Wedding Lush » Accessories Wedding Ideas & Wedding Tips Wed, 07 Mar 2012 04:48:16 +0000 en-US hourly 1 The Meaning Behind the Wedding Ring Tue, 07 Dec 2010 18:38:26 +0000 galleca Ever wonder why we give our beloved a ring on our wedding day' It's not just some scheme that the jewelry companies came up with; it's an age old tradition that has been carried on throughout the ages, and for good reason. Nothing can be as eternal and as much of a symbol for the bond of marriage than a ring. The ring is a representation of the undying love and never-ending vows that we have and keep for our partner.

The ring is also a symbol in astrology to mean the Sun and the Moon. The sun and the moon, in astrological terms, is a reflection of the masculine and feminine energies within the cosmos. For couples who truly follow this symbolism out to the fullest, one of the partners will receive the gold ring to reflect the sun and the other a silver ring to reflect the moon.

There are also several folktales that are involved in the wearing of the rings. Rings have been worn for centuries for 'protection', with many believing that the wearer of certain blessed rings will receive certain amounts of protection. This practice is still carried out in most religious ceremonies today, as the priest 'blessing' the two rings during the wedding ceremony is a way of providing protection to the couple.

If you have ever seen a Celtic wedding ring, then you know that there is a bit more to it than just having a 'ring' placed on a finger. Celtic rings own a very long, long history, with most of them involving the geometric knot work that we have all come to recognize as being Celtic artwork and handicraft. These same knots are embellished on classic Celtic rings. The flowing knots are thought to be a sign of the spring, which is a reflection of a renewal, fertility, and the reawakening of the life force that surrounds us.

Have you ever wondered why the wedding ring is traditionally worn on the third finger of the left hand, which most of us recognize as being named the 'ring finger' Story has it that the Romans believed that a vein in the ring finger ran directly to the heart. Having the ring on that finger provides not only protection, but it also fortifies the heart.

Here's another explanation, again involving astrology. Some believe that each of the fingers on our hands are associated with a planet. The left hand ring finger is associated with the sun, so it is thought that wearing a ring on this finger is a symbol of 'daylight' or seeing clearly and brightly.

Almost all cultures have their own story behind why they have wedding rings. If you happen to be fortunate enough to have wedding rings passed down to you from another generation, then you will have even greater stories to tell people about what that wedding ring means to you. No matter what the story, the wedding ring is a true reflection of the never ending love and partnership that you and your husband (or wife) now share as a single, cooperative unit.

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Eco-Friendly Wedding Dress and Accessory Ideas Mon, 06 Dec 2010 07:35:26 +0000 galleca So you want to leave less of a carbon footprint upon the face of this Earth. That's great and all, but how can you go about doing it? If you are looking for ways to have an eco-friendly and 'green' wedding, you have come to the right place. Here are some ideas on how to plan your eco-friendly wedding:

Your Wedding Dress

One of the cutest and most symbolic ways to go 'eco-friendly' for your wedding day is to wear the very same dress that your mom wore (as long as she kept her dress!). You can wear any dress from any woman who has had an impact on your life, and see if you can have it tailored to fit your body appropriately. That way you will not only have a sentimental dress, but you will have one that is also stylish.

TIP: If you don't have a dress you can borrow or refit so that you look fabulous on your special day, consider picking up some organic silks and/or cottons and asking a local seamstress to sew your wedding gown. You'll be glad you did!

Your Wedding Day Shoes

If you are like most women, there's a good chance you have a whole lot of shoes in your closet already just waiting to be worn once again. If this sounds like you, then why not pick out a pair to wear with your wedding dress? Should you have the classic dress that reaches down to the floor, there's a good chance your shoes will go completely and utterly unnoticed during your special day.

If you have worn a pair of shoes to a wedding of a girlfriends who is in attendance, why not have them dyed again to suit your wedding dress? Your girlfriend will get a kick out of you wearing them too!

