Wedding Tips - Wedding Lush » Fitness Wedding Ideas Thu, 09 Dec 2010 11:53:59 +0000 en hourly 1 How to Shed the Pounds before the Big Day Fri, 03 Dec 2010 16:30:11 +0000 galleca Most brides get into a frantic tizzy months before their wedding, especially if they discover that they suddenly can no longer fit into their gorgeous wedding dress. Instantly the idea of crash diets and hardcore workout routines come to mind. Some brides will try these things ' only to ultimately fail and sometimes even add more pounds on top!

A year prior to your wedding, it's important that you get real about your weight loss goals and make a concentrated effort to maintain them. No crash diet is going to be doing you any favors as this practice usually only leads to more snacking and inappropriate food choices. Even giving yourself six months before your wedding is a good way to start your weight loss regime. Here are some key points to keep in mind to really shed those pounds.

Watch what you Eat

Obvious, isn't it' Then why do so many of us fail at it' It's important that, in order for your body to thrive and to not go into 'crave' mode, you feed the body what it needs. This means having a good balance of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, along with other important elements such as proteins, iron, and carbohydrates (gasp! Yes, carbohydrates are good for you!).

The important thing about this is that you literally watch what you eat, otherwise known as portion control. You love cheese' You can have cheese. But you can't eat 10 slices of it in one sitting. Choose one ounce of choose rather than 5. You can eat chicken or beef or any kind of meat, but don't go for the 10 ounce steak ' a 4 ounce piece of meat is all you need to get your protein for the day. Drink skim milk and skip on anything that has white sugars or that is bleached (such as white rice and white pasta). Go for whole grains. Pass on the creamy salad dressings and go for vinaigrette dressings instead.

As a general rule, your meal plate should appear as:

of your plate consists of vegetables

consists of protein (your meat, seafood or tofu)

consists of starchier foods, such as rice, potatoes and pasta

It's always a good idea to stop in and speak with your doctor and a nutritionist before making any major changes to your diet. They will be there to provide further guidance and encouragement.

The Exercise Routine

No, you don't have to do 20 hours of 'hot yoga' to shed the pounds or spend 2 hours each day at the gym. You can walk, go for bike rides, play tennis ' the list goes on and on. The key is to keep active on a regular basis so that your body slowly loses the weight. Slowly losing weight is the more sustainable way to lose weight, so if you want to keep those pounds off after you have both said 'I do's', plan on losing 1-2 pounds a week rather than 5.

TIP: The closer you get to your wedding day, the harder you will have to step up your workout game. Short, intense workouts that last any where from 20-30 minutes are manageable ways for brides to be to really see the pounds come off.

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