Alternative Wedding Stationary Ideas

December 8th, 201012:05 pm


Alternative Wedding Stationary Ideas

That tired, traditional paper wedding stationary is just so passé.  If you are looking for a way to change it up a bit, here are some ideas you can try to incorporate into your wedding rather than sticking with the old fashioned paper wedding stationary.

Vintage Postcards

If you or someone you know has a flair for graphic design, try creating vintage postcards of both you and your fiancé. These vintage postcards are a fantastic way to send along a save the date, as well as an invitation, for your wedding.  You can choose a vintage image to match the theme of your day, or you can choose pictures based on places or interests that both you and your fiancé share.


Now here’s a different idea: napkin wedding invitations!  If you have an artistic side, you can create these yourself, or you can hire on a calligrapher or an artist to fashion one napkin. You can then use the one illustration to digitally print out the rest from your very own printer.

Tea Towels

For anyone having a beach wedding, having your wedding invitations printed out on tea towels is a great way to set the tone!  Check out online websites that do embroidery or prints on towels and see what sort of bulk discounts they may be able to offer you.

The Shadow Box

Shadow boxes are a creative and beautiful way to invite people along to your wedding.  If you are planning on having a signature cocktail or if you already have your menu chose, you can include this in the front of the shadow box.  You can show case pictures of where your wedding ceremony is going to take place, the reception, or even include a snapshot of a part of your dress as a bit of a teaser.

The Family Tree

What better way is there to celebrate the union of two families than to include a family tree?  You can either use a family tree as part of your invitation design, or you can use the family tree idea instead of the guest book at your wedding.  Cut out different colored leaves that symbolize who is from what side of the family, and include funky colored pens so that your guests can really get creative.

The Magnet

Magnets are a particularly good idea for anyone who is thinking of an alternative way to create a save the date.  Your guests will undoubtedly have a fridge they can place the magnet on, and every time they open up that fridge they’ll be reminded of your wedding date.  You won’t get any late RSVPs if you send these out!

The Games

Include stationary that is interactive, like sudoku puzzles, word searches, and crossword puzzles.  Make the puzzles out to have some sort of significance to you, your partner and your families and friends who are in attendance, and then either print them out yourself or have a stationary professional create and print them out for you.  Your guests will be absolutely thrilled!

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