Your Jewelry

You don't need to go out and buy a lot of different jewelry pieces for a wedding; often what you have in your own jewelry box is sufficient enough.

If you don't have anything that is able to be worn on you big day, consider making your own beaded jewelry. You can buy both crystals and vintages beads and create your very own necklaces, bracelets and earrings to wear on that special day. Check out your local art store for jewelry-making resources.

Your Flowers

Flowers put a huge damper on our environment, given how most of them are flown in internationally and are then sold to us for a large, marked up price. If you want to choose eco-friendly flowers, consider choosing silk flowers or those that are grown locally.

You can also opt for Fair Trade flowers if you really just have to have a certain flower that isn't 'in season' in your area of the world during the time of your wedding.

Your Wedding Bag

The bag is where you can have the most fun when being eco-friendly. You can pick out almost any old thing from a second hand store and incorporate it into your wedding attire, or you can even pick out a bag that you have had for years and years and use that on your wedding day.

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Diamonds: Not Always a Girl’s Best Friend Mon, 06 Dec 2010 06:53:31 +0000 admin Diamonds are beautiful, and you will be hard pressed to find a woman who wouldn't appreciate a glimmering, shimmering, sparkling diamond ring on her finger. But you will be surprised to find out that a lot of women appreciate other gems too. For the 'alternative' or unique bride, you may want to consider using a different gem other than a diamond for her engagement ring.

Not only is choosing a different gem more special, but it is trendy, it's easier on the wallet, and you can choose from a number of different shades and color tones.

The Difference of Stones

There are two different classifications for gems: the precious stones, and the semi-precious stones. The precious stones are an elite group, containing only four stones, which are diamonds, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Every other type of gem or stone that you see out there would be classified as a 'semi-precious'.

Don't immediately shut down the idea of having a 'semi-precious' stone on your ring. Semi-precious stones offer you a world of alternatives, which when purchased thoughtfully, will be far more appreciated by your bride than a simple diamond. For example, if you met your bride by the turquoise waters of Miami, you can buy a turquoise stone. You may choose a citrine stone to reflect the color of the moon which you may have shared your first date under, or a garnet to signify the fiery passion that you two share. A lot of gem stones have their own meanings, too; as the jeweler about what their own special significant meanings are and see if any would be suitable for your bride-to-be.

Consider the Strength of the Stone

Precious stones are all incredibly hard and durable, which is why you usually don't have to consider the strength of the stone when you are picking out diamonds. When it comes to semi-precious stones, however, you do have to keep their strength in mind. The strongest of the semi-precious stones include topaz, amethyst, aquamarine and garnet. The weakest of the stones are opal, peridot, and white turquoise. So if your girl works with her hands a lot or is a bit of a klutz, stay far, far away from those weaker stones!

How do I Know she'll Like It?

You know your girlfriend better than anyone else. If you two have been dating for a while, there's a good chance that she has already been dropping hints about what she would like and what she doesn't like. If all you have been seeing laying around are magazines for diamonds or pages ripped out of magazines featuring diamonds, then she's probably a diamond girl. You can introduce the topic in a casual manner, such as, 'What color stones do you like'? or you can visit a jewelry store with her under the guise of needing to pick out a pair of earrings for your mom or your sister. She will undoubtedly be browsing and making comments on what she likes, and what she doesn't like.

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What Shoes should I Wear on my Wedding Day? Sun, 05 Dec 2010 15:15:14 +0000 galleca The dress has been bought. The veil has been chosen. Accessories are locked away in sweet boxes for your big day. At some point closer to your wedding day, you may suddenly come to the realization that you forgot one major part of your wedding attire: your shoes!

Brides with a long, flowing dress may never even have their shoes make an appearance at their wedding day, but it's still important to choose the shoes that are right for you. Here are some tips on what shoes you should choose so you will be looking stylish and also be comfortable:


Look at the fabric of your dress, take a picture of it, and then bring that picture to the shoe stores you are going to for your wedding shoes. You want to try and match the fabric of the shoes to the fabric of your dress to create that put together, cohesive look. Any silk and satin gowns tend to look beautiful with satin shoes. Dresses that have silk chiffon or tulle will look good with raw-silk or crepe shoes.


