25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Other Ideas

May 1st, 20108:43 am


25th Wedding Anniversary Gifts & Other Ideas

Your 25th anniversary or “Silver Anniversary” will be one of the biggest milestones in your marriage. Just like the day you two were first married, it will never happen again. You may end up spending the big day at home, relaxing with each other, and family…or, you might be having a huge celebration hosted at a popular hotel, or other venue. Whatever you two will be doing to celebrate: You need to get each other 25th wedding anniversary gifts.

Looking for gift ideas for the big occasion? While you can find gift ideas almost anywhere, you will find a few helpful hints below related to traditional and contemporary — along with ways to help celebrate.

– Store bought 25th wedding anniversary gifts –

* Traditional 25th wedding anniversary gifts include: Gems — silver for its beautiful shine and brilliant finish, green garnets which come in both orange and green gemstones. Flowers — Irises, and roses such as Happy Anniversary, Silver Star Rose, Sterling Silvers, Silver Jubilee, etc.

* Silver, or any metallic, shiny colored gift is considered traditional. While Green Garnets, and Tsavorite gems have more of a contemporary feel to them and are popular 25th wedding anniversary gifts among modern couples. Flowers of any kind have no age or traditional boundaries — choose what you or your spouse would like.

– Here are some unconventional 25th wedding anniversary gifts –

* Put some shiny silver glitter on your cards, wrap, glassware, crystal, candle & flowers arrangements for some “silver” flare.

* Silver – key rings/keys, jewelry, photo frames, car, wallets, purses, etc.

* Put a collection of photos from your years together, including memories of vacations, children, grand children, and friends. (Perhaps have everyone involved in your life contribute letters of their happy memories)

* A poem or letter written in silver ink, on a silver anniversary card.

* A thoughtful music CD or Thumb-drive with each others favorite music past and present.

25th wedding anniversary gifts don’t have to be complicated. In fact, “it’s the thought that counts” and this saying is really prominent when you’ve spent so much time together creating memories. Buying something just for the sake of buying a gift…just won’t do.

You need to show that special someone that you appreciate what you’ve been through together, and show it in a way that really matters. Great 25th wedding anniversary gifts can be almost anything, but remember — we want to show love here.

The very best gift, to show you still love him/her is to renew your wedding vows. Not that you should just stop there…but this will put a great stamp on the occasion, and often gets your family involved in the occasion. Have a great one.

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