Are Bridal Shows and Fairs Worth my Time?

November 26th, 201010:12 am


Are Bridal Shows and Fairs Worth my Time?

Every year around January to March there are a whole lot of bridal fairs taking place across the country. It is a strong reminder to every bride and groom out there that they need to get themselves in gear and finalize every detail for their wedding that may be happening in as little as 4 months!

Bridal shows and fairs can definitely take up a whole lot of your time. Some brides find themselves lost in a bridal fair for hours at a time, only to emerge feeling more confused and disillusioned than before she went in! So are bridal fairs and bridal shows worth your time?

It’s a rare thing for a bridal fair or a bridal show to be free. You usually need to buy tickets that are around $20 just to enter the venue, which in itself can feel like a bit of a cash grab. Is that $20 even worth it?

What to Expect from a Bridal Show or Bridal Fair

A bridal show or fair is exactly that: a show that lays out for you a ton of different services that you can enquire about, and, depending on the dating of your wedding, hire on. You can expect to see a service for your every need out there, from caterers and DJs and photographers to venue selections, churches, big bands and dance performers for your reception. There also may be some tables or tents set up that are directed towards your honeymoon.

Should I Even Bother?

If you are a well researched bride who now knows her stuff “inside and out” about planning a wedding locally, then chances are that a bridal fair is not going to do you any favors. You will simply walk by all of the tables and sigh in disappointment because what you’re seeing is exactly what you already knew – so why waste the $20?

If you are new to the bridal scene and have no clue what you’re doing, then a bridal fair may be doing you some favors. If anything, it will definitely get the cranks moving in your brain about what you need to do to actually plan this “wedding thing” and it will help you see just how much work and how many services need to be involved and coordinated on your special day. You may feel tempted to sign on a wedding planner that you may find at the bridal show, but don’t do it at the show! Wait until after and let your mind digest just what you’ll need to do for your wedding and in what time frame.

Bridal shows often also have draws and free giveaways, which may include a free dress or an all-expenses paid honeymoon. That in itself can be a real selling point that encourages brides to go! The drawback for some brides, when it comes to these shows, is that they are very conventional and don’t offer a whole lot of choice for the “alternative” bride who wants to shake things up a bit. If this is you, you may want to consider using that $20 to pick up a book on how to plan an “alternative” wedding rather than attend the bridal fair.