There are a whole lot of different shoe types out there for a bride to choose from, so it is important to consider the type of wedding you are holding, the style of dress you are wearing, as well as your own personal preference. A bride can easily chose from slippers, pumps, strapped up heels or even sandals if she wants, but the shoe should match the style of the dress and theme of the day.


If you are a short woman who has always wanted to have that long, lean look, your wedding day may not be the best day to choose to wear a 4 or 6-inch heel. Consider how much walking and standing and moving you will be doing on that day. Consider how well you can walk in a tall heel, and how possible it may be that you will end up with a twisted ankle by the end of the night. The height should be based on three things: your comfort, the length of your dress, and the height of your groom. The most complimentary height when compared to your groom is within 4 to 6-inches, but if he is 6'4' and you are only 5'1', it may be a quirky statement to play up your short stature and stick with a low or no-heel shoe. On a similar note, it is usually not too flattering for a bride to tower over her groom, unless she truly is naturally taller than him.


If you have a white dress, you do not want an ivory shoe. To properly evaluate the actual color of your dress, make sure you look at it in daylight, or under similar lighting that will be at your ceremony and reception. Take a picture, and bring that with you when you go on your hunt for shoes. There are more shades of 'white' out there than you may realize, so you want to be sure that the shade of shoe fabric matches that of your gown!


Most shoes come with some sort of embellishment or design. If it is a design on the shoe that you like, make sure that it matches that of the dress. Similarly, if your dress has crystals on it, you will want to find shoes that have crystals on them and not pearls.

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Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses and Accessories for a Fall Wedding Wed, 01 Dec 2010 18:57:49 +0000 galleca Fall is an exciting time of year when the colors of the world begin to change from fresh, lively greens to vibrant earth tones. It's a great time to be dressing in deep, rich tones that will give your wedding that 'fall' feel. There are some other considerations that should be made, however, when dressing your bridesmaids for a fall wedding. Here are some things you should take into consideration:

The Weather

The spring and summer are balmy and warm, but fall is often a time when it's a bit cooler (especially at night!) and there is almost always an increased risk of rain. Given that the weather and the temperature are a bit less predictable than those warm spring and summer months, you should take different styles of dress and cover-ups into consideration. For example, you may want to try dressing your bridesmaids in a light fabric, such as a silk fabric, and then pair up the dress with a nice cover-up. Shawls and wraps look wonderful with sleeveless dresses. Or, you can also choose dresses with capped sleeves or a matching cropped jacket.

The Style

Though spring and summer weddings means that you can pull off the tea-length style of dress, the longer dresses are more fitting for fall and they will keep your bridesmaids a little bit warmer, especially if you are planning on outdoor fall wedding. For fall weddings, having bridesmaid's dresses that reach the ankle are acceptable, though most lengths fall either slightly above the knee, or an inch or two below.

The Flowers

If you have already picked out your flowers for the wedding, great! You have a great color base to start working from. Rust colors and warm browns are beautiful choices, or for the slightly more daring bride, try going for a seasonal candy apple red dress to match the rich, warm tones of your flowers.

The Accessories

As mentioned above, a shawl or some sort of cover up should always be a strongly considered accessory for a fall bridesmaid. Never forget to add a handbag either, as your bridesmaid will need a handbag that matches her dress and the colors for your wedding.

The jewelry accessories themselves could be something that matches a fall theme, such as maple leaves or apples. Generally you can choose the same accessories such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings as you could for any other season, but a neat twist may be finding the accessories in tones that match fall colors and that are suitable with the bridesmaid's dress.

