to be covering your ears' Splurge on one item only and choose less expensive alternatives for what ever else you may need.

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Wedding Hair Pins & Other Accessories Fri, 30 Apr 2010 12:13:25 +0000 admin Bridal hair jewelry is growing in popularity, and new lovely designs are always being sold. Now brides have more choice for decorating their hair than they did five years ago. What you will choose to wear will a matter individual preference, but here are a few examples if you find you’re having trouble making a final decision. There are many wedding hair pins, veils, and combs to accessorize with.

Hair Jewelry Selection

Hair jewelry is always a popular choice. You can choose from gemstones like: diamond, pearl, rubies, rhinestone, jade, and many others. Perhaps choose your birthstone to compliment your bridal wear on your wedding day.

Hair jewels are normally attached with a pin of some sort–there are wedding hair pins for every taste and style.

Hair Combs and Pins

If you are watching your funds closely, you can choose hair combs, pins or clips. These hair accessories are affordable, yet fashionable. Combs come in different styles, and their is always wedding hair pins for your specific needs.

For a great look: Purchase combs that aren’t too large. When choosing hair pins, get one that goes well with your gown and hairstyle. If you plan to wear other accessories, make sure they match and don’t get too complicated.

Wedding Veils

Simple Look

These kinds of accessories are a favorite choice in both traditional and modern wedding settings. They come in a variety of different lengths. The most simple of choice often hang on the shoulder and are quite beautiful to behold–by both your soon to be husband, and your guests. If your wedding dress lacks an accompanying train, choose a more simple elbow length-ed veil to accessorize your look. Floor length dresses require the more traditional chapel length veils for an appropriate look.

Formal Look

If your wedding will be formal…buy cathedral-style veils. Fingertip designs are also excellent choices as they match many wedding gown styles and wedding hair pins fit in well with them.

As mentioned earlier: Designers are always releasing new fashions, so keep your eyes open for one that fits you just right.

Bridal Tiaras and Other Accessories

If you’ve chosen not to wear wedding hair pins, think of wearing a bridal tiara. Of course, they are best suited for a traditional wedding, and usually have diamonds, crystal or other gems decorating them. As mentioned; tiaras are best worn in the absence of wedding hair pins, as the two may very well clash with one another–or come off as tacky.

Other Considerations

While many people are already considering this: Try to match your wedding hair pins, tiaras, and accessories to the flower arrangements–along with other decor at your wedding. It may create a lot of extra work and planning, but you want to stand out as a bride, while not completely clashing with everything around you. This can make things like wedding pictures look very displeasing to your guests. The key thing to remember is beauty. We want to look and feel beautiful for our special day.

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Learning How to Choose Wedding Day Jewelry Sat, 20 Mar 2010 03:29:19 +0000 admin So you have found that perfect wedding dress, booked your reception spot, and invited all of your family and friends to your fantastic day. However, the planning process isn't over yet as you still need to find the perfect wedding jewelry to compliment you on the most important day of your life. Choosing the right jewelry can be time consuming, and even exhausting, but taking the time to pick the perfect pieces will make sure your memories and photos are as splendid as they can be.

Most weddings are planned around a specific theme or look, and it can take quite some time to come up with that special look. However, at some point before your big day you will probably come across that perfect pair of wedding shoes, exquisite color of bouquet, and jewelry that catches your eye every time. While it is a good idea to make sure everything compliments each other, you do not have to focus on matching every detail and can choose unique wedding jewelry that can stand out on its own.

But, how do you know which type of wedding jewelry is appropriate on your wedding day?

The answer to that question will have a lot to do with the style of wedding that you have chosen. For instance:

Classic Wedding

If you have planned a traditional wedding with the classic, flowing, white gown, then you can often go ahead and pick out wedding jewelry that is exquisite and catches attention. Stunning diamond earrings with a matching pendant and tennis bracelet is a classic choice, but if you are on a tighter budget then you can often find the same pieces made with cubic zirconia for a lot less money.

Contemporary Bride

If you have chosen a dress that is more sleek and modern then it can be a bit more difficult to find the right balance when it comes to wedding jewelry. Traditional jewelry can work sometimes and soften the look of your dress while pearls are another popular choice for brides all over the world. There is a timeless elegance that coincides with pearls that cannot be ignored, which means your wedding style will never look outdated, even on your 70th wedding anniversary.

The wedding jewelry that you decide to wear on your big day is a personal choice, but one that every bride should take very seriously. Some women will spend months picking out gorgeous pieces that stand out while others will choose to wear family heirlooms. No matter which direction you head, just remember that wedding jewelry is the cherry on top of the sundae and will complete your look on the most memorable day of your life. Take the decision seriously and find the pieces of jewelry that will put just the right finishing touches on the entire look.

Your wedding day is all about building unforgettable and perfect memories, so be sure to take the time and effort to ensure that every part of your outfit is as perfect as the next.

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