40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

April 30th, 20108:23 am


40th Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Lets hear it for the lucky couple who will shortly be celebrating their 40th wedding anniversary. The half century mark isn’t far off. However, before that, 40th wedding anniversary gifts can make for some rather tough decisions. There are traditional ways of celebrating the occasion, but we also want to help spark that special feeling that started this journey.

Ruby’s are the traditional 40th wedding anniversary gifts that are given on this occasion. Ruby’s are meant to “capture” the inner flame a couple has burning inside for one another, after all these years. The ruby theme also displays the passion still alive in the marriage. After 40 years with the same person: It’s important to mark that this is an everlasting union, built on true love and desire.

Ruby’s are a great gift and you can consider giving ruby jewels or other 40th wedding anniversary gifts, with ruby accents to that special someone–or couple.

Other ways to celebrate your 40th anniversary:

* Making a compilation of music on a CD with songs that you (or the couple) listened to when you were dating, or first joined in marriage. Also music played at the wedding, or after-wedding ceremony can be recorded in one easy to listen to CD.

* Photo albums that are full of memories are always a touching gift idea. To further that idea: Instead of only having photos of the couple…make sure the rest of the family and friends are included, to make it more of a special surprise. Touching letters written from the heart of memories and feelings–from family and friends are a gift to be cherished forever.

* Touching poems in ruby colored ink make great 40th wedding anniversary gifts. Write down thoughts that best describe the things that have happened to you and your spouse (or the couple) over the 40 years of marriage. A ruby red frame for the poem will properly mark the occasion, and make it something lasting to hold on to forever.

* Perhaps a blanket, or quilt made by the entire family for the couple to share. This makes for an excellent “group project” that everyone can enjoy. Many grandmothers will love this idea, as your family will have to commit themselves to the project; until it’s completed–making for plenty of time to spend with your loved ones.

* A ruby red jewelry, or trinket box which be bought, or made by hand is another wonderful gift. We collect many things over 40 years, so having a place to put them is important.

40th wedding anniversary gifts aren’t like birthday presents, that can just be thought of at the last minute–they really are best received when they have a special meaning, or purpose. It’s a long time to be together and well worth celebrating. The happy couple has earned the right to a special celebration–if the budget is available, consider a vacation. My grandfather actually bought my grandma a ruby red Cadillac to celebrate the occasion.

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