Additional Dress Tips

If you are feeling a bit stuck on what color to choose for your bridesmaids, why not choose a neutral tone dress' You can choose a rich beige or a darker brown town, but then add a splash of color by adding a bright and bold sash to the waist of the dress. Sashes are flattering on almost any body type, and can even help your bridesmaids conceal any 'trouble areas' around their midsection.

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Wedding Accessories for the Groom Mon, 29 Nov 2010 20:37:33 +0000 galleca The wedding day seems to be centered mostly on the bride. We think about her dress, the veil, what shoes she's going to put on her feet and what accessories she's going to wear. We think about the bridesmaids and how they're going to look. We may even think of the flower girl before we even think about starting to dress up the groom.

Whether it's a tux or a suit that your groom will be wearing, there are always some accessories that you can add to your groom to spiff him up a bit. Here are some of the best accessories that you can choose for your groom:

Ties and Bowties

Ties and bowties are a 'must' for most grooms (unless they are wearing a mandarin styled shirt and jacket). The best ties and bowties that you can buy are silk, or you can find some nice and less expensive ties made out of taffeta. If you would like for the ties to match the colors of your bridal party, you can ask the store you buy your bridesmaids dresses from whether or not they have ties. If not, you can ask them for a sample swatch of cloth and bring it to other stores with you. A tie store will surely have a close if not exact match of what you're looking for.


Nothing says class like a good pair of cufflinks. You can choose from a number of different ones, and even choose cufflinks that are related to your wedding day. If you're having a wedding in Vegas, why not choose something gambling related like a pair of die or playing card cufflinks' For beach weddings, you can choose cufflinks that have a more nautical theme such as an anchor or even a starfish. Honor your groom's ethnic side by having cufflinks that are Asian symbols or use four leaf clovers for those who are Irish. You can also sticks with the stately brushed silver cufflinks to for a polished, sophisticated look.

Money Clips

Money clips are a great addition to any groom's attire. A money clip in a groom's pocket gives him a sense of dignity and refinement. You can choose from a number of different money clips, several of which can match the motif for your wedding. To finish off that Las Vegas look, choose a money clip that looks like a playing card. You can even have your groom's initials or his name engraved into the money clip too.

TIP: Money clips are a nice present for any groomsmen and ushers too!


A handkerchief in the pocket is a great way to finish off your groom's look. You can choose silk handkerchiefs that match your wedding colors, or that are the same color as your bridesmaids' dresses to give your entire wedding party a more cohesive and 'put together' look.


A fancy pen tucked in the pocket of your groom or his groomsmen will give your men of the wedding party a stately look. Not only that, but everyone needs a pen on their wedding day to write down phone number and addresses, and to make lists of the bride and/or groom's requests.

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Making Wedding Headbands Sat, 01 May 2010 07:27:28 +0000 admin Deciding on the right wedding headbands, or head decorations can be a really long, tedious experience for most brides. Everyone wants to look beautiful and fantastic on their wedding day–this will be the most important day in your life, next only to a child being born. While the process can be lengthy, you can make your life a whole lot easier by: planning ahead, and having a game plan ready when the big day arrives.

Lets look at how to proceed with wedding headbands once you’ve made a decision:

1. Start by covering your headband with a wide fabric ribbon (many use velvet). You can choose to use glue for this step, however, a tougher, permanent finish will be recognized if you sew the needle and thread instead.

Begin at one side of your headband and sew your ribbon to it with the outer seam toward your front. Once that’s done, fold your left-over ribbon down over your seam that has been just sewn–Next sew each of the two ribbon edges together along the inner part of the headband. Once you get to the end, tuck last bit of ribbon in and sew it shut.

2. Now you have to choose how you’d like to embellish your wedding headbands. You can choose flower trimmings and/or rosettes by crafting them from ribbons, or strips of fabric of your choosing. Creativity is your best friend here, and many designs along with instructions can be easily found online. Having someone with the ability to sew is also an asset, as you really don’t want to be stabbing yourself in the thumb on your wedding day. Create small or large trimmings, using real flowers, or the fabric method mentioned. Don’t be afraid to glue some beads into your wedding headbands for a little attention grabbing glitter and shine.

