Budget-Wise Wedding Jewelry

November 27th, 20109:23 am


Budget-Wise Wedding Jewelry

Have you already been looking for the perfect accessories to compliment your dress?  If you have, then you have already probably noticed just how much wedding jewelry can cost.  Not only did that dress you are going to wear cost hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of dollars, but now you’re supposed to buy jewelry that costs almost the same?

When you tally up how much a bracelet, earrings, a necklace, and possibly a tiara are going to cost, it can be mind blowing just how much money you are going to have to spend – and most brides don’t include wedding accessories into their budget!  Before that bridal shop convinces you that “the best” means “the most expensive”, check into this other wedding jewelry options.

Borrow from Friends and Family

Who says you need your very own wedding jewelry?  Most brides don’t even wear that expensive bracelet or necklace – and especially not the tiara – after the day of her wedding.  If your friend has already gone through the process of having to purchase these things and her jewelry looks good with your dress, why not ask if you could borrow it?  She will undoubtedly be happy to lend it to you.

You may also want to ask some family members whether or not they have any jewelry that is sentimental and a family heirloom.  This can also double up as being your “something old” that you have to find for your wedding.

Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry has come a long way from how you may remember it 20 years ago.  Now you can find beaded jewelry that is absolutely stunning – and you can buy it for just a fraction of the cost.  You don’t need real diamonds on those earrings; you can use crystals and beads that will give you that same sparkle and shine.  Beaded jewelry is a lot more unique than the standard jewelry that you would find at a jeweler too, so you will have that pretty and special “touch” to your look.

Some beaded jewelry artisans will also fashion tiaras for you.  You can even provided a “base” tiara that ha no gems on it already.  You can find these at wedding shops, discount stores, and craft stores.

Accessory Shops at the Mall

You’ll be surprised how many low-cost accessories exist in such stores as Claire’s.  Though these little accessory shops that you can find in malls spanning the globe are generally geared towards the “tween” and teen generations, you can find a lot of good stuff that may very well suit your wedding as well!  You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on a real diamond bracelet.  You can spend $20 on a high quality replica.  A lot of these types of stores also have deals where if you buy or spend a certain amount of money, you’ll also get an accessory free.  Not bad!

Pick One and Stick With It

What does your dress really need?  Do you need a diamond tennis bracelet?  Or do you just need a necklace to pretty up your neckline?  Are earrings a must or is your wedding hair style going to be covering your ears?  Splurge on one item only and choose less expensive alternatives for what ever else you may need.

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