Are you Thinking about Wedding Insurance?

December 7th, 20101:47 pm


Are you Thinking about Wedding Insurance?

The idea of needing insurance on your big day can be a bit disheartening.  No bride or groom wants to think that all of this planning that they have been doing for the past year has been all for naught, nor do we even want to tempt the idea of our spouse-to-be not showing up for the big day.

With the amount of money that is being spent on weddings these days, financially-wise brides and grooms are starting to pay into wedding insurance to help protect their investment.  After all, things beyond our control do happen and wedding vendors are not likely to give you a full refund of your hard earned money.

Wedding Insurance, otherwise known as an Event Cancellation Wedding Insurance Plan, can include a lot of different features, which you can often choose to have or not have.  What you have on your plan will affect the premium, so think wisely about what you need and what you won’t.  Here are some of the things you can expect to see on your wedding cancellation insurance plan:

Weather cancellation:  If you are having an outdoor wedding, this is definitely something you should consider.  If you planned your entire wedding to be outdoors in June 6 months ago, but recently learned that a hurricane is headed your way, there’s a good chance you will have to cancel and reschedule your wedding reception.

Sometimes guests will not show if the temperature is below a certain range, or if it is raining.  Think long and hard about throwing your entire wedding ceremony and reception outdoors.

Absence of People: In some rare cases, not everyone who you want or need to be at your wedding will be there.  Injury, illness, or even a death of a loved one can cause one to reschedule a wedding, or perhaps the officiate doesn’t show up for what ever reason.

Military Reasons:  If the bride or groom is called to serve, then you may have to reschedule your wedding day (most likely to a closer date!).  Sometimes brides and grooms in the military also end up having to stay on duty longer than planned, so don’t be too surprised if you will need to reschedule your big day.

Those are the basic reasons for having to get insurance.  You can also find plans that include other coverage for other items, such as:

Theft of wedding gifts:  If someone decides to steal any wedding gifts that are at your wedding, this will be covered by your insurance

Loss of your Wedding Deposit:  Let’s say you paid a vendor one year ago to make your cake.  6 weeks prior to your wedding, you find out that they went out of business, have packed up and left town.  Your insurance will make sure that you get your deposit back, so no money is lost.

Wedding Jewelry and Dress: If any of the clothing of the wedding party, or the jewelry (sometimes including the rings) goes missing or is destroyed on your big day, your insurance will replace the items or pay out the amount necessary to have them fixed.

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