3. Finally start attaching all of the embellishments you want to use in your wedding headbands. Make sure you only glue objects that you absolutely cannot sew, as glue can possibly let you down at the worst possible moment (even if you use crazy glue.). Stitching ensures almost 100% that you won’t have any issues. You may also wish to lend your piece out to another person in the future, so sewing just makes for ready to use wedding headbands in the future.

Additional Thoughts:

Some women will want to attach feathers to their masterpiece; be sure to tie them all together tightly before gluing them to your wedding headbands. Use any buttons you wish, however do be sure they don’t clash with any other elements you might be attaching afterward–it’s a real pain to realize that one element stands out and completely destroys the look of fabric strips you latter added.

So, make sure you plan ahead, before you even start. Have all of the headband elements laid out before starting. Always sew elements on, if at all possible. Remember glue may fail at the worst moment.

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Wedding Hair Pins & Other Accessories Fri, 30 Apr 2010 12:13:25 +0000 admin Bridal hair jewelry is growing in popularity, and new lovely designs are always being sold. Now brides have more choice for decorating their hair than they did five years ago. What you will choose to wear will a matter individual preference, but here are a few examples if you find you’re having trouble making a final decision. There are many wedding hair pins, veils, and combs to accessorize with.

Hair Jewelry Selection

Hair jewelry is always a popular choice. You can choose from gemstones like: diamond, pearl, rubies, rhinestone, jade, and many others. Perhaps choose your birthstone to compliment your bridal wear on your wedding day.

Hair jewels are normally attached with a pin of some sort–there are wedding hair pins for every taste and style.

Hair Combs and Pins

If you are watching your funds closely, you can choose hair combs, pins or clips. These hair accessories are affordable, yet fashionable. Combs come in different styles, and their is always wedding hair pins for your specific needs.

For a great look: Purchase combs that aren’t too large. When choosing hair pins, get one that goes well with your gown and hairstyle. If you plan to wear other accessories, make sure they match and don’t get too complicated.

Wedding Veils

Simple Look

These kinds of accessories are a favorite choice in both traditional and modern wedding settings. They come in a variety of different lengths. The most simple of choice often hang on the shoulder and are quite beautiful to behold–by both your soon to be husband, and your guests. If your wedding dress lacks an accompanying train, choose a more simple elbow length-ed veil to accessorize your look. Floor length dresses require the more traditional chapel length veils for an appropriate look.

Formal Look

If your wedding will be formal…buy cathedral-style veils. Fingertip designs are also excellent choices as they match many wedding gown styles and wedding hair pins fit in well with them.

As mentioned earlier: Designers are always releasing new fashions, so keep your eyes open for one that fits you just right.

Bridal Tiaras and Other Accessories

If you’ve chosen not to wear wedding hair pins, think of wearing a bridal tiara. Of course, they are best suited for a traditional wedding, and usually have diamonds, crystal or other gems decorating them. As mentioned; tiaras are best worn in the absence of wedding hair pins, as the two may very well clash with one another–or come off as tacky.

Other Considerations

While many people are already considering this: Try to match your wedding hair pins, tiaras, and accessories to the flower arrangements–along with other decor at your wedding. It may create a lot of extra work and planning, but you want to stand out as a bride, while not completely clashing with everything around you. This can make things like wedding pictures look very displeasing to your guests. The key thing to remember is beauty. We want to look and feel beautiful for our special day.

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All About Wedding Veils Fri, 09 Apr 2010 14:56:44 +0000 admin A wedding veil is often the perfect finishing touch when it comes to a bride’s outfit on the big day you have been waiting for, but how do you go about choosing the perfect veil for the special occasion?

