Bridal Registry: What Should I Do? Alternative Bridal Registry Ideas

November 26th, 201010:30 am


Bridal Registry:  What Should I Do?  Alternative Bridal Registry Ideas

Some brides have a hard time with the idea of having their guests buy them expensive gifts prior to attending the wedding, while others just revel in the idea of getting a brand new steam mop for the floor and a pop corn popper! There are a lot of different ideas when it comes to creating a bridal registry; it doesn’t all involve fine china and glassware. Here is an all encompassing look at how you can go about setting up your bridal registry.

Don’t Have a Registry At All!

Yes, your guests will be shocked and yes, if you have no registry you will have your Aunt Sarah or third cousin Billy trying to shove money at you. But you needn’t accept! One of the number one situations where a bridal registry may be thought of to be “uncouth” to be created is if you are having a destination wedding. By having a destination wedding, not only are you asking these people to pay a fair amount of money to be with you on your special day, but you are also asking them to forego their work schedules and other life plans too. In these situations, it may be a good idea to not set up a gift registry and allow people to give you money upon their own choice.

Do a Charitable Registry

One of the most popular things going right now is setting up a donation account with a charity of your choice. Some environmentalists will donate the proceeds of their wedding towards a tree replanting or carbon-reducing charity. Some will honor their dead family members by opening up an account with a particular charity that is associated with the disease that took their loved one’s life, such as cancer. Your guests will all receive tax receipts (usually if the donation is over $20) and they will feel good about honoring you or your groom’s family member who has passed away. This is a particularly good choice if you already have everything you need.

Do a Honeymoon Gift Registry

Have people pay for your honeymoon! You can set up an account at several different travel agencies for people to pay into so that they are effectively paying for your entire honeymoon. $20 here and another $50 there from over 100 guests will go a long way in paying it off so you aren’t stuck with a ton of debt after the wedding’s over!

A Gift Exchange

For those with a little bit of extra time on their hands, setting up a gift exchange is a great way to get friends and family from the bride and groom’s side talking! You can compile a list of who is coming and then provide each guest with the specifics about the guest they will be purchasing a present for. Then, some time during the reception, you can hold a gift exchange! This is especially great for any families who do not know one another or who seem to have some ill feelings towards one another.

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