Alternative to the Modern Wedding Cake & Desserts

December 7th, 20101:39 pm


Alternative to the Modern Wedding Cake & Desserts

As time ticks on by, wedding cakes are becoming more and more about the photo-op rather than the actual eating of the cake itself.  As a matter of fact, most brides and grooms these days do not even sere the wedding cake as the only dessert for all of their guests but they instead offer alternatives such as ice cream, cheesecake, or they have a candy favor table to tempt the sweet tooth of their guests after a good meal.

Sure, having a cake cutting at your reception is a great photo-op, but if you are looking for an alternative to the wedding cake then here are some ideas that you can use.

The Wedding Pie

If you have an autumn themed wedding, then having a delicious, warm pie may be a fantastic and much appreciated change of pace.  You can choose from apple cinnamon, strawberry rhubarb, pumpkin – the list goes on and on.  Better than just serving a single piece to your guest, you can have mini pies made up for each guest for about the same cost of one slice of wedding cake.  More dessert, more personalized, and just the same expense.  Why aren’t we all choosing pie for our weddings?

Ice Cream

There are ice creameries that will actually come out to you event and even have people “make” the ice cream right in front of the guests eyes, or put them into cones an waffle cones.  Usually the ice cream is accompanied by a number of tasty toppers that can be added on top, such as coconut, nuts, sprinkles, and gummi bears.  Ice cream may not be the cheapest alternative out there, but your guests will absolutely love it.


Popular across the pond, having a wide selection of puddings is a nice idea for providing a delicious dessert to your guests.  You can choose any flavors you like, and perhaps even arrange them in a sequence that you feel matches both you and your partner.  Try to give the puddings a funny or silly name that is a reflection of one or both of your personalities.


This is growing so quickly in popularity that it is soon to no longer be considered an “alternative”.  More brides and grooms are turning to cupcakes to be their “wedding cake”.  Why?  It’s less expensive, and after a giant meal, a cupcake per person is a reasonable dessert that almost everyone will finish.  Most people don’t finish a piece of cake after having two servings at a buffet or a 3-course meal.

Boozey Desserts

If both you and your partner absolutely love alcoholic concoctions, then you can definitely create some sort of alcoholic dessert.  If you need any help, the bartender that you have hired on for your wedding may be able to assist you in creating your own special dessert mix that you guests will absolutely love!  If you have children attending the party, you may want to request a non-alcoholic version, or provide little “loot” bags of candy and other goodies to keep them occupied.

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