The exciting part about your wedding veil is the fact that it is entirely up to you if you choose to have one. While veils have a lot of tradition behind them they are no longer a requirement or necessity when it comes to any wedding, and that leaves you open to all kinds of options in terms of choice and how you want to tie one into your plans. All in all, choosing to wear one has become more about style than anything else and the kind you wear will have a lot to do with the wedding dress that you end up choosing.

Basics for Wedding Veils

The most common material for a wedding veil is tulle, but silk, lace, and satin are becoming some other popular options that brides have opted for. You can also choose a plain and simple veil or go with something that incorporates beads, pearls, and other sparkly accessories. On top of that you can choose the length for your veil and have it be shoulder length or even run all the way down to the floor.

If you want to show off your impressive hairstyle during the ceremony then you will want to choose a wedding veil that can be attached underneath your hair and a style that can be easily removed for the reception. You can make the decision to wear a veil for the entire event in which case you can opt for a more elaborate design as well. If you go the more elaborate route than you can choose a wedding veil that is held on by your hair and will stay tight all into the night.

The type of veil that you choose will have a lot to do with the overall style of your wedding. If you are going to wearing it for the ceremony only then you can choose something extravagant that will draw all sorts of attention to you. If you want one that will be taken off after the ceremony then you should opt for something a little simpler. In the same regard a wedding veil may not fit into a beach themed wedding but is always a classic touch if you are planning on getting married in a cathedral or something similar.

Be sure to remember that if you choose a wedding veil that you are going to take off after the ceremony that it will not be a part of any of the pictures that you take during the reception or during the photo opportunities that usually take place outside. That is why many brides opt to wear the veil right up until after the first dance so that it can be documented well and be apart of all of the exciting moments.

Wedding veils can bring a lot to your special day, just make sure that you plan appropriately and make a selection that fits into your style and the wedding theme that you have been picturing in your head for all of these years.

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Finding Wedding Accessories for your Special Day Thu, 01 Apr 2010 05:44:26 +0000 admin So you have finally chosen that perfect wedding dress that is everything you have ever dreamt of, but the process is not even close to being done. There are still a number of wedding accessories that you need to shop for, pick out, and decide on in order to bring everything together and make you look as good as you feel. There are so many little details that can have a major impact on how you look including jewelry, shoes, gloves, underwear, and everything in between. The real smart bride plans all of her wedding accessories early in order to ensure that her day is as special as she ever hoped for.

When searching for wedding accessories it is very important to make sure that your jewelry matches the type of wedding dress that you chose. If you have a conservative style of wedding dress then the perfect accessory may be old pearls, but if you are more of a contemporary bride then you may want to opt for something a little bolder.

In terms of other wedding accessories such as shoes, you also have a number of other choices. There are sandals, slingbacks, heels, pumps, flats, and all kinds of other options that you need to carefully think about. Some of this type of wedding accessories will be very plain Jane while others will come with all sorts of beads, laces, and bows. The most important thing to remember is that you should choose your shoes based on the length of the gown, and that you should always account for your shoes when sizing your wedding dress. One last tip is that you should wear your shoes around a bit before the wedding day in order to break them in, and make sure you are comfortable while you spend the night dancing.

One elegant finishing touch that a lot of brides go for is the addition of wedding gloves as a wedding accessory. You can choose from all kinds of different fabrics and colors when it comes to your gloves, and it is also important to choose these wedding accessories based on the dress that you have picked out. Short sleeve dresses can look fantastic with long sleeved gloves, while short sleeved gloves can look stunning with a long sleeved wedding dress.

While it is true that only one person is going to see your undergarments on your wedding night, they are still a very important part of your selection of wedding accessories. Your undergarments will have a lot to do with how you look and feel on your big day, and the last thing you want is for your underwear to be showing through your dress. So be sure to pick undergarments that match the color of your dress, and if you are wearing tights then always pack an extra pair in case you have to deal with a run. Lastly, always make sure that you try on your wedding accessories before the actual day in order to make sure that everything looks good and feels right.

Take your time when selecting your wedding accessories and you will be all the more prepared for the biggest and best day of your life.

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